/Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors Full Game Highlights / Jan 15 / 2017-18 NBA Season

Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors Full Game Highlights / Jan 15 / 2017-18 NBA Season

Video: Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors Full Game Highlights / Jan 15 / 2017-18 NBA Season


With one chain Steve Kerr says he'll go up a rookie from Oregon Jordan Bell at center instead of Zaza Pachulia field to develop match appointment that is for effort They are the oldest team in the league coach Liu said tonight. We're gonna have to play team defense not lose problems And here is Isiah Thomas The game steal by curry chicks much prouder Let's get to the competition The hawk eats assisted to a number of quality teams, but that's not the answer Marv right now the bitch was a little bit upset with JR Smith He's taking that shot and not be to God he says no. We've been here before These guys really wants a win, but if you really think about it Golden State's plan stays this past Saturday night in Toronto was livid Gameís Chloe is able to score on the dry/wet by 27 Downtown an item give me Anna lost to the Pacers 97-95 And sweater tops of the fake yes Wha-what am Oh Tommy seems like plays sometimes? He's depreciated by the fans like my sleep pass and fell with the finish So what James is able to sing it straight down? But here's Thompson the other one Cannot be categorized eaten found that old is for project the slowest in the NBA so therefore someone needs to communicate get back early She does have four system, that's his first field goal, and that is Thompson for drastic Kevin Durant With his shoe because of that pump fake his hands are not even finished I smoked by James Paul a really may see Bigfoot outside the game as well great steel right there pocket Able to get to agree to this the way up by Iguodala So inside of the start of this second quarter wave but in the speed on David West is rarely played well off the bench and we'll get some Bolton One instant Hook from the just Ludi lose weight well off the bench Come on for the first time just a movie with it will he have arrived at he spawns Really gonna tick when you think about a house is not a home for weight.

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Love so I love Lucas uber That's just for me at my wife. That's the game Frog cage Hurry out of your stuff knocks down a three Special he's got the Georgia Bulldog He's the pit bull just one of his team is their mascot that you know if it's about hard tough cause he'll get Some other world like America Thomas with a nice figure macaw legitimate killer. This is why they need them families women and looking also for his wife Sam I love playing with players with chips on their shoulders I love working with people with tips on this so this man Thomas Oedipus went bill kept alive The land capital in hips broke down with the rebound Durant to the falls over to The church stop, I'm worried about his hip and I'm sure every fan Isn't every time you shoot a let out check your will do mineral you've seen with these guys love bra tender It is not over just because you get three four nine eight points By way and he does look like shot clock It's played Didn't mean he can't have a great impact on the game that Sookie no and since that loss That's where Cleveland discovered his quarry off the ice we pass Darrell like those got left hand hot so speaking to that.

That's an I need to start calling Isiah top Thirty-three point three or four from downtown Mr.. Rent for three tough angle shot Kevin Durant had a lemon Curry for three yes Steph Curry with the busy pose way to help me out super statue it keeps those very significant statistics Intercepted by wrong yeah, Thompson wide open you didn't need that time a few bills four four seven eight points Coming in the deep freeze Let's hurry water Trying to work it off people on The block from behind But it's last touch by JD This is not like Deion Sanders prior time he played it in there fail you wouldn't throw it to Islam after 30mins a computed Cut to seven melodies to break off the steal from 2d yeah, and this is the problem right now. You need help for Tristan Thompson mr. Ransom way down town Trick this by Thompson Thompson with the offensive board gives it up We also talked about the biggest concern being lack of consistency at that point guard position and evaluate progress Nice move by Livingston Green on scorers Kristin Thompson goes in klay Thompson, and he's smooth.

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How about it We were doing most of the damage to the taint West stuff, it's stuffed lien West with another rebound Cleveland has missed 12 of his last 13 shots late extended school class six minutes of that was from it closed by Tristan Thompson Laughs don't even care about it Yes, that's a here There's curry got the step body go to the other side again this ketchup stain Just it's just it's amazing for his size You look at the sides if you Go get that guy out there. Clip revealed asleep the League of your mind an interval that you don't cut the places That's the rent knocks down another three inches Doug It's time that has been strange speculation concerning a deal three sets it up Iguodala what's up up, so? We're down to a half minute remaining. Here's why for free and he can still do that I'm waiting civility sure given to the a very impressive second half so the Golden State Warriors You don't have that shot knocked aside like Final seconds So gold state Six and nine that's the best record in the NBA They make it eight wins their last nine games fourteen straight off the road.