/Connectivity Tutorial: Connect your Smartphone with your car – SEAT Ateca 2018

Connectivity Tutorial: Connect your Smartphone with your car – SEAT Ateca 2018

Video: Connectivity Tutorial: Connect your Smartphone with your car – SEAT Ateca 2018


SEAT is including Full Link technology in its new models, providing a direct connection between your car and your smartphone. Full Link allows you to access content and applications from your phone from the radio or navigator screen. To connect your smartphone to your car, your SEAT must meet the following requirements: Full Link must be enabled in the radio or navigator carousel. Your smartphone must be compatible with one of the three types of Full Link connection: MirrorLink, Android Auto or Apple Car Play.

Your phone must be connected to the radio/navigator via USB. For MirrorLink, at least one of the apps certified with this technology will have to be installed on your device When you connect your smartphone for the first time, Full Link will display the available connection types. Select the one you wish to use when you connect, out of Mirror Link, Android Auto or Apple Car Play. The connection type shown may depend on the device used. In the SETTINGS menu, tick the box for "Activate data transfer for SEAT apps". A list will appear of the apps compatible with your connection type. When you open an app, you will be able to use the car touchscreen to navigate through it, just like when using your phone. Once you have selected the connection type for Full Link, your radio or navigator will remember it each time you connect your smartphone. When you connect, simply select the certified app.

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You can use the buttons or the option appearing at the bottom of the screen to see the other main menu items without closing the selected app. Full Link can be disconnected by removing the USB lead from the socket or by pressing "disconnect". For further information on connectivity and compatibility, visit the websites for: MirrorLink / Apple CarPlay / Android Auto The SEAT Media Control App enables exchanges of information between the infotainment system and the device. It allows remote control of some functions in Radio mode, Media mode and Navigation mode. To use it, the following requirements must be met: • Having a tablet or a mobile phone • The "SEAT Media Control" App installed on the device • WLAN connection between the system and the device This app enables remote control of the radio and multimedia playback. Additional options may be available depending on the system and the country, such as the exchanging of navigation destinations, social network content or vehicle data, among others.

The infotainment system can be used as a WLAN hotspot for connecting up to 8 devices. To configure it, select the SETTINGS option in the main menu. The WLAN option in the infotainment system must be activated. It is also necessary to activate the WLAN option on the device; this process will vary depending on the type and model. The MOBILE HOTSPOT function must be selected to assign the mobile device. The network key provided by the system must be entered into the mobile device and confirmed in order to establish the connection. To complete the connection, it may be necessary to enter other data into the mobile device. The infotainment system can use the Wi-Fi hotspot of an external device to connect to the internet. Once the Wi-Fi hotspot is activated on the device (this process will vary depending on the type and model), select the INTERNET ACCESS SETTINGS option to make the necessary adjustments. Activate the WLAN option and press the FIND button. A list of devices available for connection is displayed.

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Select the one you want to use, enter the password and, if necessary, confirm the connection from the device. Go to the main menu and select the "SEAT Media Control" function. Open the app in your device. You can remotely control the multimedia playback of up to 2 devices..