/Computer Tech Lessons : What Is the Definition of a Cache?

Computer Tech Lessons : What Is the Definition of a Cache?

Video: Computer Tech Lessons : What Is the Definition of a Cache?


Hi my name is Dave Andrews and today I'm going to talk to you about caches on computers. Now the definition of a cache is a repository of data that stores information on a computer and what that will typically refer to as far as users on the internet go as far as a cache is a cache of the files and websites that have been accessed by your computer. I'm going to show you how to pull that up on your computer. We are going to open up our web browser and we are going to look at what is called the cache or it is more commonly referred to as the history in your web browser. Now to do that when you open up your web browser and you get this screen here, it might pull up your home page and you don't have the file menu up at the top but if you hold down the off key and press F that actually opens up your file menu that you are kind of used to seeing and what we want to do is do that and then scroll over to the view tab and we come down to explore bar and we want to view the history.

As you can see you can access that real quickly by holding down the control and shift key and pressing H and this pulls up the history for the web browser and it is going to show you all the pages that have been visited on this computer today or yesterday or five days ago. The only data that I have in my cache is coming from today. This is basically all the websites that I visited on this computer for today and I can click here in side of this cache and it pulls those websites back up to where I can look at them again and basically your cache on your web browser is going to keep a constant history of every site that you have ever been to until you clear it out which is in the tools screen and if you go to tools internet options and then hit the under browsing history you hit delete and that is going to allow you to clear out your history in your cache by clicking each of these buttons here that will delete that information. My name is Dave Andrews and today I have talked to you a little bit about caches in the computer.

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