/Contacts on your Samsung Galaxy A10e | AT\u0026T Wireless

Contacts on your Samsung Galaxy A10e | AT\u0026T Wireless

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Contacts. Add a contact: Swipe up or down from the center of the Home screen to access the Apps tray, select the Contacts app. To add a contact, select the Add icon, select the desired location to save the contact to, then select "Select" or "Set as default". Enter the contact's name and phone number. To add a photo to the contact, select the Photo icon, select "Camera" to take a picture or select "Gallery" to use a saved photo, navigate to, and select the desired photo. Select and move the handles as desired to set the crop. When finished, select "Done". To add a specific ringtone to your contact, scroll to and select "View more", scroll to and select "Ringtone", select the desired ringtone.

When finished, select the Back arrow. To save the contact, select "Save". Edit a Contact: To edit a contact, from the Contacts list select the desired contact, select "Edit", enter the desired information and select "Save" when finished. Delete a Contact: To delete a contact, from the desired contact, select the Menu icon, then select "Delete", select "Delete" to confirm. Import Contacts from SIM: From the Contacts list, select the Menu icon, select "Manage contacts", select "Import/Export Contacts", select "Import", select "SIM card", select the desired contacts to import, then select "Done". Select the desired save location, select "Import". Contacts will now be imported. ♪AT&T jingle♪.

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