hello guys this is Charlie today I will be giving you 20 amazing tips in clash Royale that will completely change your gameplay and make you way better at this game even some pro players don't know some of these tips and we're beginning right now if you don't have time to watch the whole video read the description to read these tips and for the timestamps of each tip number one the lightning targets the things with the top three highest remaining hit points therefore if you know your opponent is going to use lightning to take down your tower and you want to protect your tower you can play anything that spawns three or more of a troop and has more hit points than how many remaining hit points your tower has you can do this with anything like battle ran more skeletons just make sure they have more hit points than your remaining Tower you can check your troop hit points by holding your finger on the card number two if your opponent Elite barbarians get onto your tower you can place a troop in front of the elite barbarians to make the elite barbarians target that troop instead number three skeletons and goblins do more damage than you think add tornament standards the damage of the three skeletons combined is 201 per second that's a lot knowing this you can counter many different troops by using a mini tank like Knight ice golem or a Valkyrie to distract the truth then using skeletons or goblins to kill it however you can't counter Valkyrie like this number four if your opponent has a strong push it may be hard to counter because only one of your towers can shoot use an ice golem to pull the melee troops to the other lane to allow both towers to shoot making it easier you can also try using skeletons to pull air troops to the other Lane number five if your opponent has a heavy melee troop you can place an ice Golem or any troop that only targets buildings to kite the truth this allows your towers lots of time to take down the true if the troop is very heavy you can play something to help take down the troop number six if he plays a giant or something in the very back to start an attack your opponent's might place a princess on the other Lane to force you to waste a elixir so you won't have enough elixir to support the giant however you can place a musketeer on this Lane on this tile to take down the princess then support your giant on the other Lane people might use something like a hog rider to do this you can place your musketeer to counter the hog rider from the other Lane just like you can do this to a princess the musketeer would be valued taking down the hog rider and supporting the Giant doing both for only 4 elixir only do this if you can afford some damage on your Tower number 7 if your opponent has lightning that you know he can counter your three musketeers with use a battle RAM to protect your Musketeers from lightning number eight if you play skeletons or goblins in front of an enemy troop at the perfect moment it will surround the enemy Splash attacker countering it you can't counter Valkyrie like this however number nine tornado can force any melee troop to activate your King tower do this if you can afford some damage number ten if you place a troop and the troop haven't moved yet if you place another troop on the exact same tile it will spawn front of the last troop you can also place a hogrider then place a nice golem right afterward and the ice golem will go in front of your hog rider number 11 if your opponent's giant skeleton has already locked onto your tower don't panic just place an ice golem or any building targeting troop in front of the giant skeleton and it will push the giant skeleton back number 12 if your opponent uses a skeleton army to counter your hog rider lumberjack or any troop that is weak to skeleton army you can place a log or arrows before seeing the skeleton army so that it won't be too late once you see it only do this if your opponent has countered your troop before it with skeleton army and you know that your opponent has a skeleton army in the four cards in his hand and place the log or arrows once your hog rider has reached two tiles into your opponent's side of the arena because most people will have let go of their finger at that moment in case you didn't know it takes one second for the troop to show up once you let go of your finger then it takes another second for the troop to be ready to attack this is why it is good to place the log or arrows before seeing the skeleton army because your opponent's most likely have already let go of its finger at that moment and you haven't seen the skeleton army yet number 13 if you defended a push with an electro wizard or have an electro wizard surviving after a push send in a miner to help protect the electro wizard the electro wizard stun will make the tower retarget on to the nearest troop which makes the tower stop attacking the electro wizard and attack the miner instead you can send in a hog rider if your opponent is really low on elixir the hog rider will protect your electro wizard number 14 if your opponent has a bunch of small to medium troops send a rocket then place a tornado after seeing the troops to group them together so your rocket can kill them number 15 Burger King foot lettuce the last thing you want in your burger king just kidding if your opponent places an elixir collector here you can use a mortar or a next boat to take it out or even get some damage on to the arena tower number 16 if your opponent has a prince or Dark Prince you can use a bandit to get an attack on to the Prince without taking any damage number 17 if your opponent has arrows or log to counter your Goblin barrel place your Goblin barrel near the corner and with the help of a knight or ice golem the goblins will do some mighty damage number 18 if you have no elixir and your opponent has an air troop use skeletons to hide the truth to allow both towers to shoot helping you mitigate a lot of damage number 19 if your opponent has a troop on both lanes weak to skeleton army just split your skeleton army your opponent would only be able to use a spell to counter one of the states of skeletons number 20 thanks for watching you are now better at clash royale than you were before watching be sure to share this video on your social media or with your friends to make your friends better at this game as well be sure to tell all your friends that watch this video – please subscribe and hit the like button it only takes you a few seconds and costs you nothing subscribe for more content that will help make you better at this game, hit the like button if you enjoyed and leave a comment telling me your favorite tip from the video I have an account that is level 1 in legendary arena with 3,800 trophies be sure to click on one of these videos to see a gameplay of my level 1 account peace out.

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