/Cara Kirim SMS Tanpa Terlihat Nomer Oleh Penerima

Cara Kirim SMS Tanpa Terlihat Nomer Oleh Penerima

Video: Cara Kirim SMS Tanpa Terlihat Nomer Oleh Penerima


Hay guys, how are you? I hope everything is good and all healthy sending SMS messages without the recipient's number will definitely confuse the boyfriend you sent the message because let alone to reply to incoming messages, even to see the number can not Okay before proceeding to the tutorial, make sure you don't abuse this method to do something that is harmful to others and another for those of you who haven't subscribed, please subscribe first first step, you have to download an app in the playstore called "Hushed" or here it says "Free SMS and call numbers" Previously I had made a tutorial about these apps to sign up for a Whatsapp account without using a telephone number now I will practice it to send SMS without the sender's number Okay now open apps make friends who first use "Hushed" apps here you must register an account by having Sign up and select login if you have created an account now I choose login because I already have an account then enter the email and password that was previously registered then select login the next step select "Get new number" to get a private number that will be used to send SMS then select the desired country code Area codes are available from various countries but if we determine ourselves and the country we want below payment will be charged and to get the free version just choose the top one is "Get a free 3 day number" which is a free number that can be used for 3 days the next step here you will be asked to enter the 3 digit American telephone number code For example, I made the code 816 Next you will get a personal number that will be used to send SMS messages without the sender's number after that then select "Claim" to get this free number for 3 days and if you want to be extended, of course you have to make a payment of "Thirty thousand rupiahs" Okay it's done then you select the contact to send the SMS message to for example, a contact I choose to send a message and later you will see if you can succeed in sending the SMS message, without displaying a personal number after the message I send it to the other cellphone then you open the contents of the message and see the sender's number apparently nothing at the top which usually displays the number of the SMS sender, here only displays SMS info and the recipient of course will be confused, because he cannot see who sent the SMS Besides that the recipient also cannot reply and can only read it Okay friends, maybe just for the video tutorial on this occasion and once again, please do not use this method for things that are detrimental to others, especially to do evil okay Don't forget to subscribe, like, and comment if you like the video Thanks you.

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