/Clash of Clans – 7th Birthday BASH! – PARTY WIZARDS!

Clash of Clans – 7th Birthday BASH! – PARTY WIZARDS!

Video: Clash of Clans – 7th Birthday BASH! – PARTY WIZARDS!


Hey, what is up everybody? What is up? It's that time in its class time. It is class time and today is amazing. Check it out Look, look look look look look look. Hey who invited the barb? I'm spreading May be king apex. I don't know but we don't need a barb I can tell you that right? So let me put in here welcome team. Yeah, there's a barbarian on me Let me let me move it Kayden. I think Kaden invited it. Nobody was supposed to invite the barbarian I told everybody I said don't he's just gonna be a problem You always invite a problem too, you know You know it came and did I know he did hey we have no TV in the house.

No TVs our mod I'm gonna need a mod tonight, right? Why am I gonna need a mod because we're gonna be doing some cool stuff in clash of clans, right? We are we're gonna have a lot of fun a lot of fun now, I think around probably that the half hour Somewhere around the half hour we are gonna play clash of clans soccer, right because I need a mod to do that and he's here I can't do it without a mod, right but Let me move this. This has to go this has to go over here. Yeah Yeah, this does this is not working for me. Is that working for you? Got no, especially not for a birthday party now Kaden Tell that uh, somebody needs to tell the Barbarian to go away. I you know, I'm already tired of it I don't he shouldn't be here right? We're having our seventh birthday party Let me just put this over here because we're having our seventh birthday party and somebody invited the barbary Yeah.

Oh, maybe he did maybe he did apex II he probably snuck in I think he snuck in with Apex, but that's okay because here's what I have lined up for us today Party wizards. Oh my god. We're totally gonna do some party wizards, right? But oh it was head for all he had headphones on like these ones. These are very expensive American audio ones, by the way They're they Rock. I'm probably death cuz I'm old right a Deception he's he he had accepted his way in. Alright, so I'm not gonna make you guys look at the screen forever That's not gonna happen. Right? But what we are gonna do, okay. Alright, hang on. Everybody's got to hang on food This is gonna be important. Okay. I know I know the new update is lit as mass death says it is lit It's a very lick now I am gonna pay attention to our clan war because we're not doing too good right now, but that's okay We had a lot of dragons. We don't care. We really don't we're just here to build bases, right? Okay even got a present I don't see one yet.

Let me look. No, that's six It'll probably drop in it's probably having a hard time because I have this soccer field Right, so I have this soccer field now while we're waiting I'm gonna give an instruction to my mod. Hey, did anybody find the free season pass yet? It's pretty easy It's not that hard. It really isn't, okay Now, it's okay. No, nope. I'm gonna show you here in just a minute Now if somebody forgot right if somebody forgot and didn't know That we were having a contest for a season pass it is still active No one has found the Easter Egg yet, and it's not that hard. I'm serious It's not and Sheeta would tell you if it was super hard I would tell you right but there is it's a free season pass. All you got to do is find the code word, right? And everybody was putting code words in the chat late. I get it.

I get it. It's fine It has to be in the comments. The code word has to go in there Now if nobody has it by tomorrow, I may soften up a little bit. No, no no, no, no No, I'm just a rough King. Apex doesn't need even met it doesn't need it Well, you could give it to somebody else eight picks You could give it to someone like enchanted or maybe mass death, or maybe nope needs one. He's a mod now He probably doesn't I no, nope. He's like my kid. I would adopt him. I say it on camera. I'd adopt him in a minute I've known forever. All right now Before we get started with our party wizards list Let's take a look at what all the benefits are right now and it's just gonna keep going, right It's just it's just gonna keep going unless he came to looked at three one-hour streams and didn't find them Cabe, don't be sad. All right.

All right. I'll help you out on tomorrow. Not today today. We're busy partying. All right advanced One gym resource boost. Yes, please. I think mine ran out They did now over here if you guys notice right now, I'm not gonna do it on my lick, sir yet I will but not now cuz they're full. I can't I couldn't even do anything with them And if I wanted to now, my grand warden is gonna go down and this is gonna be a problem All right. Now I'm gonna show you guys here. So I'm gonna put my grand warden down He's taking a dirt nap just for a few minutes. I'm probably gonna have to Jim I don't want to but we're live right? We're live stream. Yeah, I play brawl stars – I'm not good at it Maybe I could get one of you guys to stream it for me I don't know that I'd have to pay you and I don't have any money It's a different day. Right? But it's a fun game. I like it All right, so over here, I'm gonna get a little I'm not gonna request I'm not I'm not gonna request because that's for clash of clans Soccer in 22 minutes 22 minutes we're going to do clash of Clan soccer All right, so I am gonna boost these one Jim now I could use a training potion No, I'm gonna save those cuz I got one Jim boost on everything.

Look at that. Mmm This is a bargain. I love one Jim boost, right? Here we go. Let's get these bad boys gone. Now. I'm not gonna bore you and do them all. We'll do it. Later Because we have some things we have to get down to right. Hang on one second Let me pull it up on the screen here for you. Give me a minute. Give me a minute You guys talked amongst yourselves while I pull this up. It's gonna be very very important. You guys you like it. It's cool Hang on one second All right. Let's see. That's the button to hit and then I have to hit this button. So what we're waiting Has anybody used party Wizards yet? For green, no comment. Oh, he's yeah, yeah Well, there here's what Kaden said the party Wizards are a downgrade of the wizard if you look at stats Yeah, they're lower and they cost more Let's take a look. Hang on We'll do it wife we'll compare life. That's a good way to do it.

Hang on. I just got to pull something up here If anybody has a direct line to supercell go ahead and you can send them our video of our party, I'm okay with it I think they'd approve. I'm pulling up the balloon here. Give me just a minute So it has anybody used the party Wizards. Who's your favorite player apex? Has anybody used the party Wizards? I'm kind of curious. I uh, I have not So you guys are gonna get to see it from the very first time right? So you guys are gonna see the party Wizards from the very first time but I did put this in here, right? Here's why hang on. Hang on hang? On you guys hang on I'm moving stuff around. This is important. Okay, that's why I'm taking my time You guys know I know I'm doing this on the fly. You know, they're good for funnels. Yeah.

Nope is right They may even come to play during a clash client soccer. I don't know. We'll see how it goes I think it's gonna be hilarious. I really do car hooked Carl Way pecs every time you say Carl I think of a movie called Slingblade. You've probably never seen it I'm just guessing but in a guy named Carl. Hey, what you doing with that lawn mower blade Carl? Anyway, we have a birthday balloon here. Hang on. Hang on Wait for it, it's important. Okay ready? You guys ready ready? I'm using the party. He's not using the party is nope. Hang up Ready Wait for Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, dear clash of clans gimmie some Frickin party wizards. I Got a Kindle and everything Because the intro music.

Hey, by the way, if you guys wondered who the intro music that's Lego. I know him on soundcloud He's amazing. He lets me Nope I hope nobody ever sees that begin Nope is like did he just do a candle? I did I did. Hey, it's a birthday. All right now It's delicious – No, I'm not kidding Kayne why would I be kidding? It's a birthday party kind of birthday party you have without cake what's wrong with you guys? You know what? I'm just gonna get mad and go play I'm gonna go get mommy to get mad and go play battlefield Kaden. All right, here we go Birthday party over it was kind of corny. No, it was usually corny. I think weird the birthday balloon go That's a soccer cart. I don't know where it went. We'll find it later. All right, so let's get down to battle I want to try these party wizards out Is anybody hungry? I got a little extra in case you guys need it.

All right, and I Will upset with Kroger up right now. You guys know now they smashed my mic I ordered it special Because I shouldn't say that – nope. He's gonna be like you probably did. Yeah K not if you pretending you just share, so I went into King Soopers. That's what we call it It's a grocery store. You know, maybe you're in Dallas in Dallas. What do they have there? I can't remember It's a nice City Market. I Do maybe you're up in the Northeast and you're shopping at Gordo's? I don't know but they smashed my cupcake. I Already told him I said look, this is for a clash of clans special. You can't mess it up I almost said a bad word, but it's not midnight yet. Close three hours All right, so hopefully you guys enjoyed Hopefully you guys enjoyed my little birthday party. I'll probably make a video of it Just see can ridicule me on the internet forever.

I'm fine with that. I'm good. Where's my iPad? Here? It is here Okay, here we go So we are gonna get our first our first look With the party wizards right there. Look at them. They're all shiny. I know I don't know. I don't know how good they are They might be awesome Kaden was kind of telling us that they're not going Kaden was kind of I why I'm apex I'm not gonna say your real name. Okay mast I'm saving it mast I'm saving it or just tell me where to send it I could FedEx it that's overnight now You could probably go on Amazon and have Whole Foods delivered to your house in like two hours. I did it Right. Oh, oh, man. Hey, nope. Nope TV is gonna come over Do you hey, would you guys like to see a stream with both of us? I'll be I will beat his ace at battlefield and you guys know it now. Oh Jesus caves made like 400 that's a lot.

I'm only like 200. Nobody watches them except my friends. That's you guys right? I'll loot it Crispy, missed it Krispies late to the party. He's the Barbarian. Hang on. Hang on. Let me find it Cuz this is the hang on this is what's on this is uh, This is what's on the main page right now. And this is gonna be lieutenant crispy. By the way. I've made a series of promotions As you know, nope TV is now captain bling daddy's a colonel Lieutenant, the crispy hose is moving up very quickly in the organization and Kaden has 550 videos. That's a lot That's a whole lot of videos Alright, so I'm just gonna bring this up for Chris because the lieutenant you know Maybe you got stuff to do I I think Caden I'm taking it back Hang on this is who lieutenant Chris P is the one that invited the barb. That's who did it Nobody's was supposed to invite barbs to this party. It just wasn't supposed to happen.

They always get out of control From what I read, I don't know and we were gonna invite witches. I've never met a witch. No, that's not true I have a couple in real life but let's And talk about real clash witches. All right. So anyway, I'm pretty sure lieutenant crispies the one that invited the The barbarian anyway, we've got party wizards to work with and then we're gonna head into class soccer 15 minutes. Now. Here's the thing. I Don't know. I don't know how yeah absolutely deniable. There's deniable deniable or just Duke never a party Crispy oh, yeah, Oh see you see crispy cuz we here I'm gonna show crispy You missed it man right there. I blew it out and everything. I was on time. I was on time It's rare for me. I used to get in trouble all the time. They'd be like you're supposed to be here already Yeah, I'm here now. That's good. Right? All right, here we go. Let's get these party wizards out I kind of want to rage them now.

You guys are like hey 360 You know, I'm gonna have to start watching you guys on YouTube more last night I fell asleep watching a video about how an aircraft carrier works. That was pretty cool They said they fit 5,000 people on one of those. That's a lot That's what he more subscribers than I have. Like if I could just get one ship to watch that'd be amazing, right? Don't worry mast I saved it. I've got it right here I'm not gonna eat it all I just ate a little of the frosting I had to taste it It was a custom cupcake. All right, here we go. I am gonna check in on war in just a few minutes All right, and everybody helped get apex to 100. He's a good kid. He's working hard. He's trying he knows what he's doing All right. I'm just gonna boost randomly All right Let's go find a base to try these party wizards out on here we go And then in 14 minutes to clash of clans soccer. I don't know how it's gonna work. I think it's gonna be pretty cool They'll stand by one.

Do you guys see how many heroes I have none. That's not gonna work and I hate using gyms I do but wake up cuz I need you for clash of clans soccer and you too That's a lot of gyms. I've been saving gyms for a long time like two years. Oh That's a DHD. That's okay. Hey, you got to be in your brothers clan. That's your brother. You know what I'm talking about, bro It's like bling daddy's in my client. I know no TV You guys are all welcome to join if you ever want there's our plan that's making a clan Gold is full a lot But nope sometimes kicks people out. If they don't donate you should alright, here we go. I got some heroes I'm gonna leave the grand warden down even no now he's got you know what we're gonna do We're gonna have to go out in battle because we need we were talking about it yesterday Claim claim claim. I don't need that yet 10% builder booths. Got to get that bond the hero potion It's full look at that. I've just cranking through this now.

There's a training potion. We're probably gonna use that especially with the party wizards All right. All right, hex is gonna is gonna play clash Oh hit well DHD come back if he quit then you're always welcome You're always welcome. So it's mega clam gold three words. I pull up the clan tag just for just real mint real quick The only requirement and OPA tell you is it make a claim gold The only thing we requires you got to give what you take. That's it. Try your best in war. It's cool We're not like we're not headed toward legends. Seriously. We're kind of like the triple-a and I'm okay with that We're triple-a of clash of clans. But here's the thing a lot of times the superstar comes at a triple-a You guys know that right? They start everybody's like Oh Kaden prize shouldn't be in triple-a. He should probably be higher or apex. He's on his Mac. All right, here we go So there's our clan. I I do have to get a battle guys.

Look here we go I want to see these these party wizards are amazing. I Don't know. Maybe they don't work they could but I have my heroes. So I'm okay. Let's see Case you guys wondering what the schedule is for tonight normal schedule clash clans and plans for his hobbies Had a great time with mass deaths last night. They had to go to bed for school and I understand that There are wicked player. Very good. Don't worry. Nope. No My mod was away on vacation just so everybody knows he got to go somewhere really cool He can say where if he wants to but he doesn't have to okay. Ooh I'm just trying to find a party wizard base And I nope. Nope is gonna request but nobody put anything in opes castle yet. Cuz I'm oh look at this. This would be good Yeah, I think we can do this. This would be this is party wizard able I think yeah we can do this Alright, let's go in.

This kid this might like this space This is a good queen walk base because she's probably to march in here now. She did turn 35 yesterday Lieutenant hos you're okay. Don't be disappointed. I got it. I got it I saved it, but you're gonna have to fight with mass death mass death already claimed half I don't know how I'm gonna get it there. Oh Well, hang on one second. Hang on DHD put my chat window how many trophies you need? We'll fix that nopes the mod. He isn't Chinese. He's not large He's in charge. He's not well, he's built. I mean he's got guns there he is He was eatin like Yellowstone. I don't know why I like it. Yeah, it's really kind of its commercialized now It's not like it used to be. Okay. Now we do have Queen no-name in action. That's her name.

She doesn't have one I've got a name. I I think I know I Think I know what a minute. No. Nope. Nope is not Larry Leon. Nope is boss Alright so we're just gonna let Queen no-name do her work. When is she getting a name on Sunday? I hope you all are thinking about it. I Might you know what? I might even give away another season pass just for a good name I don't know. I kind of wanted to begin with an eye. All right Now I'm gonna rage out now. We can't do this all day. You guys know that so I'm gonna send in him. He's pretty ba If you want to know the code for ba look it up our queen still in good shape Let's get some Archer support one in the back, but I did save one in case this clown put something in the corner Clown. Alright, here we go. Whoa! Whoa. Whoo. That's not gonna work out too. Good. Is it look at all that? Mmm Okay party Wizards in effect hear that wow, they're fast They move a lot faster I think Jordans in the house Joe I know look at all this clay here.

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No They move a lot faster all my all my meat is down, this is not good This is a horrible attack. But but who's paying too much attention to the party wizards? Don't worry. We'll make more There's a regular wizard. Now what I'm gonna do on this next one I know my king went down on this next one, and I don't even care if I win I just wanted to see the party wizards on the next one I'm going to put a party wizard and a regular wizard next to each other and we're gonna see who runs faster Now when when when clash of Clan don't die When clash I couldn't yeah, if I would have raged my king I would have got that but I'm trying to level down anyway if I would have gotten if I would have gotten Higher level I would have been fine, right? All right, let's do this. Let's make sure we got our party wizards I think we need 13 at this level. How many do you guys need? And then by the way, there's a pole as always in the top right? There's a little question mark to pops up I don't I think I don't know it has something to do with YouTube. They told me about it They said make sure you tell them there's a little question.

It was good Jordan. It was good. How was your day? They said make sure that you tell them there's a little question mark that has a pole the pole is do you like? The elect the the party wizard I hit. Yes. I like it. I Hope they keep them. They're not they're not going to though. They're I just you know, they're not. All right So what do we need? We need 13 at this low now maybe DHD, yeah. See nope. Nope, Scott. Nope Skye. I'm gonna have to pay. No. This is crazy Alright, so we got to get the one okay I was concerned with the win but I feel like wanted to see the party wizard. Who cares I've got one Jim but what I've got one Jim boost see what I want you guys to know What supercell did is they bro? They breathe. They I don't know the words.

Hey, there's there's Rick Rick's in the house Rick's Rick's partying with us. We got the seventh birthday party. So here's you some of you guys missed the cake Here let me just give you an instant replay we're 20 minutes in I'll just do it good Rick. How are you I'll do a quick replay here's here's kind of here's what some people missed and Maybe next time they'll be on time I don't know because if you're gonna come to the party now, we do have a problem though, and I mentioned it earlier because I'm pretty sure it was Kaden. He's denying it, but I'm pretty sure Kaden was the one that invited the bar wasn't supposed to Wasn't supposed to invite the Barbarian so I'm gonna do it again. Just because crispy hoes missed it. Here we go Happy birthday dear classic Plants and I love some party wizards Cuz they're built alright, let's see which one's faster I'm gonna go with it.

I'm gonna go with party wizard they're jacked they're moving Alright now we are gonna have to well. Alright, we're going to have to we have to over here. I don't want it It's there's no choice, but I got to use a training potion. Right cuz clean no-name needs to wake up. It's almost soccer time We're only six minutes out from soccer. That's it It's okay, I need a regular wizard. Now remember we still have the giant thing going why where's the giant thing in here? Right, so I need to start a sin that out. I'm gonna be done. I'm you know, I Wonder how many people got their warden skin and now they're lazy They're all fat and happy in their warden skin. They're like, I got it, you know, maybe I'll get that other stuff later That's probably what's happening That's what they're gonna do it. They're gonna get it later. Alright Hang on I'm gonna put a fist bump out sweet crispy. Oh My little miniature birthday party there.

That was bad. I did buy the cupcake custom though. I did All they had was vanilla. I don't want of it. I didn't think this is a vanilla cupcake event at all I thought it was more chocolate. So that's why I demanded chocolate chip. They didn't have one. So I made a make one today They understood I think the gal behind the counter knew what I was trying to do cuz I told her it was for clash of clans, and she was like Like that, so maybe she plays that she probably watches. I don't know Maybe there's a lot there's like a 100 150 or more. All right, here we go party wizards We need 11 at a minimum I think yeah Tim 10 tens good. Let's see if we can stack some healers in there It's always a good idea to have healers at this level cuz your troops go down fast All right party wizards 13 of them What else could we put in there? Let's go. Can we fit a Pekka we can Can we fit two? We can that's gonna be good. That's the horse power right there If we don't knock down a base with that, we probably should stop lane Now, oh, I'm gonna throw this.

I'm gonna throw this rule out Deering clash of clans soccer. You're not allowed to have your troops under boost Okay Otherwise, it's considered steroids. That's steroids. You're not allowed to you're not allowed to juice if you're playing clash plant Sorry, we don't allow. All right, so if your troops are boosted don't come to the field. We'll put a test on them They'll be out. Okay. All right. So these guys will be done here in just a minute Let's run one more battle and then we're gonna see we're gonna see how clash of clans soccer works on the birthday on the birthday Right that we're gonna do that. That's gonna be pretty cool. All right, here we go I'm gonna do one more we are gonna see which ones are faster. I think now I'm just gonna find a test base Well, I'm still gonna beat it I'm gonna blow it up, but we're gonna put them out as a little run right, so I want to see them run This is a great base to hit right here. It's a little rushed not too bad Look at those air defenses though. The zero defense Oh standby Queen no names not ready. Did you guys catch that? I almost made a live on error mistake by taking in somebody who should they're not ready.

Maybe they are now Okay. Yeah, they got they got a little beat up and we just boost it. We just boost it. All right So while we're doing that we're gonna talk about clash clans soccer. So we have the field set Alright, and here's the thing. I am going to let nope Nope TV do the first attack. Nope. Nope can do the first attack right now? Here's how clash of clans soccer works to be a little weird. Okay, you can only play with the client member, that's really the only way to play unless For some really weird reason now you guys have to pay attention to this otherwise, you don't know the rules pay attention Kaden Alright, so you got to you've got to pay attention. The rules can't troops can't be under boost. Okay, the only attacking troops The only attacking troops come out of our I hang on DHD, don't worry.

Knope's got it. He's looking for your probe tip profile tag. Look for the letters He needs to know how many trophies you have. Alright. Alright, so here's what's gonna happen The only troops that can be on the field the only troops on those on the field have to come from the climb cam All right, so I'm missing wait. I'm issuing an instruction to my mod. Who's boss boss What troops do you want me? To put in your clan castle. Okay, I am choosing The queen as my goalie, okay. Now you can choose either one You can choose the king or the queen or the warden just a hero. That's a goalie. Okay. Hey smelly's here What's up, smelly smelly negro? That's funny, especially because it's spelled KN EE and they got a youtuber say it out loud. That's creative. I like it. Very good smelly Welcome.

Alright, so the only fielded troops can come from the clan castle now for the first one I'm gonna do one bomb and One trap now hopefully, hopefully my mods not watching and if he is that's fine cuz this is experimental, right? So I'm just gonna kind of play some randomly. Okay, so that's how I'm gonna do this This is the rules. You got to pay attention Okay. So now what Knope is gonna do is Knope is gonna put a request in the window. He's paying attention I know he's on his computer. So he's gonna put a request in his window and he Can look at my available troops and tell me what he wants to attack with Okay. Now what we're gonna do is we're gonna keep track of how much loot he gets. Oh absolutely smelly You can absolutely it's anybody can play Alright, so, nope Looking at my troops. Tell me in the chat window what you want.

I think knope's got a pretty big clan castle, too So I might be in a little trouble. Let me look Nope in the class is boss. I'm not requesting. That's for my attack. Right? I'm like, alright, so no Oh, nope has his troop set he is going to take his own troops, which is fine It's okay in the rulebook. You can take mine or somebody else's Hopefully he doesn't have level 1 Barb's otherwise, he's not gonna win this match He's not I guarantee it. Alright, so here's how it works. I Chose my queen. That's my defender There are two defenses on the field. That's the rules for this round now, maybe we want to Ratchet it up Maybe we will want to tada right that we might I don't know Maybe we Ratchet it up. No spells are allowed. He's got a Pekka and two Giants All right Now the other rule is he can place his troops anywhere anywhere. He wants to anywhere Behind this line, so he's king side right you guys see that so his clan castle has to come in here now here's the thing if You're playing clash of clans soccer at townhall 11 Hello and Jana welcome All right.

Chanin's is gonna come back later I'm gonna do I'm gonna do pvz in a bit and then caught it and then battlefield. All right So here's the problem if you have an eagle artillery, it may fire off. It's okay Deniable no, you're you're fine. You're fine The air Eagle artillery may fire off depending on how many clan castle troops you're in there, right? It's a fair defense against two pekka's in a giant. We'll see what happens. All right, so I think nope knows the rules Okay. So what I'm gonna do if anybody in my clan is watching do not hit don't attack. This is this is a soccer attack Soccer only and it's lined up. I'm Manchester United I know that is the only soccer team I've ever heard of. I don't know anybody sounds cool. I Heard they party a lot too. So I would take party Wizards to Manchester United For soccer.

Okay, so I'm gonna put out my request to attack my base challenge Change layout and it should oh My god, nope, I made a change to it Class needs to fix this they really do. All right now maybe now let's do this. I'm gonna I'm gonna change up Because I made a change into my base today. I forgot about that. You can't do that. It has to be a set base So I'm gonna request. Okay anybody give me troops and then I'm a dominant Yeah, you get to choose two defenses. Nope So nope on your field to go ahead and put two defenses as soon as I have troops Yeah, but don't move them now don't move them now because if that's that was my mistake. Did you guys see me do that? What I move did it it jacked the field. I Have to wait 24 hours moving a trap that Seems like a long time Hopefully, nope has not. I know I know Caden.

Did you see that? I can't change my base for 24 hours Do it in builder Hall. That's smart. That is smart. Okay Hold up. I think I think smelly now I'm not gonna say smelly hole name Rip Chris B rip. All right now hopefully I'm gonna I'm gonna put this out – nope. Nope Did you change anything on your base? If nope didn't then? I might be okay. I Might be okay. I'm full. I think we might still be able to pull it off now You're not allowed to use the C's machine you can't in soccer That's the equivalent of a drunk guy getting on the field. There's no C's machines. Okay. All right so I've got a Pecha not a party board not a party wizard but to regular wizards in that so hopefully hopefully We could kick off with knope's field mine will be ready tomorrow So kind of my plan is what we'll do is we'll do a match every every livestream and see Who wins we'll just do it over time now once my base is set dear supercell at supercell All right.

He hasn't made any changes. I think we're good. He knew he was like don't touch the bait I see. I'm an idiot. I moved traps So here's the thing. I'm gonna have to deal with whatever traps he has Peter goes clash of clans soccer Okay, don't move them. Nope So how many nope how many do you have right now now for you guys are just joining Remember, there's a 30-second delay in between my mod and me, okay? How many yeah, absolutely. We're gonna get you in DHG. Don't worry. Don't worry. We're gonna get you in okay All right, so nope is gonna flash up here in just a minute his base and I'm gonna attack it Only clan castle how much ever loot I get is the score right Now I believe nopes gonna let me know no part of what who's your who's your goalie? Is it king or queen so that way I know which direction to attack? Nope is gonna let me know which one he's using as goalie.

Sometimes you might want a king You know what? Maybe it maybe you're up against a Pekka that could happen. You're up against a Pekka and And you need that a king is a goalie that could be I can't believe I changed my field that's ridiculous Deniable watch me Deniable watch me. Okay see up top where it says my name of the bling. Daddy. See you like to see up there click that blue button you See under my name where it says the bling daddy. That's me. What cheadle finger is me? But that's my screen, man that that code underneath That code underneath is exactly what nope TV wants. Alright, so nope has a queen out. Here we go kicking off classic land soccer see lieutenant hoes We will prevail we're like the Marine Corps here. You don't mess with us. Here we go I'm gonna scout I want to scout. I want to see what I'm getting into alright, so Here's the thing with clash of clans soccer You've got to make sure that you place your clan castle outside of the other goalie If you now you can put it in if you want But it's gonna get killed. It's like dual bullies.

Alright, so I'm an attack clash of Clan soccer Oh, I don't think he has any loot in there It's kind of like playing Manchester United. I know hey, I don't want to get a whole bunch of Twitter's from check They're like, we're awesome. I know I know you guys are that's why I picked your name collapse a clan soccer. Here we go I think I know where I'm gonna go. Hang on Now remember it's only clan castle troops. That's all you can use. I'm gonna tack. Okay, here we go clash of clans soccer Bully. Yeah. Oh the goalies could be are ochre see smelly should sub because they've got good ideas Alright, here we go. Now remember you're not allowed To take your C's machine you just can't okay. So I'm gonna put that there there. Here we go Oh, Huh little defense. They got some defense All right. We do have a minion on the field. The minion is doing what it's supposed to be doing This is a good combo so far already. Alright, the pick is in action followed By the Wiz but that one other was cut a mind of its own if he doesn't figure that out He wants out of the game.

He doesn't want to play anymore If he doesn't figure that action out, he's probably ejected standby. Let me get the card. He's gonna get ejected. I know he is Yeah, oh he's totally ejected All right. Now the Queen's down, we're gonna see how much loot we get That's really the important part. Here is the loot Which is funny because you don't get any from your client to your claim anyway Alright so I'm gonna go with uh, um, this is a win I got a point are you okay with that? Nope That I got a point. We'll see he makin test it He could he could contestant if he wanted to He's gonna say in the chat window. Alright hang Those oh my god. I can't believe that wizard just went off on his own. Is he still doing it? Yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah, he's leaving he's leaving the field.

He doesn't care he's done He's done Now we may have to change the rules I think here does that hey, I'm there eNOS. Alright, very good Alright, so, nope. It's okay with that. No, it's okay with that. And so now here's the thing Tomorrow night. Hopefully knope's available because he's very busy. I have to book his I have to book his time ahead of time So hopefully tomorrow Nope will be able to respond cuz I got a point Manchester United. So let me put it in the notes right now score 1 cheeto 0 note but he's gonna come back tomorrow and The other thing too, is he he was up against Queen no name, or I was up against his queen Ah, no, did you name your Queen? I? Don't know if no up named his Queen or not. But that's who I was up against if she's probably I Didn't look but maybe well here let's go. Look. She might be a level 30 20. Alright, so knope's got it. We got an invite over to DHD Let's see. Let's let's take a look clam Let's see I'm looking for no there is here.

This is a nice base is it it's a soccer field, of course a Level 30 ok, so so he was in a little bit of a disadvantage, right? Because I had some pretty heavy pekus. That kind of went through the Queen. So we depending on the rulebook We're gonna hold the rulebook now. Okay, cuz I got a point but here's the thing. I think I think Greg its Queen Greg Just so everybody knows. All right, so I've got Anastasia on my th10 We have Queen no-name who is gonna get named on Sunday? All right, so she's getting named on Sunday. And then and then we have Queen Greg All right, so there's a smelly stag hey smelly we can do a bass review if you want I got a little bit of time but smelling is new to the channel. There's a lot of other people No, we only do three bass reviews if we have time.

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That's it We don't do many just three. So if you want a bass review, let me know. All right, if you guys atwood Tomorrow's gonna be awesome. So that's how clash of clans soccer works You have to do it with one of your other other plan mates, right? It's only the club only what comes out of the clan castle. That's all you can use. You can't use your other troops Alright, if you get to the other side and make it through if you make it through it's a win Alright now here's the thing right now We're going to heroes only if it turns into who the hero just loses every time we may feel two more players I'm thinking goblins Like five five goblins would be good defenders You know what? Let's try it. I think we should I'm gonna refill my client castle. It's already full.

Look. Here's why all right Nope, if you're there, nope is allowed to use Ten goblins So maybe nope could make ten goblins just real quick. Well, nope is making ten goblins because those would be good defenders I think cuz they're mean right No, they're probably just gonna run for the loot. That's probably what they're gonna do They're gonna run all the way down the field to the other side and go for the loop so archers Yeah archers 10, that would be good defense Kaden if nobody finds it by tomorrow, I'm gonna I'll say I'll say it. Don't worry. I'm gonna give that pass out Alright, so let's change up bases. We're going to h10 we got to check the party where the party was on the th10 and We still have yet to find out which one is fastest. I I'm gonna go with party wizard as fastest By the way, I'm cheetah finger, that's my name on the right. Hi Desaad some video you told me how to work YouTube that said I was supposed to do that.

So hi There's some buttons you're supposed to hit. I don't know where they are It might be down below. I don't know. It's a good special though I think it's been one of my favorite one so far so next year next year instead having a cupcake. I'm doing a full cake What do you get tiramisu You guys are think of tiramisu? Okay. It's kind of expensive but that's a year from now. I'll probably have that kind of scrilla yesterday Kaden was kind enough to teach me what fat racks are there are thousands. Hey, there's a night gamer Welcome night high night maybe night participated. I know I have a blank screen right now. Don't worry. I'm changing bases Plus I got caught talking me you guys I love doing that. You know that all right Well check we're stepping I shouldn't say down. We're stepping over to a th10 Which I really like playing. I'm I'm a big fan of th10. I like it right now. Look it's my first time looking at my th10 since the party started so I'm gonna hit go and It's gonna show me the video that I don't want to see cuz you all watched it already So now I'm gonna go back here and I'm gonna close that and then I'm in right now My base did get hit which is fine.

Whatever. It's pretty tough. I mean it was max. It was a no, man, Isis no, and I just It makes it snow. Alright, so here we go. I'm full article. I do. I do need to get a builder going climb castle. Nope Army camp. Yep All right. Now you guys are probably like cheeto Same thing see I'm with night I'm with night gamer. That's what I do. So I were this is my town hall This is town hall tan and fur night cuz they're nude the channel It was only a tent. It just became a town hall ten. Like I don't you guys remember on the channel It's about a month ago, maybe a month and a half somewhere in there, but it just keeps growing especially with the season pass, right? There's Jonathan.

Well Jonathan, but we're gonna call him DHG. His name's DHG. That's his claiming though He's Jonathan in the in the clan All right. Now I did not yet brew party Wizards here cuz I didn't have him until last night and at midnight and for those of you guys that were up some of you guys were up late I Had to tell it God welcomes I had to tell a couple people you need to go to bed for school It's not watching. Alright, so I'm just gonna get these party wizards go on. Alright, let's boost a Training potion is less than that. No, I'm not gonna do that. All right So let's we're gonna get 13 party wizards 1. How many do you need on top you need? Oh, you only need 12 at Town Hall 10 But I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna make a couple real wizards not real but non-party wizards Okay, I'm gonna make a couple of those guys I'm gonna back off man back her off and let's get yeah, let's you know what cops give cops.

It might work I always like to have a loo of some ancillary troops. That's what I call Ancillary right just in case something goes wrong. Then you got extra troops, okay All right. Let's see what we can do here This is our th10 Kaden don't worry, I'm gonna start giving out hints. I don't know I'm not right now tomorrow tomorrow give that hunts cuz there's a free pass out there All somebody has to do is find the code word. That's it. And Here's what happened during the live broadcast. I said this the code word is and Then then something came after it Anybody puts in the comments gets a free pass. All right Party Wizards aren't gonna be ready for a minute But we wanted to see if they're any faster over here than they are on the other base.

Okay. Check this out No, no, 25 gem potion No, 25 gem training potion and I might be out because we were rockin those pretty hard weren't we? No, I got plenty here We go And I'll prank it nine more. So I want to see party Wizards. That's what I want to see So bear with me just a minute. Let's go clean. These old wizards out Seven of them They're all old but I do have clan look at that. I got some clone. Äj– what's that leftover from the season pass? That's right. Here we go. I Think Knight might like this attack Because this is a town hall. Tim not maxed not maxed night sleeps until 11:00 So K NIT is also a night person. This is a nice base to hit let's do it It's coming walkable, I think That's not but that's fine.

Let's get rid of this King. I don't like him now if you remember, this is, Anastasia She's allowed to have a name. She just turned 17 She said some crazy stuff about going to area 51 no I had to shut that down. She's not allowed to go I'm not you can't cloner either. That'd be nice. If you could careful Anna stays it careful He's mean I'm gonna help you. There you go. I know you guys are like, why would you waste a freeze? That's Anastasia? Okay She's not gonna get backed up Clone now that was only 7800 elixir. That's all that was, right And I love playing in this range, oh, hey any I know a lot of you guys follow the Fonz too He was he was headed towards legends last night. I was watching for quite a while. That's a MANET It takes a long time to match up there.

It's a lot of clouds. They just spin forever. I don't know why I think you got you guys probably tell I think it's cuz there's so many players at that level and they're just hoping for a match Just one good match. That's all they want Anastasia is still in good shape even at 17. She's in good shape got her King We didn't forget this time cuz I was paying attention to the Internet's He's gonna go down. I think she's gonna be alright. She may bring us home. We'll see what happens The question here is does she have 7% in her wish I think she does and Will that pesky? Inferno tower stay away. It looks like it's going to it looks like it's that's good. That's a good thing Did you guys have a birthday party for clash of clans I see I'm on youtube I have to it was part of the contractual agreement just can't have a contract with anybody. Maybe I Blame daddy. Well, I'm his dad.

That's that's an eternal contract Here we go She's still in good shape. I'm really excited to find out what my town hall 11 Queens name is gonna be There's the there it is fired off. We haven't even arranged her yet. Should we let her go? Yeah, we should Run free Anastasia. No, don't just go blow stuff up. That's your job. It's your station. Oh My god, hey That's all right Caden cables gonna find it I know I know might just give Caden one anyway okay Kane it's in there It's in there. I said the code word is this nobody finds it by tomorrow? I'll soften it up because there'd be two days in I don't I'm I'm not gonna use a bad word, but I'm not a jerk Nobody fine. It was easy. I Thought I mean cuz I said, oh, I sorry Sorry was talk to me you guys I didn't rage Anastasia, but that's alright.

We got that. We got what we wanted We got what we came for which was this the dubs right now don't have party wizards yet, but I did get over here Look at that see so I'm working on that. I got this now. I'm gonna point this out to you guys Yeah. Oh, no. Sorry. That's at eighteen-year contra. I'm only two years out So so that's right. Let's see glitch Up. Nope. Nope can hit that I I'm under boost so I got to be careful here. I'm under boost. I'm not under boosted I'm under boost which means I have boost active. We're almost ready with our party wizards. We're gonna see who's faster Would you guys do me a favor and pull who you think's faster in the chat window? I I'm saying party wizard I'm saying the party wizard now.

I Haven't looked at the other bases that I have. I've only looked at my 11 in my 10 All right, buy it by night come back sleep well So I've only looked at my 11 in my 10 our party wizards at 234 Are they everywhere? But maybe you just have to be able to have a wizard as long as you have a wizard Then then you could probably have a party wizard. Maybe you guys can let me know Brendon already finished it Finished what makes Brendon let us know Brendon finished the base. We just don't know which bassy finished. All right. Oh, Oh, maybe he's talking about the soccer field he might have finished his soccer field They don't want more players right? Maybe mega clan gold is the Manchester United. Oh Okay, Brendan, do me a favor. I'm happy to Brendan. I'm happy to do vase reviews. We do three per live session So you'd be to do me a favor put your base tag in the window.

I don't look him up. I Just don't it's easy to put them in the window. There's out millions of them out there. All right, so I'm gonna do that. Oh We need it reg we need some reg whiz not P whiz I think that was a rapper That was P did you don't want to confuse the two ooh Let's get a pic in there Just you know, just in case in case we need to peck at eyes which we will I'm guessing. All right, our party wizards ready Almost. Yep, they're ready. So now now we're gonna find out. All right. Here's Brendan's bass. Hang on All right there Oh Maybe my mods got it All right, there it is There's okay. That's smelling its Missy. We knew that I knew Brendan was smelling. All right, so here's what I'm gonna do I'm under boost. I'm gonna take the party wizards out and then we're gonna look at some Ellie's base Brendan's easier to save them smelly grow. I'm gonna call them smelly Grove because I don't like that other one.

I've heard it Okay, here we go Party wizards are faster. Let me look and see if anybody responded Yeah P Diddy. That's right. So we got we got tough smelly space. All right, let's see. Nope. Yep I'm gonna lose I am I know I am but you don't You just don't come up against a base like this and not hit it. All right now. This is a perfect place And make sure that you guys send this to your friends cuz I don't think anybody's done this Maybe I wasn't on the youtubes today. I Don't know if anybody has found out who's faster We should we might need it. We actually crispies lurking We actually put in the same tag PPA, right? We may actually need a soccer field, but I think we can do it here Okay. So look, look what I'm doing Both fingers, we're gonna drop the party wizard.

I think he's faster So I'm gonna count how long it takes them to get to the to the to the research lab One two three Three four shots out in three. Okay, so He made it that far in three. Let's see how far this guy goes. Was that a bomb One two three now, I think he's maybe a second slower Not by much I'm gonna try both That's guys that's gonna be hard to do cuz you have to do one of them the other One too He's clearly faster much faster Why do you guys think the party wardens faster Or excuse me, though. He doesn't see Brendan knows he's faster Alright Brendan. Let me finish this attack and then we'll go take a look at your base, Anastacia that's coming out again Now she's technically she's not really a queen 17 She's gonna turn 18 probably them all Okay, let's give her some help she's gonna need a little help in Joe over here Boom Bella's are going in and then we're gonna rage these guys.

Let's move through there. Why not hot? Hey boom, have some extra drag or some extra Giants Yeah nopes right. It's noticeably slower. Maybe though, maybe maybe maybe it's some kind of test now I know you guys are like, why'd you bring goblins? Here's why they're gonna clean it stuff up party wizards in effect That's a whole line of party wizards. Let's rage him Then they're like triple fast. Oh my God. Look you just ran out of the rage. They don't even care They're like we don't need to be raged we're fine Kings coming in he's only a level 18 It's not very popular at school though, he doesn't hang out with Anastacia from what I heard she Just keeps going He's gonna go down fast, but we're not we're not over raging. We're not over spelling Did you guys see how fast those giants died and they're not slouches either? It's normal wizard 16 movement speed are at 24. That's what I thought was praying the algorithm, right? Yeah, that makes them fast.

Oh, I Got to stop talking to you guys All right, that's fine. We got loot. That's why I came plus The whole point of that attack was what Brennan said to find out if the party Wizards are faster and they are we've confirmed it It was confirmed all over the Internet. I know I saw earlier. All right, let's go take a look at Bremen space Brite He might have joined the collider the Klan. I don't know if he didn't that's why let's go take a look Apex tell us what what what changes you made brother. All right. So here we go, Papa Papa 9 Ok, because this is the one that my mod was on that classic line soccer was pretty cool. I thought I'm really excited I'm offering you my cheadle finger apology that I messed up the bait that my bass I knew I should have moved stuff, but I did like four hours Four hours before the livestream. I was moving stuff around Yeah was the inferno it's always the inferno I'll kill it Killam, Anastasia there's Brandon's bass Pete now remember we only do three 9jl copy that's gonna man up.

That's gonna pop right? We'll remember that in my sleep All right 9jl Copy must be the cheeto fingers All right, so this is die Which I get I understand and I'm hoping that Brendan will let us know This is bass. Brendan's pretty good at coming up with creative names for stuff. We've already found that out Because I'm not allowed to say his is his youtube name. It's funny, but I can't say that Brenda you're welcome to join His is clay he's died. That's who he has. He's clan –less right now Maybe he has a weird sense of humor. That's why we we're good with that. We don't care All right. So as you guys know from watching my streams, I was trying to figure out What their best attack is let's look He's ground I think I think I'd be happy to Nopes like hey, can you tell you take a look at my real base? When it's not a soccer field that I'm losing an insane amount of Lutz on see that's the problem with classical and soccer If you your it has to be pretty much to your main base.

I Guess it could be a back of one as long as over 21 hours, but if you change it, you can't do anything Anyway, I digress Yeah, I'd be happy to review your base. Alright, let's take a look. I think that Brendan's a fan of ground attacks He's got some Luna Jew. Here's why I say he likes ground attacks, right? level three Pekka matched by level six Kings You guys know I'm gonna tell Bremen he's welcome to join our clan but Brandon walls defenses Alright, but I think Brendan might be getting ready to set up a soccer field That could be he's really more experimental with his base. Can you tell? That's fine. Hey, whatever you want to do. Like I always say do you it's your base? I probably wouldn't run this pace it did. Well, it's okay and crystalline, right? Hey, but Brandon move those walls but eat.

He just probably moved up a little too fast But look, how does he have all that loot? I know why Season pass let's look Yep skinned up Probably Queen – yeah. Mm-hmm. Yep. Brandon's moving along He knows the value of $5 because they're going to put $5.00 and I'm gonna get my Queen skin. Now. Here's the thing Brandon I know you're new to the channel, okay? Nope You're Brandon you're allowed to give her a name She's got a skin your queen so you can name or whatever you want. Let us know No pest Queen Greg. I think that's a little weird. But you know, it is 2019 19, you know CS what happens when you get old, you know, boy, here it is. So Logan's in the house. There's Logan. So I you know, here's the thing Before we before we pass judgment on Brendan. Let's ask him. Maybe he goes.

I know I'm rust I don't care Maybe that's his point But here's what I would do Brendan fix those air defenses fast air defenses first Your labs going that's good. Make sure your lab is always moving Yeah, and he's got everything boosted. So he'll let us know One Pekka three Wiz one pick of three Wiz. All right. There we go. So hopefully then it helps Brandon Hopefully that helps Brendan, it's his base right? Like nope says you do you man you do you Logan missed the party You guys might want to get on Logan heat Logan's a longtime sub and missed the party Annie was late to Battlefield. I played for like three hours and he showed up at the end. It's ridiculous Logan. All right Here we go I'm going home Wait now that we've confirmed now that we have confirmed that Party Wizards are better than all the other ones They're worth it.


I think they're faster that to me Her name – oh, it's Queen Debbie. Okay, so everybody knows Queen Debbie. Oh He's got a field. Oh, it's on his builder Hall Oh, okay. Hang on. Let me go back. Give me a minute He put it he put a soccer field on his builder Hall. See you guys are all gonna be playing soccer now All right, King King. Have a good night. Thanks for coming in for the party. I'll save some save some cupcake for you, brother Okay, you just tell me where to FedEx it probably stale by tomorrow I might just eat it if I get hungry Nope tank. Yeah, we are we're like an open eye. We love our weebles. Hey, I'm getting cheeto finger shirts I did I tell you guys that there's gonna be awesome They're gonna be really cool. They're gonna be more popular than supreme Just so you guys know And I know I might be old but I know how popular supreme is I have a supreme shirt and a sticker on my car.

So You can make fun of old people all you want. Okay, let's see I need to go back to his base and we're gonna look at the he might a friend requested. There. He is. Oh I don't know. Yes All right. So let's so let's go over here. We'll take a look at his uh his Builder Hall cuz that's where his soccer field is here comes right now Well, that's a this might be a different one, yeah, this is a different one. All right hanger, that's Jonathan over here Mass death like spy. Yeah, I'm down with the party Wizards. I like I hope they keep him There good backup for Queen Debbie All right. Let me go back. I'm scrolling. Give me a minute and I see I hate boring live stream You guys know that because I have a BB Papa Papa now in jail And they That's where his soccer field is which is probably smart. You can change that around as much as you want might be easier now Here's my thing, though How can you play against somebody else is the question I know you can do it Oh what you can do the same thing clamp.

Yeah in her in her clan battles. That's how you're gonna do it See we've invented a whole game inside of a game. That's what we did to that Alright, so we need to look at his builder base. I probably have to go to my builder base. I know I know I probably do Yeah, I gotta go to mine We figured that out last time I don't even know why they have that button there I mean why put the button there if it doesn't work because it doesn't so I have to scan it from here There's glitch I'm interested to see the soccer field. That's pretty cool I so for the remainder of the night as you guys know, we'll do some plants vs Zombies in just a little bit and it's Friday. Guess what Friday means? Jael copy Friday means cheeto doesn't have a curfew But that means I can play battlefield all night if I want I might I don't know yet you'll see what happens but if we do, it's guaranteed to be a good sesh I Love it Brendon your initial name had me a little concerned smelly me something.

I mean, which I had it's hilarious I love it. I have some funny names on the internet too. The bling daddy cheeto finger stuff like that. I think this would be Insanely fun. I hope that he joins our clan So the roaster is it is a goal anticipate this might actually work better There's more room Not so many more combination troops All right, well that's what we're gonna do We're gonna set up builder base soccer So we have found it could be run on either field. I think Brandon He's looking to be a lieutenant, I think Now I'm gonna be careful cuz it's all based on subs, right? Yeah You need an army, right? You know, you can't not everybody can be a lieutenant is what I'm saying. Well lieutenant make a claim gold Yeah, only the OGIS know that Nope tell not to Google that weird shit oakum stuff weird stuff will come up Try to keep it as good as I can because it's a family channel. Alright? alright Man that you know what Brandon I'm glad I'm super glad Brendan came in to show us that I hope he if he's in school I hope he shows everybody if he's not if he if he's going to a corporate meeting tomorrow as smelly Smelly me. That's it comes up in the boardroom.

I hope he goes. Hey, check it. Check this out Look what we're doing and all the other executives are like dude Alright, let's play. Let's play some classic client soccer. I love it. It's awesome. Alright alright, so Brandon challenge accepted check No, no, no, go ahead. It's why I'm just nope. I don't care. It's kind of hilarious. Actually. We'll do a reveal someday Not not anytime soon million subs that's a million sub reveal Never happened Nopes got some skeletons in the closet rent. Throw it on the field. That's fine millions have revealed million. All right. Ah Brandon search mega clam gold three words. It's easy. It might be full I don't know probably not we had to get rid of a couple people because they they couldn't follow the rule on how to donate Strange, I know All right. Hang on. Well, look, I think we have some room what we'll get him in there We because Brandon came up with a builder of a soccer field, I mean really Yeah, we got room. We got some extra slots make a claim Gold Know the 1 million reveal Let me show you this no All right, here we go.

Alright, so last attack with the party Wizards on the heavy on The H that's the heavy. This is the big base. We're going in. Okay, and I will close I'll close with another happy birthday song Cuz I know some of you guys just joined right start All you got to do is go to the channel you hit subscribe now I'm not telling you to skip subscribe, but the reason I do that is because then if I go live it bothers your phone It's kind of like a snapchat sorta It says hey Cheetos online. You should probably watch em, that's what it does Hey kids like a peat nip nevermind. Alright, here we go Last attack then we're gonna reset the studio for plants vs Zombies mass doesn't mass death is prolly would you shut up? I got there's no school tomorrow depending on where you live.

I don't know Okay, here we go I can't believe I still have a soccer field we probably should know but that's all right, nope You got to come over sometime man. You guys see the new studio. It's dope. I like this space its weak But yeah, I'm torn on to hit it. Yeah, should there's plenty of elixir in there? We'll get Queen no-name after it. It's not as good as Greg or Debbie, but she'll have a name on Sunday Have some thank you once at the end Go home, man, we got to make sure this is fun All right, here we go. Don't die, don't you? Know what a golem needs some party wizards and and they're fast. So, let's see if they can keep up now I am I'm gonna I'm gonna pay attention to Anastasia because this is a real attack. I'm actually paying attention Look at all these bombs that did they just kind of stacked up on accident Anastasia negative. There you go.

Oh that I'm sorry Queen no-name. She doesn't have a name yet Those stupid pesky You mean a lot of spells to make it through those those uh Eagle artillery. I think they're Opie. I have one Clash of souls live nice. Hey, that's funny soul weird. Oddly enough. This is my channel Isn't that funny you're in my channel when I'm live, that's crazy. I love it I'm wondering how you're alive what I'm life. I didn't know you could do both Frankly, that's cool. You should teach me how to do that. Alright, here we go Brendon Brendon had my back Logan had it Logan caught it You're all right. They'll clash. I'll come check it out. You're okay. I like to check everybody out You never know right? Maybe maybe classes hilarious, that'd be fun Please are we gonna get to start? No, we're gonna have to bring in the backup.

Thanks big a clang Gold Don't die. This is for star. No. No, I would normally wouldn't do this. But the reason I am right now is There's it add it you Normally the the reason I wouldn't do this, yeah that man it's gonna get expensive, but we need the star It's part of the challenge. Hey Edita is gonna be our last bass review, right? Adina is gonna be we got our star. I really like the party Wizards. I do I do I really like the party Wizards. So let's see. We got a looks like there's dye dye made it in So dye is gonna be with us I think diet is that dyes the one with the let's check their base. Yeah Dye has a soccer field I believe if I'm right. Yeah, there it is. So now we know Maybe it's okay Brandon. Don't worry.

Maybe tomorrow maybe tomorrow Maybe tomorrow I'll get to play against Brandon. That'll be no. It's I gotta Brendan make a claim Gold saved. There's a 30-second delay There's a 30-second delay. Hey a ditch yet Tell me if a ditch is still here 24 official not unofficial. How big is your base? What Town Hall? Aditya well, how big is your Town Hall? And how long have you been playing? Those are the requirements to get a base review. Otherwise, you are you're a bot in my book You just go to channel to channel and flash your face tag, which I've never really understood There's not really any benefit to doing that. It's not like somebody goes. Oh, wow. Look no now, we've seen it all we have Mostly up at Legends.

I wash fonts. He's in legends He's taken like nine hours to get a match. Not that long like two minutes, but you guys get the point fons is amazing He deserves to play at that level He's here. He wants to do it now. He wants to try it now All right, I'm down let's do it All right. Now I'm gonna restrict I'm gonna say it can only be archers Right because we got it we got a test we don't know we don't know what it's gonna do yet and this is very experimental very Experimental I hope the game devs are watching. I know they are they watch my channel all the time for new ideas. Mostly alright Or should it be here only Now cuz he just go smash that thing. Alright, it's the first time Dye is no a part of mega clincal. We're gonna say you're allowed to use one thing of barbarians You're only allowed to use one thing until we find out. Maybe it's more. Okay, here we go There's one thing. Oh, oh, hold up.

Hold up. What died didn't tell me is which one's his goalie? Which one's your goalie? I'm gonna surrender and then he can do it again. I need to know which one's the goalie Which one am I supposed to go after because that's gonna affect the AI it's gonna affect whether you go north or south in Clash land North is up, right and South is down left case. You didn't know He's gonna he's gonna request again once the 30-second delay goes through all right, do we have enough true piece? We do we can run another attack. I know that's what you guys love watching Either that me just show up to hear me crack jokes the entire time It's one of the two, uh, we're gonna have a couple regs. They're they're a little less expensive. We'll take them in That's some cover fire for the Queenie. Do we have? Clean, Anastasia.

No, this is no name. Yeah, this is Queen. No-name. All right, come on request again die Request again, he's gonna request again, but he has to tell me which one crusher got it Crusher send the request and we're rolling on the crusher. I Know master what mast do we know when it's gonna come to ie to iPhone? It's on Android We're just waiting for die to request and then we're gonna head in then we can shut it down. That'll be good We got to do some plants versus zombies. I got gyms to get and I might get a new hero tonight. I don't know I'm torn as to which one I want. Well, what would we wait for die to throw up his request? I'll get on I'll get an attack in They always got to have your spell's did you guys notice I really like the I always kind of have a combo of spells that I like to use Sometimes I go with two sometimes I don't it really just depends on what I what I feel like that morning here It goes.

All right. So the roaster is the goalie in this one So I'm what I'm 1-0 against Nope, right, but we'll see what happens here cuz I'm only allowed to use one rack Cable, it's bet I think but one rack is one thing of barbarians now. These are level 13 Okay, so I'm put them over here Hopefully they're gonna they're gonna do that. Okay run through now there there should be traps. There's allow you're allowed two traps I just don't know where they're at. Oh, there's one there was one Okay, those guys are going to their goalie. I don't know why I don't maybe they're defenseman So I'm gonna violate the rule and go there. I have to play there. Otherwise, I can't do anything, right? Okay, you're only allowed one rack Alright, so one rack I I Think works now died What I'm gonna do is I'm going to set up my base for tomorrow night stream And it's because it's 1 0. I'm undefeated but it's my channel now.

I do plan to lose I do I'm gonna lose tomorrow – nope and to die Which if you put those two words together, it's kind of funny because it says no die, which means don't die If you put them together, alright Alright, I wish I could respond but I don't have I it's not a good idea to build a live base Nobody wants to watch that. So I will build one tomorrow for that fort for tomorrow I will have my builder base in shape because die has every right to come back and hit me. Alright last attack of the night With the party wizards, then we'll sing. Happy birthday and go play plants vs. Zombies Thank you guys for joining joining my special. We had a lot of fun. I did – That's the only reason I sit in this chair. It's not very comfortable. I should get a new one. So I'll build those later We're attack worthy. I think Queen no names ready King Cletus is ready to rock.

We're good. We're good Wow Look at those air defenses. No. Thank you Now that that's one of those bases that's rush but it's okay because all the defenses are maxed no no, no you're gonna win Nobody's gonna win. He's gonna be yeah, he's gonna if he takes a Pekka against my queen she's gone The Pekka is the Pele of clash of clans soccer Stars are Lou stars or loot? Stars or Luke. This shouldn't be like that. There we go Stars or lead Stars no, that was a that was a star base, but I want both Do you guys play it like that? You're like you look at a base and you're like mmm I could hit it for loot, but I'd die. That's one choice or the other choices I could hit it and and and get stars and not get any loot. It's kinda like that base. All right We'll take a look at I think we got a bass review. I think we do have one but here's the problem I did you didn't tell us what Town Hall they were or how long they've been playing even though I said it three minutes ago It's kind of rushed what do you guys think party? Yeah.

Yeah. Yeah party warden. Where is my put he's sleeping? Leave it to the party warden to miss the birthday party and Cayden invited the barbs. I Think it said on the invite no Barb's that came anyway Let's go get this Queen I think the party Wizards are gonna take her down pretty fast If not the peck at will we saw that they're gonna need some heal and some job. Look at that I love jumping over that many walls at once. That's the way to use a jump spell She's having a hard time. She's having a hard time. She's okay, cuz we didn't bring her any healers on this one Over here Right. Those guys are going party wizards in effect. Now the the Pekka always goes around around the outside You guys hear me say that all the time to trailer park pekka's go around the outside Here's reg whiz Reg whiz I like those guys man. My Giants are going down pretty fast tonight.

That's fine. They did a good dent I need bigger ones Kings getting ready. Oh That would down so fast. I didn't even have a chance to hit the button We were just talking about that yesterday about how powerful single-stream Tesla or single-stream. Infernos are They'll wreck your day See I just let her go because I wanted you guys to see that those yeah, did you see those No, those those Valcke schematic that clan castle just dropped it. Now I could over spell but I'm not going to right I'm just not it's one of those. You're like Matt. You know what? All right So good attack got some loot. Let's see not a ton but Yeah, no, that's not what I wanted, but I got to see the party wizards and that's the important part I don't think they're gonna be around forever Maybe not. All right. Here's our agenda takes about Normally about 30 minutes.

So let's say at top of the hour a top of the hour will do plants vs. Zombies Alright, for those of you that like that. We'll be getting some gems. I might get a new hero. I'm pretty It's 10 so I'm gonna say this I'm pretty damn good with wall night I'm just saying I even beat mass death once just once But I'm not sure if they were letting me win do that think they're little younger than me, though I think they were letting me win which is fine. I got the win but then they came around and jack slapped me That's all people talk for I got beat it is what it is. Alright, so with that being said here what last time? Last time and there's no birthday party for plants vs. Zombies.

I'm sad, but we're we are gonna have a party for The announcement when it comes out to iPhone a plants vs. Zombies 3 you guys ready here we go Day to clash Happy birthday to clash Happy birthday for taking my money Just kidding Happy bird. I Don't want to set my house on fire All right. Thank you guys. You guys are amazing. I love you guys. Alright with that being said, here we go. We're out I'll see you guys in just a little bit for plants vs. Zombies piece of grease Kaden I don't think Kane is here maybe is if he is Keep your fingers clean heaven birthday It's the last widget.