/Call of Duty World War 2 (WWII) – How To Fix Lag/Get More FPS and Improve Performance

Call of Duty World War 2 (WWII) – How To Fix Lag/Get More FPS and Improve Performance

Video: Call of Duty World War 2 (WWII) – How To Fix Lag/Get More FPS and Improve Performance


Welcome to the brand new "The Fall of the Call of Duty"- I mean Call of Duty Same S#it different November. Wait, its actually called World War II. Yes thats the correct name. When the game released it had 10/10 rating on Steam. Everyone was happy.. and all of a sudden the rating dropped harder than Hitler's success after he invaded the Soviets. Just like the performance dropped on this system. Coincidence? I don't think so. Let's see if something can be done in order to help this game run at all. If you're new to my channel you might not know about this, but I'm the head of production of this little project called "Low Specs Experience".

What is this? Its a simple little app made by PC gamers for PC gamers that need help in running new and old titles on their system. How does it work? Well, its very simple indeed. You just have to download it, install it and then start it. Find Call of Duty WWII in the optimization section and press load optimization. Extract this 7-Zip installation to the location where your game has been installed and start ragnotech control panel gui from game folder. I hope you're following? After you open the control panel, simply select the method of optimization and the resolution you would like to run this game on. I'll go with 1080p since this PC is more than capable of pushing this resolution, but it lacks some power in terms of erm these "frames per second". So basically after you select the method of optimization and resolution, press optimize and then start your game.

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Now your game should feel a little bit smoother than before. If you do everything correctly its gonna improve the performance by a significant margin on almost all systems. I said almost, so don't expect miracles on systems with a ton of bottleneck. So yeah, thats all I had to share for the new Call of Duty World War II optimization video. I hope you guys enjoyed it. If you did don't forget the like the video if you liked it, dislike the video if you feel the complete opposite. I'll see you guys next time with a whole new video. This has been Ragnos, signing off….