/Compartir Ubicacion en tiempo real de forma Permanente

Compartir Ubicacion en tiempo real de forma Permanente

Video: Compartir Ubicacion en tiempo real de forma Permanente


welcome to a new video today let's see how to share the location of a phone permanently a very useful option for know where someone moves very older grandparents that can be lost alone, I know that many of you are going to use it for control your good partner that is already the choice of each and to make the process that is very easy we need have physical access to the phone which we want know the location in this video would be the phone on the left and we will send the location to the phone on the right I think it will not be necessary for you to install apps because practically everyone has installed the google maps application so we went into sharing location and gives us the option to share for a maximum of 3 days through a link that you send it to whatsapp or any messaging application that you have installed that link receives it the other phone and for a maximum of three days you can know the location by clicking on that link what I want is to share the location permanently so I'm going to click on the option that says until you deactivate this option, that is, you will always share the location, as we see does not let us now share by whatsapp or any other application but that we are going to choose a person a contact from our agenda so we select fransim which is the phone that I have on the right side, now maybe you leave this warning if we click on accept send an SMS message to the phone on the right with the location, and good SMS messages is not that they have a very high cost but I I will share the location totally free, so let's go to our contact list and we are going to edit that contact fransim and you let's add a gmail account, the account gmail where we want you to send us the link with the location of this phone, so Once the contact has been edited, we save the changes and we go back to google maps and we look for the contact fransim now I get the contact with the account gmail and if that allows me to share location and automatically I get the notification to the other telephone, here we see a location approximately 10 meters but then little to little refines the location and appears 0 meters p�es is next to each other.

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Obviously we will need internet access on both phones to make it work, yp�ra disable this option simply share we enter in share location and press in the X Well, this would be a method without necessity to install applications or installing alone google maps if you did not already, I say goodbye until a next video see you soon.