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Call of Duty Strike Team Hi everyone. So Call of Duty has finally been released for Android and it takes a slightly hybrid approach to the usual Call of Duty formula. It's a first person shooter but it also has a tactical shooter element which with a kind of real time strategy game going on. Now you can switch between these two modes at any time and realistically it kind of adds a new dimension to the Call of Duty games.

It does fix a few things that sometimes don't work so well on mobile but it introduces a whole host of new problems as well. So the idea is you are a strike team. Call of Duty Strike Team You are sent into particular missions to retrieve intell, kill somebody, do whatever is required. There is a loose story linking all of this together that involves a from what we can tell, a faction of the Russians being naughty and trying to take over the world and destroy things, the usual. Now like I say, the game allows you to switch between first-person and tactical view on the fly. You simply press a button in the top right hand corner. Call of Duty Strike Team Now part of the frustration with this game comes from the gyroscopic controls which are optional, you can turn them on or off but we always like to play a game based on how it's suggested by the developers as we play and the game makes it clear that this option is available.

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Unfortunately it doesn't work very well with gyroscopic turned on. Turn it off. Now what you can see on the left and right at the screen are two small targeting markers and those allow you to flick very quickly in first person view between various targets. The problem is it doesn't work very well it's quite buggy. You'll see some footage of that in a moment. But overall it's an interesting concept for a game. The graphics are OK, they're not brilliant or anything, they're OK. But it almost feels like they should have focused on producing one type of game well Call of Duty Strike Team rather than attempting to do quite a few. So there's the targeting system going wrong and attempting to lock on to a wall even though there are some guys directly in front me who tried to shoot me. The number of times I've died due to bugs and glitches in this game is almost unacceptable, especially when this is a premium title costing around £4 and then it has in-app purchases. Great! So unfortunately if you want to be able to buy things like health packs Call of Duty Strike Team and so on you're going to have to use the currency. If you haven't got enough currency you're going to have to buy an in-app purchase to get more in-game currency.

Unfortunately when you've got a game that is this buggy you die an awful lot so it's a bit of a nasty trade-off in my opinion, to have a game that you're paying a premium rate on mobile for then has in-app purchases and then is laden with bugs that mean you lock onto the wrong thing, get stuck in doorways all sorts of stuff that means that you die and you know, you're going to have to pay money. There are some really cool moments in this game, like I say, they've done a great job at kind of putting a package together here that feels like Call of Duty but if only they'd focused on getting a great first person shooter or a great real time strategy game or tactical shooter game then it might have turned out an awful lot better. Call of Duty Strike Team Unfortunately it just feels like a bit of a confusing mess at times. The first person shooter stuff works well apart from the gyroscope and obviously locking onto things in the wrong way but then the game becomes too difficult in some places to progress without using a tactical view. Tactical view is good on its own but the game becomes too difficult in places where you then have to go into first person mode Call of Duty Strike Team and all of this kind of leads to a game that doesn't feel very well polished, or, you know, well-executed in any one of the areas it's trying to do quite well at.

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Overall there are better tactical shooters and there are better first-person shooters. Can we look at this game because it's you know, one of the first ones to really do both simultaneously and say well you know it's great at doing that? Well yes to a certain extent we can but the number of bugs are just frustrating unfortunately. For instance literally while I've been doing this review Activision have released a 1.98gig patch for Call of Duty on Android which has me just shaking my head a little bit wondering well why didn't you release that yesterday Call of Duty Strike Team when you released the game? But anyway, and also why it's causing the full download on everyone is beyond me but there's the whole host of different weapons you can get as well. Obviously you can unlock those using in game currency. You may have to if you want guns quickly buy some in-game currency, you can upgrade your armour, buy perks and so on, and all of it feels very Call of Duty but I'm afraid it's not a great game overall in my opinion. Call of Duty Strike Team .