/Car Games for Children : Karaoke Car Games

Car Games for Children : Karaoke Car Games

Video: Car Games for Children : Karaoke Car Games


Hi, I'm Katalin, the creator of creative English in Hungary. We are here on behalf of Expert Village. Now, I'm going to show you a few examples of travel games with children. Our last game for today is the never boring Karaoke. You can take your child's favorite CD. You can listen to the radio or take a book or a CD player with you. Don't forget to take the microphone with you. If your child is a little bit shy. Then you can put it on full volume, so you can't actually hear your child singing. But it will give him or her the confidence of singing.

Singing is always good. It makes you cheerful. Later on the whole family can sing the song together. Have fun. Sometimes traveling, especially on a long journey can be very boring for your child. Even when you are stuck in a traffic jam, they just want to get home, they've had enough of everything. They love playing with you and they will appreciate the time and traveling won't be a bad memory for them. Sometimes, it can make a good basic for a nice family journey..

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