Video: ChorusClass


Chorus members need practices and rehearsals. Have you thought about an easier way for your chorus members to learn their parts? ChorusClass is an app that makes it possible for chorus members to practice anytime, anywhere. With the ChorusClass app, you or your choirmaster can record the songs your friends need to practice – part by part. You can record the parts and then invite your chorus friends so they can practice the songs as well. You can also collaborate with your choir friends, letting them record their parts separately and share it with one another to make a whole song.

The songs can have several tracks. You can mute the parts you don't want to hear when practicing. When starting, you might only want to hear your own part, then your own plus another, and then maybe all but your own. How you practice is up to you! Rehearse your song anytime and anywhere you want to. You can be sure to stun your choirmaster, because you’ve been practising with the best app! Download the ChorusClass app today on the App Store or Google Play and perfect your singing!.

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