now this is going to be a waste of this is gonna be a waste of a beast – well that's why I'm saying just stop it now and redo it again I just did hmm but now saying the streams complete again this is not good No now it's just saying that the streams complete for a second it did okay just yes sir say we're back is that the Knights saying I'm offline did you all in here yet yeah not now it works hang on does that also mean that you can hear us now okay I just waiting for response to see if they can actually hear us otherwise I'll stop the stream for a few minute now they can hear us now oh yeah oh this is a bit nightmarish alright and on that night it looks like the troops are ready to go again so Nick stop the troops to just make sure that that's yeah I can hear big fish oh great thanks guys so sorry about the to start there once I got a phone call it really well multiple phone calls that really messed things up but it looks like we're back on the track okay so stink pants yet again has disappeared just bear with this stinky commentary say later the new people we have new people Rick Fisher is that new people yes bitches new how I have this weekend Vick Fisher or we we had a lot of people coming and then disappearing kids of the headachy stream you stream again say Stan see your question came yeah this is the problem you'll find with the legend League I only have eight attacks available to me and I've just used the second one so there's only gonna be six left and then I might get stink pants to do some build a base attacks but we are gonna use the Royal Ghost as well just because we can alright so that's that one almost finished and to be honest now I'm losing a bit of confidence when it comes to the the stream and the gameplay after all of that debacle at the start debacle now should I do – lots of all all royal ghosts or not and you better tell me quick with different combinations of spells or not alright we'll try thinking you realize I'm gonna lose try if he's doing this probably mmm-hmm find out what happens this time go with all healed maybe one freeze that's gonna be quite risky isn't it she said good my friend I also am known as death death is in death trip from the Klan not sure also known as death no honor if that's death trip from the Klan roll go sucks that I like them I agree we came but we're doing it just for the heck of it to be honest don't you know Roy your gods are from clash Royale yeah I saw that only after afterwards when I was looking at doing tags some of the tax suggestions had had the Royal ghost from clash Royale no I can't replay that you know what let's see my base not get smashed for one not get smashed let's see the defense get a win eating tastes yep say we'll say no so big Fisheries Death Trip from the clan let's talk some clan business sings we've got some clan mates yeah recruiting is much more difficult I don't even know how we're gonna do it without the global chat plus I couldn't spam global chat to try and get people to come and join us it's not what do you think well what does everyone think they're pretty much all clash of clans plays at the moment I vote no I didn't like it wanted to come back I missed global – I honestly don't think that it was an improvement because I can't see here's the problems that we've got number one it doesn't suggest we've got a trophy restriction so if you don't have enough trophies you can't join anyway well they don't suggest people that have that restrict you know enough trophies to join number two everyone's in a clan anyway for the most part and then as you saw there's a little bit yes and no as to whether you can actually send an invite or whether they're in boxes full so you put all of that together and it's much much harder to get people to join okay I like the label thing yeah space that was a bit if you labeled yourself yet yeah yeah and what did you do it may be hopeless let's see you do it already at the next town hall so I can't be that hopeless well this is true I don't know I'm seeing some pretty hopeless plays up I well I've got family I don't know what it means but I guess collecting a lot of blue this is gonna be annoying to you I'm gonna have to because that's my thumbnail what I wanted to use but now I'm gonna have to find it somewhere because I don't know if it'll be at the start of the stream like what's going on I might have to oh yeah that's right he's birthdays on Friday happy birthday for then I'll have to try and remember to say it in the this court as well oh all right just leave it there for a few seconds is that long enough do you think stinky my favorite thing about global what's the language not what is that okay they use pretty foul language a lot of the time I don't have the system there you do a build a base attack while we're waiting bu there there's no yeah should we let's talk about war should we attack mirror first so that's a great question obviously think that we probably should the how do I put it without offending anyone the reality is you guys should be good enough at this point to be able to take on your own mirrors and if you're a town all of it 11 or 12 which most of you are you should be able to to start and for that matter you should be able to 3 start any townhall it's below yours that's my personal belief you know now there are maybe once or twice every now and again you might not be able to three-star at town all 11 if you're a town all 12 but that should be an exception not not the general rule because I would be very disappointed in myself if I didn't three-star a town hall below me if it's a normal war for sure everyone should be taking on their mirror the clan war leagues is a tiny bit different I guess in that the stars do become more important but we've had this problem where people attacking way below what they should and should I mean people should I just call them out and I stink pants are saying don't you know you're who you are in the clan when you go lay like that you shouldn't be doing that when it comes to clan war legs really only the top five players say the ones that are most reliable that are the good fighters they can wait but everyone else should be getting their attacks in early like stink pants can make she's a good fighter I can wait because I see how long so this is what I would be suggesting someone's doing ok Gabrielle hi how you will do visit the base in a moment but it looks like I'm about to do another attack first time in games here hello many generally doesn't stay for very long say see if that works are you still here say in game if you speak English that's awesome it saves me translating but if you can't speak English I'll just try and communicate in your language but again I don't know if it's Spanish or Portuguese let's see but it's got to be one or the other I got lucky with the Portuguese last time so work but I think I can remember Lee is Portuguese all right so we're almost there with the next raid I not speak English so just let me know Gabrielle and then I can translate there for you sits here as well how are you does matter that you like we've been having a lot of dramas at the start trying to get the strain to actually work okay you might have to do that yeah see I did it in the wrong way I did it in their own language this is where I'm having trouble that's better usually chicken enchiladas Spadina now I can do it if you want how long have we got the guy can you do the chat okay all right so I need to work out what have I got here fine that should be Graham Graham so please join my clan level for four clans so yeah if you can get people to join hi Kailash how are you what's your opinion I'm not Sonic the Hedgehog I don't know much about Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog I can't believe I'm doing this in the legends like this is crazy talking the chat they stink like stream you do what's the best way to attack that town and I don't know much about him jeezum any of these things are they random said my clan is a dead land I'm the leader barely any people paint in white random to join his level twelve clan oh I think we got extremely lucky for where that town all was that's the only reason I've got to start here that was a terrible attack Oh okay let's see if we can't we might even be able to get T stars night thanks today's guys royal ghost business it's gonna be down to the e raise to try and pick up some stuff as here what are they saying in the chat there stink pants you're hopeless commentator just try to pick up you know why because global chat is gone and it makes a barrier oh well I can't believe we got two stars from that mmm that is an awful attack day thank you can't say that when you've got to start all right now should be doing combination what I might do is a combination of them so I've done two all oil ghosts right yeah say this time I'll do an actual combination which will work better now about the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog can say I play so I need the Hedgehog 1 2 & 3 beat them all so easy we should is that available on a my ball yes my name no one answer all right build a base attack might as well make you useful fill the base okay and donate me traipse as well if you want I know what join please appoint me I don't wanna join Kane play Sonic and you clan is good out clans pretty good isn't it now although it's making it harder with that new update as well in two hours hey yeah talk to each other as well we love it when they get to know each other they've been doing it in discord a little bit but it's been a little bit quiet lately according to random having been online that marching discord but I'll try and fix that mmm you don't get on that all day is stinky I can jump on my discord there fine kind i pasted some stuff about his food he's insane Cooking Channel what okay yeah really in the beasts code and then I added some dishes that he made are you serious yep does this a combination that you normally use for your build a base or name yeah it's not good like it depends on the base oh actually is supposed to be checking out someone's place back there if they account remember who was Gabrielle lens Rani Landon's oriini if he's still live not sure if he's still there they wore her Gabrielle could be declaring your space it's both a male and a female might ah no you're ruining my cafe now that's fine and take down you'd be doing half an hour of these stuff anyway say how we doing is anyone someone has donated new troops so I noticed that they didn't do that people didn't attack in the last war again oh it's getting there wasn't eat we wasn't three in a race so far and then in the last one days a few people within an attack which is not good all right what's that's gonna be an old thing with what's that going to be well ghost attack this time and heal spells got it can you remember that no spell gloss attack heal spell ghost attacks she says let's see is someone's someone used to ghost attack on us let's see what happened there so yeah I'm not a huge fan of that one I've got to say it's what are the time with these special Troops they're not that good but probably deliberately so you gameplay rocks up Thank You chef we don't guess guess what what I hear they go they having a go at each other again already you it's funny just as long as they take it seriously sometimes they do between Cain and random now I hear he game with the food they're doing the food before they do the dlg these days I haven't gotten a DOJ yet but I've gotten harassment with food from Cain pizza for two days you know well yeah that's right so you're not gonna actually affect this with the old pizza we've still got daily bread in the fridge now there's a Tod after the pizza hmm yeah where's my garlic bread gonna have some chicken wings or something today is it that's what I had planned you think that'll be all right now look miss one for life awesome stink pants was actually telling me last night not to say that too much I've been saying it too much she says but it was also investigating oh we have to talk I'd sort of mentioned that in the discord but we'll be going away soon I've said it previously and I was trying to figure out what because we really we definitely won't be able to stream during that time no but I've still got a plan in advance because it's either gonna be uploaded videos or maybe a vlog style things thing is everyone's into the food so much perhaps we can harass them back I'm ready to seize just film food stuff what we hate every day so what are your thoughts were that whether we upload it sort of normal videos where it's I haven't done it yet so I'm gonna have to make them first whether it be gaming or YouTube help or maybe some musical challenges if I can ever get stink pants to get organized or failing that doing there wouldn't be live streams but maybe again recording what we're doing when were overseas just for a bit of variety during that period now they keep talking about forward so I guess I think we should do we should do it a trip today do you like spicy chicken wings hi we just got the new wicked wing in KFC and it's so good and there is another flavor called coal I call our wicked wing it's not too bad it's a bit too sweet from what I normally like wasn't a big fan of it no I like wicked wings that origin o wicked wing is good like it's crunchy crunchy yeah hard and crunchy the wings good the wings are good Brits got two ribs but the Americans they make awesome ribs there they're experts at it the only time I've had and I'm not even gonna say they're really good but remember we went to that big boy big boy a rib specialist restaurant yeah and it was I still think it was a little bit drawing it wasn't that in a spot-on I had better ribs at a barbecue in America like at home my relatives made awesome ribs just on the barbecue way better than I've ever had anywhere else in Australia they know how to make ribs and they all say yeah they all say for some reason get a lot more meat on their ribs than we do because they do have very big cows is no doubt about that that long thing is huge oh now Vicks or death is making you jealousy and homemade smoked ribs today when they want to actually I don't even know if death is American but you know there's some cultures out there that when it comes to cooking they take their food very very seriously I've seen for example in Australia yeah people that have their own stone sorry wood-fired ovens for pizzas but they're not Australian so they've come from whatever country it wasn't even in Italy it is some yeah it's like a Middle East person but they had their own you know wouldn't fire oven in the back not just to make pizzas that make whatever their breath yeah yeah tasty bread though Turkish Turkish or Lebanese no one we went oh their brain is so good you speak to something good very delicious see you talking about food again it's gonna make me want to hey I have your popcorn yet a popcorn with the popcorn pig ribs oh never had big dreams before have you but I don't make small or real all right here we go you're gonna do another one stinky you got to keep up with the chest babe no you did you wanna have a crack at all Oh Casey no because you're gonna be mad at me go it's not like I've done it before did you wanna you didn't want No alright let's do this thing I really that first one was just pure luck that I managed to get any sort of storage make it good luck again now poo doggies not cooking he is raving with their all your highness petition to hurricane from this channel forever Mehcad day that is like one of the most loyal of our supporters how did you go already ok good eat dragon no took out the Town Hall again oh so it's not too bad yeah these guys said maybe he'll spells are the way to go cuz they're still Oh what did you use before what smell the combination of rage taste and freeze but that was the stall heal and one freeze that actually worked pretty well didn't it and you don't even need it no I can't even use it ah well should we do that again I've already trained different troops maybe we'll just feel whole Oh worry gas tax with your spell's what do you think we'll do that now you'll feel more confident huh not really I can't believe we've been to starring with these that's not too bad well they gate they walk through walls for the first 12 seconds Batman that was the wrong one say they they hide themselves for a little bit but then after that I don't really know but the hills worked well so we'll just go with that I can't even request you oh no I didn't just request fill them up they're stinky oh look out DW officials here this is why I keep saying you gotta keep up with the chat there hey pretty you winning yes we were lucky with that gaming with guys C's here as well or she's here as well how are you both welcome to the stream stinky come on do it build a base right we're doing that all royal guys now I'm kind of thinking I hope it sticks oh yeah Peter after the stream I can tell you how to get minecraft for free okay that'll be good because we get asked to play that a lot and there's no way no and I'm spending 12 bucks to get let's make sure it doesn't stick yeah but now I'm still not gonna do it we've been suggested so many games to play why would I do one that I have to pay for but don't tell the police I'm not saying anything to anyone there I'll get a guillotine and well maybe I shouldn't read that out loud in case YouTube doesn't like it it's got to go I know he sets off already say thank you for staying as long as you did they set much appreciated sorry for the the drivers at the start of the strength I don't know what I'm gonna do about that cuz I will edit it you know that you might not have to even put it in no one said anything about saying say I should ask that now did anyone say an accidental face reveal you keep talking about it so they're gonna look for it and it's gonna be too late for you to delete it you know that it takes Walter you're right maybe I shoulda said anything oh wow I suppose if it happened that happened if it didn't much better no he's saying by turn to Seth oh hey many people from American so I can I ask when they say American spice what is it in bay yeah that's a good question I want to know so we can make it they always did American spice but what's in there what is the combination I'd be curious thing oh thing I want to later geez they was there accidental face reveal hi Janelle oh yay I was making it all up dear so you know like feet oh it's fine and reveal hates random worries me you know you better be on our side random because I'm very paranoid when it comes to stuff online I have any Davis is here how are you how are you it's good to see how do you play clash of clans and how is you weekend been so far we're just doing a bit of his special with the Royal ghost attacks at the moment and random you better be my guardian online because I'm telling you that we definitely been hacked once already I know that for sure and I don't know what we did and we people online I don't think we did anything there's just nasty people out there that like trying to harass others online and I made random to sort of I'd love for him to be able to find out who those people are to be honest it's not nice dream every day just fuck extreme every day well there's another thing that I was gonna talk about at some point do we up the the frequency of the streams I don't think we'll have time to do it to be honest niebuhr need every state I am annoyed thank you and how H are you and my weekend is okay um yeah well we're having a good weekend except the stream didn't start that well but I'm curious to know why you're annoyed and if we can do anything to help we like to help people if we can say what are you annoyed about well they you don't have to answer that if it's something really personal but you know the guys in the stream are all happy to help – I'm sure they get the opportunity to do so isn't it stinky yeah you tu you don't want to help anyone you don't want to help me it already no yes mighty free comment again nothing waiting for you to say something anything nothing random I'll send Chuckie to your house Chuck you is great maybes Chucky's wife and kids is getting ridiculous I don't like that the first one is kind of kind of like turn with horror which is kind of good in terms of scary people yeah not a big fan of Chucky there's no hundred percent say what's going on stink what space to get hundred percent ease because I was Agee then this guy I didn't nice started insulting me saying that I I'm doing to say that we're not that it's YouTube's funny that way and stuff like that may said I'm bad at drawing alright say everything the best advice that I can give you with that and it sounds you don't it sounds like you don't know who this person is anyway there are people online that think it's funny or you know just entertaining to harass other people and it's it's a culture that never used to be around 30 or 40 years ago but because of the internet it's starting to happen but the reality is you don't know the person and they shouldn't affect you you just basically ignore them if they're doing it on your YouTube channel just block them report and block them don't interact with them at all because where you have the same problem or we still have it whoever is harassing us still does it but just not as vocal about it anymore and you know they're looking for attention so if you don't give it to them they're not getting what they want that's probably the best advice that I can give with that if it gets too serious then that's when you might want to report things but that it has to be pretty serious for that to happen so yeah there we get a lot of because we uploaded a video about fake YouTube channels we get a lot of people contacting us you know just about every week saying hey this has happened to me or it's happened to my friend and yeah from our experience just blocking reporting and ignoring is pretty much the best way to go no no I rotate gamer is here now he's wanting to check an ID but you got to see where we are how long have we got to go no more than two minutes all right so after this rate I'll do that for you a tape it's just that I'm using a boost at the moment so don't waste that they join every game with this season all thing have you tried money talking about I was gonna say that all ghosts attack but this one is in one but the next one will be okay I really attacked the massive fake channel impostor stops yeah they they basically they're still around Oh cuz on his profile it says he's a teacher why you're talking about my profile and the randoms talking about our impersonator which I think for the most part they haven't stopped I did notice that they updated a little bit on their their homepage but other than that they didn't really do anything why did you put your profile you know the new symbol level especia cuz I'm gonna take charge he's your what takes people there to play o'clock o'clock magic lands well they came saying no but I'm trying to alright we don't have too much longer to go you didn't want to do these raids stink pants you're doing the next one that's all ghosty ghost okay we're just the all ghost ghost from now on just to make it a little bit special here we go stinky keep up with the comment ray sting that is what was that that's the worst commentary ever say something sting yeah I just paying silly at this point no I will nice to get that on I this is not good take out that Town Hall take it out that's good not real t-shirt he's just a teacher international crack so teach you about life Friday I'm like old uncle poo top which does your mind if I don't say much anymore hold on the food IDs at all he's a teacher I'm looking at your Chevy all you need to do is press that one button and you'll be all right I'd say they stopped liking I don't think he's stop stuffing your face yeah they stopped liking their the videos for sure but I noticed that they added some self everything please sent oh yeah you've got to be a little bit careful I don't know what we've said there but look that sort of thing evany don't take it to heart don't let this person affect you in that way because that's what they want and I think it's really evil I'm sorry to say saying like there's evil people in the world there's no doubt about it but the way they go about it online I don't think they think of the consequences this is the one of the more serious things that all all goes to ghosts whatever it is phrase and don't forget to request troops and that say I think this is I hang on the music's stopped alright sorry I despair with me guys I'm just getting organized or everything I should say so these are some things like I know that you have to be careful with how you say things on YouTube just because AI thing will pick up on it but I'm glad that these issues have been raised by M&E because it is something that I've noticed that happens a lot and it's not good and if you if you have a social media presence whether it's on Twitter or you know Instagram or YouTube or any other sort of online presence the bigger you get the worse it gets I've seen some horrible stuff being set on big channels they will talk about getting death threats and all kinds of crazy things and I don't think even the ones that are doing it for entertainment or for any other strange reason I have to kind of believe that they don't really think of the consequences of what they're doing now there would be a small percentage to do and they don't care well you're supposed to be as at a base by the way I don't know if this delay not saying yeah well incredible ariana is asking for a base they tell me it is why why yeah they're all capitals yry VW not W as in the letter but W cpq hello Abby P my how are you and also welcome to the street incredible Airy young-se stink pants is checking all of that stuff for you they're all guys to say said that no one can see me poor guy that's true so if stink pants will do all of that for you checking it looks like a pretty solid thing but I still want to talk about this semi serious topic so with these main people what and if you don't I'm gonna use this as an example but you have to be careful when you do it to see if there's someone that has a youtube profile but doesn't have an actual channel so they don't have any content I encourage these people to stick up for anyone that is getting harassed online so if you see a really nasty comment and you yourself don't have a channel then get in there and just say to the person like ye bang say nasty why why do you have to behave that way and hopefully let's have a look at stink pants to raid and hopefully it'll change the mentality of people that are online because I don't think I watched a documentary that showed a woman that got really drunk one night and started harassing people and she didn't realize how much it was affecting anyone until she got arrested and then she realized that it was really quite bad so these are the things that are hopefully in your own way you can do to help others that might have this happen to them only if it is happening to you the best thing you can do is honestly ignore it these people don't mean anything to you in your real life you don't know them then the only people that you should really care about it you know if you've made online friends like where you have or people in your real life no one else really matters you're always gonna have differences of opinion and so on now stinky are you gonna help with this I'm gonna say stink he's gonna grab the phone and check your bass in a moment Annie just bear with her while she gets that organized and yeah that's true – Vick Fisher he said that people online I pick on others are cowards they actually are because I can guarantee I've seen people do that – rather strong muscular looking guys that if they met them in real life they wouldn't dare say the sort of things say this one's ycg 8:09 qpg yeah we do it too I mean maybe that's one of the reasons why we got targeted ourselves because I did you know if I see it I'll just say like why are you being so rude pretty much it's not really nasty I don't don't insult them back or anything it's just asking them why do you behave that way just be nice and hopefully that they'll be a cultural shift at some point yeah that's a strong I love that cute little base haven't seen those in a long time looks very strong I didn't have walls like that when I had a base like that yeah we don't have you seen this on YouTube like a homeless woman in LA singing opera and she got here 1005 no I haven't seen that matt is disgusting that someone would number one pick on a homeless person they're already got a rough you know and it's happened in Australia as well but people just think it's funny or entertaining to pick on homeless people which is disgusting it's absolutely demeaning and abhorrent behavior why anyone would do that is just beyond me men you know always be careful as people in the world that'll like that non-random once you check your space ok so you've got a few minutes there yeah so that's a no-no what have you done say 8 j 9 8 g g r 2g value i pain v say everything saying in a few days ago this person saying really read things and made the person quit the youtubes in this person as i need 13 it had the youtube channel see this is the thing that upsets me because we're both stink pants and i are old enough where this sort of thing won't affect us a great deal there probably well that affects me more than you yeah but that's because of my personality more than anything else you know it's not well looks good awesome say you have to have that mentality of when it's online rubbish like that you just do your best to help people where you can and ignore them if it's happening to you and also ignore them you know for the most part because it's all about attention-seeking they do it in question or they used to do it on global chat as well say you know try and develop because you guys have grown up we third the internet it's a little bit harder for you to type have that mentality I understand that but it's something then you know separate real life from online life and it's not saying that what are what's online isn't real because it is but you make a distinction between the two if you've got a good family you've got good friends that you hang out with in real life that is way more important than anything that happens online you know your block and report okay see that's that one I'll send you known discord swagger please as here hello and are you've been way behind in the chat now guys I will just wait because we're about to do another raid here and it's gonna be with all ghosts and sting pants is more bases that need to be looked at so my mind at the moment she's disappeared and how long we got to go two minutes and how many more attacks now I might have to waste the boost here just for you guys just to get all of the legend League attacks out of the road so sorry I'm not looking at the the chat at the moment well I will do it in a moment I want to see my base again me back eating my advertising tab nice mm-hmm okay so we'll get to it just bear with me but let's see these royal ghosts attack okay see this one might be a lot harder we'll find out in a moment looks like it might be a lot harder Hey dropping wall he reason what not let's ape that the Royal guys stay alive long enough oh this is gonna might struggle with this one you're gonna really struggle with this one it looks like take out that Town Hall it's gonna happen are they gonna tell us where's the Queen no Queen don't go there and the hockey Oh that dragons are you gonna take it out yes well done draggy drag all right we only just scraped you know in there it looks like no two stars stink pants well that was lucky all right let's do it again and that base looks like it was a much harder to to deal with okay just getting all of that out of the road get a request out of the road and then what you're telling me is to search for base E bases social search plays call a pogrom me drag you drive yeah oh there it is sting pants where ie yeah is it Ubu you better doing it I couldn't find it what do you like this all safe Thanks and then check that place what makes you hate you oh wait yes the claim AFI is not good you qu I know you ate you j IQ Ju after that one check mine out let's go mate you typed it wrong my mr.

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Holly per to chat there see hopefully what I was saying before did cheer you up a bit evany stay in contact with this we're happy to help out where we can I guess subscribe to the channel or join the discord one of the two or both oh that's the skin you should get one of those skins too like the skin of the Queen last time the autumn Queen I think that's beautiful one pretty good see let's make a claim and ask them or four days us you don't even move we're almost level thing I keep thinking our clan is 12 though we're about to wory chops away from level 15 what did you do I'll say the creamy skin oh wow that's yeah that is – that's an awesome base design and thank you and it helped me know no problem my ebony always happy to help you don't have to answer this but I am curious to know how old you might be just didn't see what we're dealing with in terms of age and harassment I think it's awful when people do it the kids I've seen it so much but it's just like their children and leave them alone insane Peg's me tell me the way of the pigs came wants you to check check out his base training canes been in the clan already know what your base looks like you're not loyal you're coming you go you see the thing says is not enough chat going on or some such oh yeah we don't really shabby people oh by the way you're gonna have to do another boost once you've done all of that that's an awesome design I love that you can make Australia right I am not very good at designing stuff say return home I think you have to click that oh yeah you just got me another thing – not that I can collect any of that oh girl like stream now long have we got two gates another base that wants to be checked out okay say shake oh yeah we got time yeah okay say that ones too 8u p v JV v UJ and 14 she says say o our newbie but your client its level 16 oh yeah that'll have much higher than us sometimes well that's a good skin – I haven't seen a lot of these skins and you know if you press that yes for the Queen you're hopeless well that's how I'm showing you how to do it only one left well season you're a sheep man that hasn't been a sheep but everything else is done really look at that that's impressive very and well that's a new one yeah that's a new one I'm very rarely saying that say this is an absolute expert player 221 level hmm what is your level product two hundred and something yeah I should have joined a clan from the very beginning that was a mistake that I made I get I guess but playing as a lone wolf helps gameplay as well check war stuff there's more but you're gonna have to see if you've got enough time same there's another one check war stars also yours is actually behind that person yours 19 – 19 baby guy yeah but like I said I was laying wolf until the town all nine Sunday night 9jl gee I think that's a zero g l l 9 y 8 thanks and it's really helping you oh that's good ebony I'm glad already are you saying check the war starts that's pretty good isn't it why what's yours really once the King mid he can't get it cuz I'm too cheap that's why too cheap to get any of that she saw I'm Way behind in each other behind it shows a to get another gold pass get it hey buddy you mangie man I'm the hell are you there's another visit I have a stream account hello k no I'm not gonna visit your base was from buck code five six Oh Billy extreme I'm from botanist PLC Pat nice one a little clan awesome we love it when we get to other clan plays American Gold Pass costs five bucks $4.

99 the CA see youtube has told me there's how long have we got to go before the next raid I think you got more so this one's man gman mm-hmm l2l you ate mine GTL say help and then there's another one after that it's saying gill extreme just bear with this they are back in the room and are insulting me again say just explain to me everything what room is this is this you know a game or in a live chat I need a little bit more information and I might have to ask now with his because if it's anything other than YouTube I might not my yes a randoms asking room as well yeah and I agree random saying report them if you can say we need to find out what you're actually in so this is a point pay so come and he says came okay by Bray so he's only wanted us to check his base and then he's gone buddy where are you from we're from Australia are interested to know where you're from as well Manjeet I'm guessing it might be India or Bangladesh he sounds like one of those deep from not India I'm Andy yeah and game say okay so they're gonna help everything out there mmm-hmm awesome they won't friend you if you've been watching the streams for a long time it's Aggie IP so they'll help okay say Gill extreme and yes we've got Kane's evil music on it's no time to check a base j9q J Y Double R that's it I'm from India and they visited Australia once where did you visit in Australia man G cute little babies it's a tiny little base that one o the e means awesome at cricket I keep saying that as well great cricket team they have I can't remember any of the plays these days though I don't even know the Australian players name something that hopeless these are the Australia once well that's a kid I love little bases like that it's been years since I've seen little bases that's awesome love it it's new looks like a pretty new account yet they can't get a girl the baseball rhyme rhyme that's very cute all right stinky he's gonna have a shot at the old guys do you think how long have you got there and you got all your troops filled I was gonna put hide but I press the on button sorry RJ Gil was saying Jade the JT j 9q is a clan not you looked under profile he was saying we'll come to the clan that doesn't matter all right we'll do it again Gilbert after this raid because I think you're almost ready to give it a shot if you want say J missus on the clan j9q ah and Manjeet sir granny lives in Sydney not there it doesn't look like Gil j9 q JY Double R Wow she put it in there not too sure what's going on and you got to do a raid in a moment anyway he said this fairway who did Melanie okay yeah don't don't use the naughty words guys please Sparta nice feel sea level 20 I don't know if can you do search by the clan name or you can Wow the spot tennis dr.

VLC i think he can do it by clam named research yep which one I got two of them thank you for the the kind comment Manjeet he said love Italy yeah say we're still we had trouble at the start of the stream and you're not wrong we are both adults and yes in jobs but we like to stream as well that's what was originally to help by the clash of clans players but it's sort of gone beyond that now to help where we can and tell you what I'd like to know a bit more about men G and we're EADS what's life like in India whether you're in school or and I don't yourself all of these things interests us but of course you don't have to be answering anything that's too personal because we understand we don't answer certain personal question is to you so Gil says it is my clan alright say stink pants is gonna do a raid with the old ghosty Royal ghost ghost attack I haven't lost one yet but let's see how good she is of doing it what do i do you just drop them all at once and put heal spells in front of them hope for the best that's what I was doing remember me a frigid night oh I can't pronounce it no annoying me is yeah yeah I think you just left a message just the other day there was only like a day or two ago say I do remember welcome to the stream I think it's your first time here how's your weekend being so far I think they all did they dropped kids dropping you clan troops why have you not dropped the clan troops you have not used it at all every time she does that she say he's still not using them on our own account you got to drop them early not late yeah that's what I've been saying way too late is that the worst attack yet that's terrible stinky bond you've got a page this spells left over as well you gotta use all the spell sting so um I guess what that's it no more no more attacks from sting pants 36 4 that is horrible stinky what were you doing that was just well funny so I'm gonna say yep that was all you stinky pants but usually you're good at doing that when I say hey go and attack with these weird troops you do it and you do it quite well know what happened that time there are no you have to use the spells that's fine that's fine besides actually no why am I doing this oh I got more no there's only one more attack left I'm not gonna use those troops again right that's it no more royal gates there's one more attack left but I am NOT gonna line them up for a normal raid and scary the normal troops there so this has been my typical lineup lately what do you think your – e drags 10 bowlers 1 column 5 which is 5 healers yeah I'm gonna try your attack soon yeah you know because I'm waiting for this golem to max and that's it all right auntie's I'm Florrie because you didn't use your clan troops as y all right stinky do some build a base raids build a base Wow fridge enslaving already well I guess it's yeah we're probably streaming too late for them hopefully we'll see you again Frisian if you want me to check out channel just don't forget to leave a comment somewhere because we really don't do it from the the live chat itself okay say I'm Way behind see you don't keep up with the chat at all I'm still way behind all right I'm not gonna scroll back too far just because too far behind they're saying they're here to troll I'm here to troll ebony hopefully they'll help ya oh you and seer as well by Eoin miss that have we been the India no not yet man G but we would like to go think it'd be a very interesting country to visit I'd love to try there maybe not the street food our stomachs might not be able to handle it hygienic yeah but authentic Indian yeah authentic Indian food in a restaurant just to see what it's like compared to what we have is Indian food here and massage yeah I think it's pretty good I introduce stink pants to an awesome restaurant and fresh lens doing the food harassment again okay they actually watched a stream Lee they saw other people harassing us with the food yes so then they did it as well in the comments and now he's done a day in the stream as well I'm pretty odd who's yelling at stinky cuz she did not take out the trash and stinky refuses out the tress a stinky at a time and for 900 years you did take out the trash hello sister how are you sister Ann how are you brother I think that might be to everyone in live-chat but also nice one you're gonna have to do your half an hour of these in a moment so where are we still got a ways to go with that mr.

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hungar by Peter I don't need to sleep they don't leave yet I'd leave hey yo Adam great to see you again leave my comments Peter well bye you and my brother sup cane awesome yes canes birthdays on Friday everyone yeah but I won't be able to stay on a he's stay on this day because I'm busy I don't lay off pedal streams so we've been trying to stream at the same time every Sun you ends in Australia from memory so it's every Sunday you try to do it either in 12:01 I'm bettin trying to get sting pants to do it earlier than that at 10:00 a.m. and she just does not wake up Sunday what's going on here should I start a war for the Klan probably not one more left have we been raided and since I'd say from been attacked already shade all of the really good ones that I couldn't say let's see someone doing not say well well let's see me not doing you say well how about that hmm alright so that's a terrible attack on my part for a one-star so what do you name this kind of troop combination and we are very glad that you didn't finally make it to a live stream awesome I've been contracting that awesome in the comments not live yet what do I call this the no that's got the ghosts in it though rayji boji the regia bhaji the Royal guys yellow ball the giant how about that hey random who doesn't like fruit that much yeah but what brought me only eat the expensive buries one yeah expensive berries mangoes avocados these are all delicious fruits yeah well I don't mind banana you just got to put it in front of me nope you know not a big fan of things like oranges and apples how about what huh me like he got it end it clean up my clan lost the war 57 to 65 that's no good ah in the last clan war leagues we won every single attack we want every single attack war and still came second mm-hmm thanks to the stars that's all it was I actually say now you can do another one alright hey Remo can't shut blue we'll check your base now cuz I think we've got time so just getting that organized how are you welcome to the stream I think it's the first time for you as well so that's why you thank you yeah thank you see that's the one and Kane says he loves mangoes in my culinary art class they made mango salsa oh yeah I've had that before salsas are delicious you use green mango or yellow that is the yellow craven green stuff is much more Asian you know I'm ripe mango and unripe pour pour that's sort of mean you don't see him you don't see it too much in Western culture oh man gee that's very kind of you thank you hopefully you've subscribed as well so you can join us to you I never did say to people to do that we probably should do it more often shouldn't we try and pick up some subscribers pick up some loyal oh now I've got a same mangie we have a special thing that we call our we don't like to call people fans or even supporters but we have some oh geez that's an awesome base nicely done say they call themselves DL G's and just say that you know same C instead of fan say if you are you've become a fan of the channel we'll call you a d LD mm-hmm and what does it stand for the del G AJ's will tell you so it's a little in joke that we have but you can't tell anyone about it man G they got a they've got to find out for themselves what it means when they join the streams yeah boys have been pretty good at keeping it secret but actually you have four minutes together all right so once I've done this final go straight then we'll do some builder base raids and then after that we'll have to stop the stream just because there's nothing else to do at that point because I've got yep one attack left three minutes just waiting for those heroes to finish them don't listen to Grandma yeah the boys okay that's it say there our little gang in the dirty laundry gang who don't stink pants in the day have I mentioned too much this time stink pants things you told me off the last time you don't do much yes I don't pop I'm trying not to push it too much this time someone spam discord oh yes so Kane saying join the discord as well because it's a great way to stay in contact with everyone that's in the stream most people that are in the stream are in the discord as well all right here we go stink pants is not allowed do this attack way having said that maybe all this one looks like it's gonna be get these bases all the time too with the normal troops I have no problem with these chips is gonna be a problem hmm okay you have to use ripe mango cilantro Oh what else I missed that okay yeah right mangoes cilantro onions green bell pepper red bell pepper jalapeno sea and lime juice ah you know cilantro here in Australia we call something else what do you call the natural coriander yep and in America you call bell pepper here we call testicle so I think you'll be green and red capsicum canopy no seeds and lime juice everything else you know what I lost that attack – what yeah that rim badly that was terrible we lost the last time all royal guys not so good one – lost – caramel went all right say in terms of a tax that's it I can't do any more for today let me just try and trick the troops first and I've actually been waiting for the stink pants to be some dough base so I can use up crow it's okay that's does ematic we we love it when the the loyal guys joining cracks is very loyal he's old saying the discord say all right stinky it's on me now ha you got half an hour what are you gonna get for me for mix up the Trix what do you want you want something delicious at Ivy we okay for something spicy Rowan taxes neighbor hon I yeah but it was an all ghosts doing we're gonna be noobs when it comes to all ghosts attacks were all ghosts we want a couple but no that was not two minutes I'd be back I am pushing my trophies to tighten legs so just be back I have to attack my village good luck man G yes boy am i late kinda okay that's fine how are you cracks by the way Jake Wolf's so they guess said shaking with each other at that point I'm gonna mix up the tree you see you and I do the hero differently to you I don't know why you wait here Oh what then you don't press it straight away you actually wait for a little bit packet I do yeah if it cracks was probably like he didn't join it to start we had so many nightmares and headaches with it abstract nightmare that's a nightmare if you know what happened that I'm not gonna remind him what may have happened okay oh I didn't think I'm gonna win anyway you're on the boost so you're gonna have plenty of opportunities to attack kane says p dot a day at eight three jalapenos no water and milk do you accept the challenge don't accept that jalapenos aren't hot you're talking about the fresh one oh yeah fresh one oh do fresh jalapeno and send up that off I've had it I have had a Carolina Reaper fresh anything anything below a calorie Carolina Reaper is this child's play except for that pasting that that was redeeming when we had that tiny little bit of paste on me that was a concentrate extract that was not normal or natural I think from just from the visceral reaction of it I think that was worse than the Carolina Reaper because we we couldn't handle it I'm hiccuping again a little little bit so yes when we go to the supermarket next I'll get some fresh jalapeno three says nay milk no water there's got to be a time limit they like ten minutes say but that's not gonna bother me too much stink pants to do that challenge because you always say oh I forgot about the jalapeno to put on tacos or would it be any order fresh could be right I'd say done and done came crisis like do you guys to play Angry Birds too so that's another steep pitch quite angry but let me just write that one down as well we've still got one more Halloween s game to play next week and then after that we'll start doing some non well now I'm spoiling it for everyone no want to say what's next well I can guess that it would be clash of clans just because it's a new update so we have to do it do a ghost pepper see now you're talking he said that was Kane again ghost peppers would be hot that's a little bit below a Carolina Reaper that would not be fun and I'm not so sure I could do it kiss the Carolina Reaper eating it was fine it's just what happens after that is not enjoyable to get the tummy cramps and it's it's quite yeah minimum toilet I have an odd business none of that's fun eating it's all right it's just the after-effects that's randoms password was super easy it's very addictive he's passed papers one two three years hiccups yeah I get them all the time in the streams and say hi Saturday you gonna take down what are you doing no all right hang on while she's doing that let's watch sting pants we're gonna watch sting pants still arrayed if it ends up are you gonna take ages to do that aren't you will you stay in the clouds a lot longer these days that I'm fine all day long and I'm falling behind in the chat again they're stinky okay do it do it do it do it my Monday on Friday he keeping now see oh this stool I'm still being attacked are you taking so long they're using arches I hide my hand I didn't see you there full barn in the chat yeah we can have a look at you're gonna have to write it again night just bear with me sorry I'm gonna find out who shut out and it might happen again that sucks ever had a ghost pepper no you haven't what not Trump stirs here as well make a stink you gonna have to do but stink just like oh why since when is that bothered eat that's got a lot of light all right hang on we're gonna watch stinky do a live attack on her account why isn't it showing you have to actually start attacking stop slack e all right guys we'll get to you by now here we go let's let's watch stinky live look at our guy yes not Trumpster we will check your base in a moment al a scratch a whole lick how are you nice to meet you both how's your weekends been so far just bear with me while we watch this live attack and then after that I will check you is it not trumps those bass why did she opted out of while we both done it opted out of war lately just because yes and we've been warring pretty much non-stop lately he's saying now I made a break I don't have as much time as I used to for clash of clans so it takes it out of me you and I've got to be constantly trying with stay in the Legends League it means you have to do eight attacks a day and then Wars on top of that I'm good hell yeah we're good thank you Scott charlyk deplane clash of clans as well if so curious tonight what Town Hall you are what level you're at all of that good stuff and also always curious to know maybe what country you're in and what time it is there stinky says I'm boring when I ask that you get a hundred percent stink are you getting close you still got a queen as an even being and then you're just gonna take it the last one ah yeah a hundred percent there that's impressive the night bots here hello how are you I think is the first time for the streams for you as well I reply are you both couples sees my archnemesis such as stink pants no disagreement there yeah okay now someone wanted you well therefore if you still leave just whoever was mr.

Trump something like that right you think again and we'll have a look but Stinky's got a dirty I build a base right cuz you know I've got a beast on that as well sure well you guys stink that's all on you do you play clash of clans not but punt punt says sounds like he's from the discord I think we've got a box called nightbot I don't really understand much about all of these BOTS they it seems to be a thing one on discord and other services but I really don't know how they work I know that's no problem we like interacting with people in the livestream nightbot so again very curious to know a little bit about you or what you've been up to you the Hritik game is here as well I'm live so I'm not sure what that means whether you joined our live chat yes you did I just shouted you out shout out to everyone that's in the live chat at the moment still don't have say my advice crow X and for anyone else that's looking to big up subs number one visit each other's channels when you're in the what take builder basing that's fine I get to know each other from the streams because that helps you I would recommend contacting you can because I can't use it anyway you just sell it so you can sell that and mandates back as well but you ins gonna disappear we have people come people go but on all stick around at once it looks like we always seem to have the same consistent amount of people but it doesn't get to a huge number mostly ever had was 27 in that failed stream that lost about half an hour that one was a good one a minute died suddenly which wasn't much fun say yeah that's the best thing to do is just interact with each other and you'll find that you'll get loyal support most of the people that join our strange pickup subscribers that's what I've noticed because we visit their channels and we can see that their subscriber count goes up and apologies if I haven't visited your channel before it's getting much today we will try and support people in other ways like giving you advice during the livestream that's what I'm saying Verdi wants to harass us with the food again we've got all of these in jokes with the dlg and the food isn't it they like to harass us with food but we love them because their day orgies mm-hmm that's the way I look at it okay I said you were channeling my what's up buddy oh thank you for doing that man G much appreciated this is awesome I love bandy you me to the channel but helping us out already hopefully will come to Australia again one day actually I should ask you are you here if we go to India where are the best places to go if we've never been there before and you know you want to and yeah we're talking about food talking about food because you know there North America think cuisine with our favorite Indian restaurant what is it DNA wisdom of German come from and Rogan Josh and vindaloo absolutely delicious but she goes great because it's hard to find really good Indian restaurants here but we have found one that's quite close which is awesome and then the scenery is full of traditional foods you can find tasty food everywhere but we have to be careful as well man Jeep when it particularly when it comes to the street food just because our stomachs are quite conditioned to having street food in India from what I've seen from a lot of travellers they say you have to be kind of careful doing that because you can get you know a case of the runs can I say that you can say diarrhea online okay it looks like that is it it's quite common for Australians in particular to get that say that oh we we need really clean hmm we don't have strong stomachs now already sub cracks there you guys say you got another one cracks and made the gay shower by be right back we don't put our next stream play slender inna the sold ah steam pants again I think have you I haven't you not played a version of that you consummate granny kids one of your relatives didn't want to play it and they wanted you to do it no that one was what do you call Silent Hill oh my all half-sack so written that one now now you can visit South India so what's the difference between the the food because we're not that knowledgeable I've probably added both North Indian and South Indian food but I wouldn't be able to tell what the difference is wouldn't really know do you you don't D I know there's a big difference but just don't know what it is South India has nice places there is it you can enjoy so is that where that Taj Mahal is you know where that is north south east west I don't know enough getting yeah I feel like I'm a little bit what do you learn yeah can you name another place famous on the Taj Mahal either day past my house yeah name some famous things in places please in India or architecture or anything like they've got so many temples there you can't but I could say in that event like Cambodia or Thailand or Vietnam lots of temples that's not gonna that's not making me think you are you getting another light but it isn't like just a city yep uh-huh LeBron got game he's asking for a based request this bear with this we're actually bursting on the Builder base at the moment no Ethan ater from the clans here potato he says he's always says potato any joints he's another dlg Taj Mahal is in North India but he's saying to gay self so tell us what's in the south cuz I'm beginning to think that stink pants also knows nothing about India isn't it we don't what's the background noise that's um ah there might be there's some sort of performance that's going on next door I didn't think you'd be able to hear that no yeah you can catchy it's kids yelling out doing something they're stirring some sort of performance giblet talk again Ethan aider and Kane want to talk about giblets but random she's nice what's interesting about this is another thing that you make to our channel this is all going on merchandise one-day food being harassed by food dlg and giblets i and professionals wear gloves if i ever get to the point where we do another normal video okay so random said maid Jill it's our old space yours with a heavy metal bat that's gonna hurt in the old crown jewels people that join for the first time might think or if they watch the streams for the first I might think these are the craziest youtubers on the platform they talk about stuff that makes no sense whatsoever I here we go happy one is an architectural place it's a nice place I've never heard of happy before awesome thank you for that suggestion man debt because stink pants is probably going to research it and then try and convince me to buy plane tickets oh my mom's wanted to go there you don't have to go with me yeah Gareth you mom yeah okay no I gave your mom what are you talking about stayin hi mr.

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Pritam Gaming is here hello how are you I think you're new to the streams as well so it's sorry you're going to see a few in jokes and that ah really Brock lesner all these against cane I didn't even know that they were is this a real UFC fight because I lay there fought once before or is this I think they might be doing WWE he's talking about WWE you remember we wash expandable tree on the TV yes after night yes and they got one of your UFC Ronda Rousey yeah in there was it right yes yeah say yeah I think what Brock Brock and Kane as far as I'm aware of both retired from the UFC but now they're both in the WWE I think that's what mr. Previn jiaming is talking about but he's searching google it's really nice placing yeah we're going to do that after the stream man gee it looks like it'll be at the top of the list for a place to go so I probably shouldn't just with me Hampi just try that damn awesome we're living new stuff – that's the best part when you learn new things from people in the stream we learn new things about giblets what's news about that excuse me well you've got like dangly ones you you've got big ones little ones getting smacked in the giblets Peter don't like fights he might think the plane will fall from the sky I don't mind a bit a UFC to be honest I know that a lot of people would think it's human cockfighting which I guess in one level it is but it's very skilled I would never do it you know probably I can't yeah well let professionals do it see hey buddies I also love WWE they all say watch it I used to watch it when I was a kid back in the days World Wrestling I'm not too sure what it stands for I used to actually the days of Dragon the Ricky Bates Jay Riecke did steamboat dragon something over that's going back a long time they went even though you are talking about plane crash probably I've been flying in planes twelve times eight times you're crazy I blame flights I've never went on one never will yeah they can be a little bit scary but I guess you get used to it after a while yeah and mr.

prenta in gaming is right but WWE is not real fighting it's all scripted but both Brock Lesnar and Kane we're in the real fighting UFC they had a fight against each other came one from beep Brock Lesnar you wouldn't want to get in the ring with Brock Lesnar he's a beast get in the ring anyway Heath the bait is done a lot of flying 80 times and he's aiming 15 that's crazy hello mm or any I remember yeah how are you welcome to the stream sorry I'm probably a fair bit behind in the chat at this point hey K now PO Dodd is talking about began little giblets you can I don't want to get kicked in the jeez they're going under the giblets talk me out World Wrestling Entertainment's that's what it stands for so we might have to watch a little bit of World Wrestling Entertainment while eating some hot stuff we dare to do remark on Kane's randoms comment I have puked on a plane many times it took me a long time to get over flying sickness and you know I thought I'd actually got over it didn't never vomited on a plane for 20 years then went to Singapore with my cousin and vomited then it was so embarrassing it's the only time I've ever flown with my cousin and I ended up being sick and it was probably the first time in about 10 15 years that that had happened so there you go yes people's ears pop my advice for that always have chewing gum chewing gum is the best to prevent ear popping I take it every time I fly on a plane now especially here on about the giblets again have you seen the dude since yes I have that's a bit like jackass but the Swedish think they're Swedish moron the deal it's where are you from I'm from India so we've got a couple of your names in the stream at the moment now I'm from Australia we're from Australia but some of the other people that are in the stream ah finnish not swedish that's some of the other people in the stream with from America Canada it's a international one at the moment and yes they bring Chingam to Dudesons Oh from Finland and memory knee is from we'll find out in a moment hopefully so if you don't meet them rainy can speak English or not because from memory I'm still bit vague on where they're from and all of that kind of stuff I need to get to know people a bit first then I stink pants I still don't know you well there you go nice from Florida in the US that's another place I'd like to go Florida why because it's so new it's very warm it's neither the beach yeah I not sure if they have surf because they got the Florida Keys you know they'd show Dexter that's set in Florida oh it's also where a lot of retired people yeah hang around people my own age say I'd like to see Florida case and they got alligators and swamps nearby you know they do they call it the Bayou there I'm not sure but I know they have sort of swamp lands near Florida or in Florida so imagine that Beach on one side swaps on the other and a whole lot of retirees sounds perfect sounds like you could not get eaten but I'll suspect it might be expensive to go there as a tourist maybe particularly with our dollar by Everglades that's what it's called thank you memory nee I'd like to go to the Everglades one day do a survivor II think so you know if they buy you or the Everglades it's like swampland Oh where people like to catch alligators well they I think they call them crocodiles there yeah they'd call them alligators with money you only have 20% battery okay say and actually the streams been going for quite a bit if you count the mic up at the start as well so we might be oh yeah it is t so we might be an I hang on mr.

Trump still here and wanting you to visit the base alright say we'll do that now just bear with me so he's an OG player awesome say when you're ready QV JW u you are see I thought we looked at this one already it looks familiar nice skin esteem it's a nice profile and I this day I saw someone doing the hops as well it's pretty good but you need to max it think I'm doing that now close to that's a strong base isn't it for Channel 10 better than your stinky hey getting closer okay you say we've named the Disney World Everglades I've never been to Disney I've never been to Disneyworld of you-know-whats ago and they're still doing the giblets talk buddy can you give me mod yeah that happens over time a mangie and I haven't seen any messages being hidden say our mods are really good with that both random and Cain and Ewan say you do need to sort of join quite regularly to get that it's not gonna happen on a first stream these guys that you're seeing that are mods at the moment have been with us for a long time and we do trust them even though they threaten us all of the time and I just muck around with this with the food say I'll smash it was with DVD there's still going on with the giblets talk hey neon wants to colonize the Sun with me that'd be a bit scary wouldn't it there now they're talking about doing all of this in space they're wanting to hit each other in the giblets of planets memory nice off for any well thank you for joining the stream Maroney if you still eat hopefully we'll see you in another one and just don't forget to leave a comment on one of our videos if you want me to check out your channel since my social name is short does that mean I'm a G say is he a deal GOG not yet definitely a deal G you get the og status from being a deal G when you've been around for a while and we get to know you got quite well then you become an OG we've still got a few spaces for that I reckon isn't it Wendy let's say you miss it though a G they still still going okay okay thank you or join every streams no worries awesome well we'd love to hear that man Z that'd be great so it's usually around the same time that we stream every Sunday for us or it might be Saturday for you and it's usually twelve or one o'clock our time trying to get it early a bit stink pants just wont wake up in time so I'm not gonna read some of that stuff there ah so not chump stirrers saying in the game AG say I'd say yeah n AG if you've probably been playing it for around 7 years because you know it's been around for about seven and a half thereabouts keyboard take and I certainly on a that I'd played from pretty much the beginning maybe within a few months yes and started to play a little bit of the biggest worst best mistakes of my life being addicted did see any game that we've consistently played isn't it stinging you did change a name to Bobby cane and then told me off not knowing that it wasn't you and then someone new joined the stream and I probably insulted them a little bit because they were like no I'm a genuine real person that was like I thought you might have been some mouth well I had a rebel is here hey ma how are you look there's another do da Jie even though she's got her own awesome channel does great covers of songs love it very entertaining so if you haven't already and I know a lot of people have checked out at channel if you haven't already go check it out these are awesome awesome people and again it's probably a little bit late for Anna so appreciate that she's here have you been this weekend it's a Saturday fan her I suspect so she can probably stay up a little bit later hahaha sorry I can't stay long on behind on responding to comments oh I know how that feels that's no problem oh no it's a lot of work to try and keep up with YouTube we all sort of do the same thing daily and if you don't have any help if it's only Anna doing then I totally empathize because it's only me that does it I don't know why Steve Pence gets to you know and are on our side so much is a she's all about the girl power and supporting the stinkypants and I can barely get it to wake up in time say are you gonna say like are they gay so it's only enter that that doesn't that's a lot of work you know yeah people were asking before how can they grow their channel and you know it said some of the the best ways to do it is just to go and contact other people but you do have to be prepared to put in a lot of work for that you know and maintain contact that's what we've done and you will lose they don't worry if you lose people over time that happens as well yes yeah but then you get them back later on but stinky it's been for me it's been very difficult because number one I haven't had time to even try and pick up subscribers and it's been like that for a long time now so our subscribers going up really slowly that's the first thing then after that yeah it's just the workload it makes it very hard oh he's off for any chick or chip I'm gonna have to see I'll try my best she could she could retos this is a new person that's joined I hope I said that correctly welcome to the stream let us know if you can speak English it looks like he can but it's certainly got something above the super check we don't have that yet we're getting close to getting there the requirements for monetization but we're just not there yet say hopefully what I missed it they said girls take a long time to pack stop so true five minutes so true same to be said for shopping saying to be set for the bathroom watch videos through say my husband watch videos for about two minutes and didn't anymore that'd be right same but he does more chores around the house yeah wealthy yes I can't complain too much here it doesn't seem very equal you can you ready okay but he does too much was around the house they take the videos true maybe stink pants nice she doesn't do more around the house you don't you don't okay you go hang up laundry say we we do equal amounts or in fact may do a tiny bit more citrate but you can't say that you do more than main I am oh yeah you're spreading rumors and malicious lies all over the internet that's funny oh geez on my behind in the church so he you to is safe funny dodgy if you've got more people joining is well any but it's a saber I can pronounce these anybody ji how you welcome to the stream we're having a bit of fun at the moment I love today where you're from and what you're up to you how is your weekend bein deep down boys care more about their heaven girls that's a younger generation the old guys like me dying oh yeah we can't bear getting bold and going but I don't sit there for an hour styling my hair but younger younger guys they for sure okay my mates wouldn't bother just sung as it looks late that's all I care about anything more than that no way say boy haircuts 20 Doc's back super nice women's haircuts 120 not wrong stuff yeah banana we like fighting with each other online that's that's the enjoyment of doing what we do we like oh you love it isn't it you get all your frustrations out during his stream wow she's too busy stuffing her face again it's so hard to get stink pits to be interactive then for you to wake up in the morning where's my lunch you said you wanted something spicy we might have to get takeout I give it a couple more minutes stinky dailyvee don't leave you my arch-nemesis you make excuses all the time with what you want to do we're gonna do this I'm gonna do that she says alright Stinky's disappearing for a moment but we will end up there stopping the string shortly dis cos there's not a lot that I can do at this point there's no more normal bass attacks and we have to actually wait a bit to try and get the get the Builder bass attacks I say just bear with me while I do that see you by my accounts are pretty expensive too random if you gave her a cheap one they'd ruin my air so he and I I don't know whether I should be telling you this or not but I guess we're say cheap that stink pants actually gets me to cut hair GD I think the last time she got a cut she went to the same hairdresser as me but she just gets a straight line cut so it's not not anything special she doesn't do anything super special I'd rather spend it on an Apple monitor stand 1k hair products lols but wow that's expensive fair care products Apple or Galaxy Android I have to get pretty soon this was fun no worries I'm glad that you did stop by as well later we love interacting with you live as well and it distracts the the regulars from harassing us with tablets and food which we also enjoy let's face it so you know I've missed something about the I'm not too sure what's going on with the Apple and the Android there but I'm sure you guys have it all worked out and I never got a response from any bad DJ so you're still there so who's in the stream now not sure there's ads dropping off because I know that I said we'll stop it soon and we always have one or two quiet ones that join us but never say anything have a great night to matter thank you for stopping by again if I haven't visited you for a little bit just don't forget to leave a comment because I do struggle a bit from the live chat and they will know each other anyway they know how it works all right say will do maybe one more build a base Freddie fucking convinced ink pants to come back but then perhaps in the stream at that point just because it has been that's past the two-hour mark now and there's not a lot more I can do with the old clash of clans unless you want to wait five minutes between rains there's just not too much else to do and plus I guess stinky gonna want to eat something oh well yeah she was sleeping most of the morning she took quite a while to get up the the cap was her on kitten I should say was harassing her and me to try and get us both up and didn't work for stink pants got me up they you guys are still live yeah but we're gonna end up stopping in a moment came this cuz there's not a lot that I can do this is a problem with clash of clans now that I don't have unless I drop leagues which I suppose I can do there's only a limited amount of gameplay per day and then like most people I guess I'm not a big fan of builder base say sitting here and doing these attacks all day doesn't really interest me it probably doesn't interest people to watch it either this might be a bad attack alright say just not really even concentrating on what I'm doing for this one just getting it out of the rain what could be okay that King stays alive no maybe it's gonna be you're not too bad attack stinky I said I would do that voya not interested or this funny if we're lucky could be a hundred percent wall mouse there to stay alive long enough yeah looks like it's gonna happen they in mind the old combination of one set of barbarians and then the rest peckers does seem to work pretty pretty nicely not most of the time at some of the time well another ones join hell a Hindustani count how are you yeah I can check your base now if you like not doing too much seeing as all of the raids have been used you just make sure that I've got everything lined up here there's something all right say just bear with me this is when I made your stink cuz I'm hopeless with this it didn't work the last time when I tried to do it see I've a JP suddenly these fun no channel mine that's a good solid profile nicely done oh that's a cute little town online looks like you got a little bit of work to do there they I like the design try not to rush to the next one because that's pretty yeah you'll need to upgrade a few things but the design is good and yep that's a good little builder base as well love it nice fun I'm almost out of battery as well alright say I'm then awesomes back awesome pugs back as well Ethan ladies here alright so I might end up finishing the stream at this point stinky you want to come say goodbye so thank you all for joining and being persistent with staying after the initial problems that we had I see you go next week are you gonna thank them for suggesting food that you know make me go out and buy for you I don't know it's gonna be some sort of Vietnamese or Chinese or something that's got spice in a spicy well see whatever you can find that spicy yep alright say thank you all day all day hopefully this stream ends up being alright once it's finished uploaded by everyone you have a fantastic rest of the weekend.