/Comparison of cheaper iPhones: iPhone 11 vs iPhone XR vs iPhone 8+. Which one to pick? | Pros \u0026 cons

Comparison of cheaper iPhones: iPhone 11 vs iPhone XR vs iPhone 8+. Which one to pick? | Pros \u0026 cons

Video: Comparison of cheaper iPhones: iPhone 11 vs iPhone XR vs iPhone 8+. Which one to pick? | Pros \u0026 cons


This is the iPhone 11, the latest offering from Apple that retails for $699 or Rs 65,000. This is iPhone XR, the last year's product which retails now for $599 or Rs 50,000. And finally, these are the iPhone 8 plus and iPhone 8, the 2019 iPhones which now retail for $499 and for $449 or Rs 40,000 onwards. Well, which is the best iPhone for you if you walk into an Apple store with a budget in mind? Let's find out! This video was made in partnership with EHAM digital, Trivandrum.

EHAM digital is the authorized store of Apple in Trivandrum and you can visit the retail store in the mall of Travancore to get good deals on the iPhone which includes one year extended warranty free of cost. Now, even though the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Promax are on sale, given the fact that they cost almost one and a half to two times of what the iPhone 11 costs, I think it's fair to review them in a separate video. Also, within the cheapest iPhones, it is the iPhone 11 which costs the highest, but that doesn't mean that it is the best in every aspect. So, let's compare the cheapest iPhone in seven basic things that you should always check while buying any smartphone so that you can pick the most suitable iPhone when you walk into an Apple store with a budget in mind. The iPhone 8 and 8 plus have the A11 Bionic chip, while the iPhone XR has the A12 Bionic chip, and the iPhone 11 has the A13 Bionic chip.

In day-to-day life, there is nothing separating these phones in terms of performance. But one place where the iPhone 11 stands out is the multitasking because it has 4 GB RAM compared to 3 GB in others. But, is that performance improvement worth paying the extra money? Personally, I don't think so. But I let you be the judge. All these phones have liquid retina truth on IPS capacitive touchscreen with 16 million colors! Which is basically LCD displays that you can find in phones that are 10 times cheaper than this. But the more important part is the pixel density. 326, 326, 326, and 401? What? The iPhone 8 plus which is around 60% of the cost of the iPhone 11 has a better screen than the iPhone 11? Yeah! That's because of the screen which increases as you go up the ladder and the fact that the iPhone 8 Plus is 1080p screen, while the others are not. This means that you can't even watch Full HD videos in any other iPhones than the iPhone 8 plus. Now, whether it practically makes a difference is a story for another video but I could definitely tell the difference when it comes to watching a video or playing games.

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Now there is more to the story. The XR and the 11 have a notch on the display while the others don't. This comes to personal preference because some people will take an edge-to-edge display with a notch, while some people will prefer otherwise. Now, there are little things like 3D-touch which is available only in the 8 and 8 Plus, which makes their display feel better than the XR and the 11. All of these phones have studio speakers but the iPhone 11 speakers were far better due to the Dolby Atmos support. This makes the sound feel like it is coming from a much bigger speaker. None of them have a headphone jack which is good to keep in mind. So, if I had to pick a phone solely based on audio quality, I would pick the iPhone 11. Now when it comes to the iPhones, the best thing is the life that they will give.

All of these phones have toughened glass on the front and back and they do support wireless charging. Now, I support Apple for this because they put the glass back in the iPhones only because they have to put the Qi wireless charging. Now, this is pretty much unlike some other company which puts the glass back in their phones but, not wireless charging! All of them have aluminum frames and the iPhone 11 and XR have different colors which again is good to keep in mind if you are into that. The regular iPhone 8 feels much more comfortable in the hand and weighs less because of the smaller screen. The iPhone 8 plus is larger than the iPhone XR and 11 even though the screen size is smaller. All of these phones will easily last you for more than three years but given the fact that Apple is supporting all the iPhones for at least 5 years now, the iPhone 11 will last much longer than the others.

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The iPhone 11's battery life was way better both on paper and real life. We put this to the test by charging up all the phones to 100% and running a couple of apps to see how the battery was in each phone after a certain amount of time. Alright, I know that this is not the most scientific way of testing the battery of iPhones, but given the limited amount of time and resources this is the best I could do. Here are the results for that test and the iPhone 11 came out on top. All of these phones do support fast charging and wireless charging but none of them come with fast-charger in the box. 'Camera' is a department where one phone just trashes the other phones and that phone is obviously the iPhone 11. The iPhone 8 and XR have the old fashioned single camera on the back while the iPhone 11 has the extra wide-angle lens and the iPhone 8 Plus has the 2x telephoto lens. All of them have optical image stabilization and every single photo that I took with the iPhone 11th was just better maybe because of the two years innovation.

Video quality was also much better in the iPhone 11 and when it comes to selfies, all of them were pretty consistent. The iPhone 11 shoots slightly sharper pictures with the front camera as it has a 12MP camera compared to 7MP in others. But the good thing about the XR and the 11 is a fact that these phones have the TOF 3D camera which enables an animojis. Finally, there's one more new thing in the iPhone 11 camera. Now, when it comes to flagship features, each of them differs in their own way. All these phones are IP68 water-resistant but the iPhone 11 takes it one step further by making it survive two meters underwater for 30 minutes. All these phones have BlueTooth 5.0 NFC and stereo speakers the iPhone 8 The iPhone 8 and 8 plus have the classic touch ID while the XR and 11 have the face ID.

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Now finally, it's important to remember that the XR and the 11 are dual SIM phones while the iPhone 8 and 8 plus are only single sim. So, concluding this video the iPhone 11 just seems to be a wonderful update to the previous models it is mostly better in every other aspect which is obvious because it's new but one section where it stands out is the camera, both in the front and back. Now if you give me $700 or around Rs 65,000 and ask me to pick a phone, I wouldn't take any of these iPhones, because there are much better Android phones at this price range. But if you restrict me to these iPhones, I would probably pick the iPhone 11 if I want a big phone and iPhone 8 if I want a smaller one. Even if you can afford the iPhone 11, there are a few reasons why you can still pick the iPhone 8 plus over the 11 or XR, which are the full HD screen, the 2x telephoto camera, 3D Touch, and touch ID.

There are a couple of big advantages that the iPhone 8 has and that is the size and the cost. Now, I'm not sure why the iPhone XR is still continuing to exist in the market because it's just $100 or around Rs 10,000 cheaper than iPhone 11 and if you can spend that you get iPhone 11 which is better in every aspect that you can think..