/Call-to-Action: How to Write High-Converting CTAs (+ Examples)

Call-to-Action: How to Write High-Converting CTAs (+ Examples)

Video: Call-to-Action: How to Write High-Converting CTAs (+ Examples)


Today I'm going to show you tips, tricks and hacks to optimize your CTAs to the max I'm Julie from Sleeknote and I'm going to show you how get out of your writer's block and inspire you to create irresistible CTAs that will convert your visitors in a jiffy Have you experienced this? If you're supposed to write a convincing copy and an irresistible CTA and you just can't think of anything? Well I think we've all been here and it's annoying, right? A call to action is just a button or a small sentence but that doesn't make it less important The first thing you need to do is to define the purpose and goal of your message Do you want to capture leads? Do you want more customers? Or do you want more traffic on your website? Whatever the purpose is your CTA should always support it Next a powerful CTA is short and precise You don't need to write a long novel a single sentence can easily do the trick Take a look at this example from Manpacks The purpose is clearly to convert visitors into customers and it doesn't get more simple than this It tells the visitors exactly what the product is and what they're expected to do Let's take a look at another example Maybe you want to collect leads for your email list and you offer something in return for their email? Well here you should focus on "What's in it for me?" Let's take a look at a CTA from Floyd which is great by the way First they have a super enticing headline The combination of a number, a dollar sign and the word discount is a great CTA because it tells you exactly what you get in just a simple sentence second they have included a short sentence with a condition of getting the discount and finally the CTA button is short and precise and it focuses on the value When you write your CTA it's very important that you always tell the visitors what to expect when clicking the button Don't just write "subscribe" or "sign up" I see it all the time and I can't emphasize this enough Don't do it Now let's look at a few best practices when you format your CTAs First let's look at colors The color of your CTA should always stand out from the background it appears on If you choose colors that are similar to your background you'll not be able to read the text It might seem obvious but I'm telling you this because I keep seeing examples of colors blending together and it's often a good idea to use bright colors but the bottom line is you should always test different colors to see which works best on your site and for your specific purpose Now let's move on to fonts and sizes My recommendation is to always use the same font throughout your website Consistency shows control and expertise and it might seem like an insignificant detail but how would you feel if you visit a website with different fonts on each site It wouldn't make a very good impression, wouldn't it? so choose a font that's simple and easy to read So what about size? In this case size does matter Your headline should always be bigger than the rest of the text but be careful it shouldn't get out of proportion The same goes with the button It should fit the content but don't make it bigger because you think more people will see it instead use a different color to make it stand out Now it's time to get creative Do you sometimes feel like all creativity has left your body and all that's left is a big blank space? Don't worry.

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I'll guide you out of your writer's block so you can create powerful, high-converting CTAs Now when I say creative I really mean unique and interesting This way people will notice you but how? One way is to use humor Humor is enticing and it draws attention and this is a great example of using humor in a CTA The headline draws attention and makes you intrigued to read the rest The first part of the pop-up is really good but the second part is a bit disappointing after an awesome introduction instead they should have given a sneak peek into what their emails are about and why I should want to receive them but there's a catch Humor is not for everyone If you decide to use humor you need to make sure it's appropriate for your business and as always the best thing is to test what works best for you That was all for me today and I'm just gonna sum up for you what we've just learned You should define your goal and purpose before writing You should focus on the value and "what's in it for me?" Don't ever write subscribe or sign up Be creative.

Be unique and interesting by adding humor And test, test and test again Obviously you're dying to start implementing all of these amazing tips but before you do anything hit subscribe right here You don't want to miss out on even more invaluable hacks – I promise and if you want to learn more about writing powerful CTAs and see more examples Click this floating box See you next time fellow geeks.