hey guys welcome back to fluffy nuts gaming sorry that it's been like a month since I uploaded a gameplay video on this channel I've been extremely busy I've been applying for a tech college and working and you know and having a family and stuff like that it I had to take a break from uploading videos to this channel for a while so I'm gonna I had time today to upload a video and make a or you know what I'm trying to say but yeah let's let's get into this we're playing a Call of Duty it's been a while I try to make a video earlier but I like I said it's been such a long time since I I did it I forgot to turn the microphone and everything on sauces I was recording it and I didn't have no audio to it so I have to redo it so let's do this I just said that weeeee!!! oh crap Change the mags!! don't do me like that!! don't don't do me like that!! yes gotcha sucker running back and forth son of the!! come on man get me stomach cramps you guys yeah just yesterday I was uh cleaning up a little bit around the house and I have security cameras are on my apartment and well I come to pick up a bag of chips and started walking away and I tripped over the freaking couch how do you do that the corner of the Couch I tripped over it and I fell chips went everywhere I'm okay the chips didn't make it though chips the chips are dead my big butt crushed them but I got it all on video i had a laugh though it was fun you just gotta laugh at the small stuff like that yeah after I after I fell my son was picking on me all frickin night after that you looked up left a dent in the floor there's an earthquake oh my god I tell ya we pick on each other so much die watermelon there for a sec almost had to throw my underwear and these washer and dryer almost shot my parents come on man keep the move on you sneaking up on me like that gotcha watermelon Killa ow yeah just yeah whoa man whoa christ that was quick Jesus had to hide my cereal the other day the Cheerios and the Wheaties there's a serial killer on the freakin loose I tell ya you know had to hide my cereal you know no one no one F with my Raisin Bran you know what I'm saying Oh victory one in the bag one in the bag all right let's do another round do another ran that's right wu-six kills in five deficits not too bad I guess wish I had more kills but you know it's been a while since I played oh I'm not even gonna vote for this one I don't care what well yeah I'll do random this throw me in man just throw me in this throw this throw me in the shit I'll get it done even if I die five hundred million times yeah where I live it's actually kind of chilly out today and you know my wife and kids had a party to go to and my son he's with my friend out working on a farm and I was I'm home Ave obviously because I'm making a gameplay video for you guys I had to finish up editing uh an hour and 20 minute long video that I shot for a wedding a week ago so I was busy doing that finally finish that up yeah all right let's do this let's get back you just get back here that's two – oh Jesus no no Oh what the hell man give a brother a break well dick dad dad dad dad keep the change you filthy animal oh come on man don't just stand there get into the shit Chango jab oh whoa whoa whoa and the hell is he shooting from Oh No I never even got the gern a doubt I never even got at all never had a chance oh man I've really in sucky now ah just walked out of that storage container what's that you little oh come on what the hell come on man holy shit frickin God least I got him and then they got me Wow Wow whoa arms are I swear to Union Eve come out come out wherever you are I know he's up there oh come on man whoa geez that part took you in the air oh come on man unn hail the stink bomb there for a sec yes did that work no oh yeah it did I threw a grenade oh just as he's through the flash bomb yes that worked for me get to Wow well yeah it's gonna be me frickin shot me through that well guys I'm gonna end the video there I hope you guys enjoyed this video and like I said I'm sorry that I haven't uploaded in like a month I've been extremely busy with family and work and then you know doing all the paperwork for college for this fall so I'll see you next time I'm out.

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