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Companion App – Never Walk Alone Again

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Steve Dotto here. How the heck are you doing this fine day? Me? I am feeling increasingly safe and secure because I have a guardian angel watching over me as I make my way through the city. That guardian angel is an app that we discovered this week on App Wednesday. Terra Ferguson found this gem that helps families and single people, women, men, everybody feel a little bit more safe as they walk about because they have a companion walking with them even if they’re not right there, somebody to help keep you a little bit more safe and secure.

So today, we’re looking at the Companion app on DottoTech. Companion, never walk home alone. The whole idea behind this app is to use our smartphone to monitor your progress as you’re leaving one place and going to another and letting some friends or family know that you’re on your way and putting them sort of on alert so that if you might need help, if you might feel nervous on the trip then they can then intercede in some way, by contacting authorities or by reaching out to you and talking to you. It is just a super little app. Of course when I saw this app, immediately the first thing that I thought was this is going to be awesome for parents and kids when kids are walking home from school, letting their parents know that sort of stuff.

It runs in both Android and iOS. It’s free and here’s how it works. It’s a very, very simple app. What it does is you basically have a starting point and an end point on your trip. You choose where you’re going, where you’re going to be going on the trip, where you’re walking from and to. You set where you’re going to and then you tap on this Start a Trip button. That allows you to then alert a number of people that you’re on your way, that you’re leaving by text message and ask them if they wouldn’t mind just kind of watching out for you was you’re on your walk. Now these people can be family that are close by or they don’t even have to be in the same time zone or city as you because we’re all dealing through text messaging, which is pretty much instant. Once you’ve selected a person to track you, they will then let you know that they have accepted the assignment basically by text message as you’re going along and you can start your trip.

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As you’re going along and walking from one place to the other, if you’re feeling nervous you can contact them directly by tapping the little icon that’s already pre-loaded on your phone so you don’t have to fumble around with messenger or anything like that, or you can send a message saying, “I feel nervous.” They give you a warning, saying, “Are you sure you want to send that message?” If you tap on Yes, it sends a text message to whatever person or people are on your list, letting you know you’re feeling a little bit nervous. If it’s more dire than that and you think that there’s a real problem, you can tap on alert mode which will contact the 911 services locally and direct them to you. It’s an app that should put parents’ and family members’ minds at ease as their loved ones are walking home in the evening from band practice or from the library, to school or swimming class.

It doesn’t matter. It gives us that much more comfort that they are in touch with us and if anything bad happens, we can respond as quickly as possible. As I mentioned, it’s a free app. Good on Tara for finding this app. This app was our app of the week choice. Every week on our weekly blab called app Wednesday, we evaluate a whole series of different apps and one rises to the top as the best app of the week. This week, no surprise, Companion won. I encourage you to join us for our weekly blabs, which are basically broadcast where we talk about the different apps. You can join in. You can vote. You can participate. It’s a lot of fun and the link is in the description below. That is all the time I have for this week. Now there are there ways to stay in touch with me here on DottoTech. The first is please subscribe to this channel. The second is you can subscribe to our newsletter. Then you’ll hear all about our new live events and trainings, tutorials, all of that sort of stuff as it comes down the pipe.

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And finally, DottoTech is a community-funded site supported by our patrons through crowd-funding site, Patreon. I encourage you to drop by the Patreon page and take a look at what supporting DottoTech looks like because it looks like there are perks available to you and I believe the perks are awesome. Until next time, I’m Steve Dotto. Have fun storming the castle!.