/Como fazer Máscara do Homem Aranha no Aranhaverso DIY Fantasia infantil Fácil

Como fazer Máscara do Homem Aranha no Aranhaverso DIY Fantasia infantil Fácil

Video: Como fazer Máscara do Homem Aranha no Aranhaverso DIY Fantasia infantil Fácil


Hiiii guys! How are you?! My name is Luciene Sans and, today, me and my hubby are gonna show you a DIY project that we created inspired by Spider-Man into the Spider-Verse (3 Masks Peter Parker + Miles + Spider Gwen) ! Subtitles were made by Google translator! If you can help us to translate it better, please check out the link in description box ❤ Soooo…Do you want to learn how to make our "Corujices da Lu" (DIYs)? Then let's get started! You voted on the poll we created in our Community Corujinha Lulu Amino (that is a free app for Android and iOS) and you chose as the new video theme Spider-Man into the Spider-Verse and WiFi Ralph. Then stay tuned to our channel to see our next videos! If you want to be part of our community and participate in everything there just click on the link that is on cards, in description or comment boxes! Even the Carapac's Miraculous giveaway is taking place over there! There is still time to participate! We have created 3 different versions of masks inspired by Spider-Man: Peter Parker + Miles + Gwen Spider! We designed the patterns and made them available to free download on our blog! So you can download it, print it or use it as a guide! The link is in the description and in the comments boxes! We made Peter Parker and Miles' masks the same way! You can make the mask of cardboard or of foam sheet, but remember the tip we always give when we make masks here on our channel: always measure the paper mask on your face first! So you can adjust the position of the eyes and the length of the mask to set all right! This way we avoid wasting material! We chose to make our masks of foam sheet.

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So we cut the base and the details of the mask! But you can do the details in ink or permanent marker too! To make the eye region we use super thin white socks! That way it does not disturb your vision / view! If you prefer you can stretch the sock well when you glue on the mask! Then it's even easier to see! As we did the details of foam sheet, we glued the socks behind the detail of the eye, but if you choose to paint the details, you can glue the socks you can glue the sock behind the base of the mask! Hey, do you like Spider-Man? We already made a School Supplies video inspired by Spider-Man! I'll leave the link on the cards, description and comments boxes so you can watch it later! If you want to see more of our DIY projects ("Corujices da Lu") here on our channel, comment #HomemAranha (or #SpiderMan), give us a thumbs up and share our video on your social medias, like Facebook and WhatsApp groups! Please! ❤ It helps us a lot! And if you are not yet subscribed, press red button written subscribe sand ring the bell to get notified when we upload new video! Come join our family!! We also did the details of the mask webs of foam sheet stripes! You can bend the strips at the time of gluing to give them the format more like the Spiderman mask! Or you can use our pattern / template as a guide! Speaking of masks, we also did colored versions, ready to print and use, to give to all our fans that are in our Fan Club within our Community Corujinha Lulu Amino! Thank you so much for supporting us! Spider Gwen's mask is a bit different in the details! Remember to check if the mask is adjusted to your face first! The eye process is exactly the same to previous masks.

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But we put the representation of a hood in Gwen's mask! For this we created a 3D effect at the time of gluing the little pieces of foam sheet! This way we showed in the video! You can still add some details on the red part of the hood! It can be using foam sheet, paint, permanent marker or even watercolors pencils, the same way we did in the new Ladybug's masks video! If you have not seen it yet, I will link on cards, description and comments boxes for you to watch it later! We even have various ideas of costumes and accessories that we create inspired by different characters here on our channel! Check out our Special Costumes Playlist to watch everything! To attach the masks to your face you can make holes on the sides or else glue a string, an elastic or a little ribbon on the back of the masks! Now just complement the look with a blouse that matches your masks and enjoy your costume! It's super fast, easy and cheap to do! A great last minute Hero Costume option! I really hope you enjoyed our video today! If you like it, please, give us a thumbs up, share the video with your friends and subscribe to our channel to be part of our Family! Thank you very much for watching! A super kiss and see you next time! Bye bye! ❤ Tchau tchau! * There're bloopers at the end * #Backstage DIY 3 Masks inspired by Spider-Man into the Spider Verse EASY Costume (Free Pattern) * Luciene Sans | Corujinha Lulu *.

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