/Cara Mengetahui Password WiFi Yang Tersimpan Di Hp Xiaomi

Cara Mengetahui Password WiFi Yang Tersimpan Di Hp Xiaomi

Video: Cara Mengetahui Password WiFi Yang Tersimpan Di Hp Xiaomi


Hey guys, how are you? when you forget the Wi-Fi password that has been stored and connected on Xiaomi phones then there is an easy way to find out please watch the tutorial video. and for those who have not subscribed to this Syam Kapuk channel, please subscribe first. the first step, you first prepare another mobile device Then install an app called "QR & barcode" you can download these apps on the Play Store. or through the link in the description of my video the next step on Xiaomi phones that are already connected to WiFi, you click on the name of the WiFi network then after the barcode appears like this, now you open "QR & barcode" apps on the other cellphone to do a scan if there is a permission request, you allow it, then scan Okay it's succeeded, next here are two choices that is, a WiFi icon to connect devices directly to wifi and the second is the share icon to find out or share this wifi password with others now I choose share.

then here you can share it with WhatsApp friends or on other social media. besides that we can also copy it into writing to find out the password and wifi name Okay here I choose WhatsApp Next select the name of a contact, and do not need to be sent, just select it. Okay for the name and WiFi password stored on the Xiaomi cellphone, it was already known. okay friends, that's a short tutorial how to find out WiFi passwords that have been stored and connected on Xiaomi phones. Hopefully it can be useful. and thank you I say for all of you who have watched Don't forget to subscribe, like, comment and share this video on your social media. Thanks you…

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