– Roberto… – Yes, honey? What the fuck is this? Here! – Here, what the fuck is this? – Wait, what’s going on? What? Who’s this tramp you’re fooling around with? What tramp? Roberto, I’m gonna cut your finger off with a pair of scissors. – Wanda, bring me the scissors! – Chill! Chill! Honey, chill! – What is this picture on the phone? – What picture? That picture? This picture, yeah. Are you playing dumb now? – Wait, I’m not playing dumb! – Look at! – That’s your phone! – I don’t care if it’s my phone, Roberto! Your wiener has no limits! – Listen to me. – What. – Who’s this? – That’s… That’s you, honey. – Roberto, she’s enormously fat! – That’s you, look closely… There’s no way she’s me.

That ankle looks like the knee of a pig. Look at those thighs, they look like a nightstand! Roberto, do you think I look fat? Do you think she’s me, Roberto? Am I this big? Do you see me like that? No… – So who’s this? – Yeah, it’s not you. – It isn’t me? – No. – So who is this, Roberto? – That’s… that’s… – Say it! – That’s… – Roberto, tell me who it is! – It’s Soraya, I don’t know! – Soraya? – Yeah. – Where did you meet this Soraya? – Soraya is a friend. A friend? Since when do skanks have friends? They don’t! Roberto… – I met her… – Where did you meet her? I went to the theater with her. Roberto, it’s been a year since you’ve been to the theater. – I went to the movies. – Liar! – I went to a club. – You’re lying! I went to a bar, I went to a race track. Who is this? Look at it! That, I don’t know.

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That woman… That’s not me, right? – That one? – That’s not me. – Oh, honey. – That’s not me. Oh, that’s my half-brother, Vitinho, on Christmas Eve. That’s your half-brother. I told I wasn’t that person. – You’re nuts, you’re crazy! – Honey… I couldn’t even see that it wasn’t me. You’ve been arguing with me this whole time. If you looked carefully and stopped being so paranoid, you’d see that I’m in the background. – Where? – That’s me in the background. – Talking to your cousin Veronica. – To whom? – Oh, fuck this. – With Veronica? I asked you so much! Veronica, of all people? Tradução e legendas: Melissa Prado Wait, wait, wait, what are you… honey? What are doing with that bag? What’s that bag there? – You were gonna give it to whom? – That’s Mandela’s funeral, honey. That’s Bill Clinton giving his condolences with all the people there… Apartheid. – Looks like you though.

– Yeah, maybe. There, there, there! That's you! Honey? Taking a stroll? Walking in a park? – Who’s that girl with you? – That’s the Columbine massacre, honey. – Those are the killers of Columbine. – Weren’t you there? No, I wasn’t even there. – Oh, okay. – I would be dead. Oh, no. There, you with Sabrina Sato, there. – That’s João Vicente. – That one? That’s João Vicente. That’s an old picture, they’ve broken up. She’s on Record Channel now. Oh, okay. All right, then. Honey! What are you doing there? What are you doing there? There! That’s Sérgio Cabral, the candidate. Those are all candidate pictures. There, that’s you again! There! Isn’t that you? Who’s that? That’s Dilma Rousseff, honey..

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