/Cardi B Knows What She’s Naming Her First Child

Cardi B Knows What She’s Naming Her First Child

Video: Cardi B Knows What She’s Naming Her First Child


First of all, I should offer you– I know you're probably having cravings. What are you craving? It really depends. Like sometimes– it really depends. This whole week I've been eating ice cream, ice cream, ice cream. Then like, I like everything like lemonish. Mm hm. Lemish. Lemonish. Yeah. Lemonish. Darn it. I heard you were craving something different. I got something for you. But maybe you'll crave it once you see it. I got doughnuts for you. Oh snap! Doughnuts! Yeah. Right.

[INAUDIBLE] I like doughnuts. Yeah? All right. They're here. Although I thought it was Boston cream doughnuts. Oh, there's one right there. Boston cream. That used to be my favorite– Boston cream. But then these are all the chocolate-filled. But whatever. Are you going to be able to pick anything up with those nails? Hell yeah. Yeah. I can do everything with these. They're– Really? So those– I mean, they really are long. That's– you can do anything with those? Anything. Well. If you can clean your butts, you can do anything. Uh huh. Yep. That was exactly my question. It's so weird how you read my mind. It really is weird. You're going to have a baby. And have you thought of names? Yeah. My dude named the baby. I really like the name.

He named it already? Mm hm. And what is it? I'm going to let– I'm going let him say the name– OK. Since he named the baby. Right. I'm just going to guess. Um– Susan. No. No. No. More complicated than that. Is it going to be like a tricky name? It's like almost tricky. But when like it comes out, it's like, ah! Yeah. I'll give you $20,000 if you name it Ellen. Can I put it in the middle name? [AUDIENCE LAUGHTER] We'll think about it. Maybe. Maybe. All right. Maybe. I'm going to think about that. I got something for her. Hopefully it's a her. I'm just guessing. I got– That is so beaut! Come on! I love you, y'all! .

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