/Como Conectar Celular A Estereo Pioneer Bluetooth/ JMK

Como Conectar Celular A Estereo Pioneer Bluetooth/ JMK

Video: Como Conectar Celular A Estereo Pioneer Bluetooth/ JMK


HELLO PEOPLE FROM THE NEW GENERATION! Today we will show you how to connect your cellphone to a Pioneer Stereo via Bluetooth I will write the model of the stereo in the description below but this can be useful for different models of Pioneer stereos first verify the bluetooth is on press this know until you find the option functions or systems and you will find one that says BT here it is, it says Audio BT and it should be ON as you can see we can change it into OFF as well, but it should be ON once it's selected, go back and now with any cellphone we have let's open the bluetooth and once it's started to look for devices select the stereo model, the difference here is that the symbol will be some headphones and not a cellphone select it the stereo will request for permission to link the device press here to accept it we will accept it as well in our cellphone it will come out a message that says allow this device to access to your contact list press the option *always allowed with this device and ACCEPT so next time you won´t have to repeat the proccess again once it is connected, it will appear in the right top corner a cellphone symbol and the music symbol select in the stereo BT Audio the model will appear on the screen and it automatically will reproduce it well this is it, it hope it was useful and you know if you have any doubt or question you may leave it in the comments below if you liked the video please give me a THUMB UP and SUBSCRIBE SEE YOU IN THE NEXT VIDEO!.

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