/Como instalar los controladores mtk en windows 8,8.1 y 10

Como instalar los controladores mtk en windows 8,8.1 y 10

Video: Como instalar los controladores mtk en windows 8,8.1 y 10


today in this short video I will teach you how to install the controllers to recognize cell phones with MTK processor this video is especially for windows 10 and windows 8 and it's a very easy way in the description of this video I am leaving the link to download the files the first what should we do to write and we will write Recovery we go here in recovery options and redirects us to every recovery here we are going to click and our team is going will restart I'm going to do this, I'm coming, I'm going to record from the camera of my cell phone to follow them explaining the steps to follow well then we give in restart now the computer will restart We give to the one who always reigns and let's give it here where it says solve problems here we give in advanced options here we give in start configuration and how can they see us options we are going to restart we wait for it to restart here as you can see we got some options the option we need is the option number 7 disable the use mandatory of signed drivers then let's press the key number 7 we press key number 7 and the computer will start disabling the signed drivers this is necessary to do so in order to install the mtk drivers for windows days and windows 8 We wait for you to turn on we have to start and as you can see the computer starts normally delicious you can enable the drivers signed and how can you see the innings computer and again I'm going to pause the video from cell phone and I'm recording from the computer screen to teach them the next ready again show them that I do not have Controllers in the computer manage devices and here as you can see I do not have Controllers I'm afraid they would normally appear with this triangular as if they were not working but if it really is very good everything is for and install it let's go to the key in action many things add legacy hardware come on next we must install on hardware manually and we give in following here we give the following and now we go to look where we have the folder I in this house I got it the disk of this folder is a task – the time who writes it 86 to 32 bits 64 64 cases 64 and give double click and we accept as you can see these are all controllers we take them the first as next let's see next and we wait for it install we appear this we give to install the controller software anyway and we wait for the end of facilities the first as you can see the average driver that gets here is talking and ready you installed the first one now we make the same the hardware the liver selector manually next next use browse disk Good Morning to accept and we choose the second sparkly I installed come back again until you finish with everyone you the disk examine the days accept and the third following ready I already finished installing a wise we press video show you and now you I want to show it out as you can see are all the controllers through now installed on the computer appear with the triangulation but they work anyway friends all I all for today I hope that you have liked the video any doubt question leave it in the description of this video I will gladly be answering ready.

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