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The gl tools application is a tool wherein the term is customization to improve performance and graphics on android applications / games, and will improve the speed of the application / game. The features are as follows. In this video I will share how to install gl tools safely without using twrp or magisk. Check out more …! The most secure way to install gl tool is like installing a normal application, for the application link you can look in the description column.

Then you look for the application, then you install it, Then you open the application. And you allow all permissions. Then my friend checks, in the column below, And buddy click install. Here I do not recommend that you install it via twrp or magisk Because it will be at risk of bootloop on the device you are using. Now, buddy click install, And give the superuser permission. Then your friend, will do a soft reboot automatically. Buddy wait until your friend's device comes back to life. After that, you open the gltools application, Then you select the application / game that you want to modify by using these gl tools. To enable custemization of gl tools on the application, you must check, "enable custom setting for this app" Then, for standard purposes so as not to lag when running the application, you only need to check these two settings. And if you want to display the FPS counter on the application, Friend select "use fps counter" Then you select on screen, Then for the location settings you can choose according to taste.

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Then, you can also use fake gpu info Or fake CPU / RAM info. Useful To change the settings read by the application by default. so you can access / use the highest settings of the application you modified in the settings of the gl tools. Then you check both of them. And friend select "use template" Then you choose which gpu you will use, to manipulate the application. If your smartphone uses the cpu mali from mediatek and the application asks for a cpu adreno version like that … to be able to access friends in the application, then you select Adreno. You can also activate ultra hdr graphics or extreme smoth in pubg games by using this fake setting. After finishing setting up, then you are back And my friend open the application that has been modif friend in the settings gl tools. The following is an example of the gltool setting to display the fps counter in a game And for those of you who just joined this channel don't forget to click the subscribe button and the notification bell so you don't miss the latest info and updates related to Android.

Then, if there is a bootloop on your device, after installing these gl tools. Friend entered twrp mode. Then friend to install menu. Then you select uninstaller gltools. Then swipe. And the dalvik wipe and chace Then reboot the system. Well, so first from me about how to easily install gl tools on Android. Don't forget you like and share this video, then subscribe to the channel. We will meet again in the next video..