/cod mobile fix lag for 2gb ram mobile phones

cod mobile fix lag for 2gb ram mobile phones

Video: cod mobile fix lag for 2gb ram mobile phones


so the ppl who does not understand hindi can check if the video have subtitle or not if there are no subtitles then bye and if there are substile then u can watch if u want to hey brothers….. how are u ? so in this video i am going to tell u how to fix lag in 2gb ram very easily… after using this methods u can play cod mobile lag free u will be able to play this game i phones like redmi 6 mi7 nokia3 which i own also the oppo a3 so cod mobile will easily work in these phone without lag and i am not only talking about the tdm but also the BR mode tdm works lag free anyways on 2gb ram phones in battle royale there is lag and to play lag free u have to my methods tbh i have searched this methods from the net actuallyu i have done a lots of research how to fix lag cause i wanted to play cod mobile lag free i have used each and every method and if i would have studied this much for exam i would have come first anyways so all the methods which i studied among those which made my device lag free so before the method my game was lagging so much as u can see but after the method the lag free gameplay which was on the starting of the video so anyways the first method is very amazing because tap tap aka chinese playstore itself recommends this i will show u the proof in a sec but u gotta do this cause this is gonna work for sure so the ppl who searched how to play the beta cod mobile using vpn the youtuber used tap tap to find which vpn actually works the youtuber found all the vpn which works from the tap tap there is a auxilliary tool section where u get all the apps i managed to found this by searching cod mobile and when the app was in beta there was written that go to the auxilliary tool by clicking on my games and then the rocket so i went to the auxilliary tool and found our that there are game boosters for cod mobile i was sure that this app are going to work as u know u have to click on my games and then on the top right corner on that rocket so u r on auxilliary tool section now u can see there are many boosters and without any worrk this apps are going to work cause thesse all apps works thats the reason they r here all these vpns used to work as well, all of them which are here so these are the best apps basically so this is the reason this method is in the video so first of all u have to download tap tap from the chrome after u have dowloaded it just open it just press ok so the app is already there in my download so this type of file doesnot harm tap tap ,open it go to the same place my games and then click on the rocket now u can download any game booster from here so i have download one of these now i have opened it and just press boost THE FIRST METHOD IS OVER BUT NOW THE MOST IMPORTANT METHOD THIS IS THE BEST METHOD NO JOKE!!! just do what i am doing this method is easy u will be able to follow bye guys make sure to like subscribe if u havent.

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