/CM14 – Android 7.0 Moto G 2014 (Moto G 2)

CM14 – Android 7.0 Moto G 2014 (Moto G 2)

Video: CM14 – Android 7.0 Moto G 2014 (Moto G 2)


Hello Guys! Today i will show you The CyanogenMod 14 for our Moto G 2014 This is the First Build of CM14 As you see here Everything is Working Less recording and SELinux is Permissive The SELinux is not an Big Problem, an normal user will not see difference But the Video Recording :\ Is an Bad problem – EDIT: Download Google Câmera to Fix That When the Stable version i will make an another video Go to Downloads Download the Latest Build Click no CM14 and Download Now, you need the OpenGapps too What is the OpenGapps? Is the Google Apps! Play Store Google Play Services.

.. Go to ARM > Android 7.0 > Pico Click on Download button! OK! Click on Begin Download to download the ROM OK ! Pick the two files that you have downloaded And send to your device I Already have the files Here is simple! If you not have the Recovery installed or whatever And you want to do this? Installing recovery, flashing custom roms, blablabla… In description you will see everything that you need! Like installing recovery, removing warning blabla… On TWRP, tap on Wipe and Slide And wait the wipe… Ok, Wiped! Go to Install Search the CM14 And Slide to Flash Ok, flash completed, now, flash the Gapps Ok!, Now Reboot System The ROM freeze on logo.bin screen but only wait, the device will bootup On this first build, the bootanimation is the same as CM13 and 12.x .

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.. Cool interface Is really different Android Version: 7 Android N woow, an cat? Then that's it Any problem on installation, comment, i will try to help you! Download the Google Camera to get Video recorder working Bye Bye!.