/Caller ID Spoofing PSA

Caller ID Spoofing PSA

Video: Caller ID Spoofing PSA


Hi I'm Cst. Julie Tilbury with the Thunder Bay Police Service. I want to remind you today to not always trust your Caller ID. Modern technology has become very sophisticated. It's also become very easy to use. This allows fraudsters to mask or give a false Caller ID When calling your home. Caller ID can lure you into a false sense of security. Currently the Thunder Bay Police Service is investigating an incident where the complainant says they were called by the Canada Immigration Agency. At the same time they received a call from 684-1200, which is the non-emergency line of the Thunder Bay Police Service. In the exchange of conversation they were advised that a warrant would go out for their arrest if they did not provide banking information in order to stop the arrest from going through.

We want to assure the public that the police do not work in this manner. They will not request money or funds or work with another organization that does to avoid an arrest warrant. If you happen to receive one of these types of calls please contact the police if you've happened to give out any information and believe you are a victim of a fraud. Remember, knowledge is power. To learn more about the latest frauds and scams that are going on in Canada visit the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre online..

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