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Cara Menambah Bahasa Sistem Di Android

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Hey guys, how are you? If you want to add or change the system language on your Android phone, it's very easy And this can be done on all types of Android phones. Okay, please watch the tutorial video, and don't forget to subscribe to Syam Kapuk's channel. first step, please open the settings menu on your cellphone Then in this settings menu you are looking for "Language selection" and if you are confused which one is for language choice just type "Language" at the top and if the language in this setting menu is English, then just type "language" After that you select "language and input" then select "language" again Next to add a new language to this Android phone, you just have to select "add language" the next one is displayed in various languages and for example, I will now add English Okay, I scroll down and select English next for the country, I choose here United States of America and next on this language list there are two, one Indonesian and English Then to make English into a system language, next you slide the Indonesian language down press and hold down, and the next for English to be the system language on Android phones, And vice versa, if we want to change again to Indonesian, just press and hold it, then to the top.

That's my friends, for a short tutorial on how to change or add languages on an Android phone very short and hopefully it can be useful. and thank you I say to all of you who have already visited. Thanks you…

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