/Call of Duty Mobile – 11 Killstreak Gameplay + Overview – iPhone 11 Pro Max

Call of Duty Mobile – 11 Killstreak Gameplay + Overview – iPhone 11 Pro Max

Video: Call of Duty Mobile – 11 Killstreak Gameplay + Overview – iPhone 11 Pro Max


What's up guys Chigz here from Chigz Tech Reviews. So today we are going to be checking out Call of Duty Mobile and I have downloaded the game on both my new iPhone 11 Pro Max and the Huawei P30 Pro. So this is what the game looks like. Now I have logged in with my Facebook so you can see it says Chigz Tech Level 8. Now you do have customizable loadouts you can unlock guns and perks along the way I just unlocked the aks-74u you can also unlock attachments for each gun so far it does seem to be the full Call of Duty experience as you would expect on a game console so along with your loadout on this side you have all your perks and you can choose 3 different soldiers SpecOps 1 2 & 3 over here you have operator skills I have unlocked a purifier which is flame through a blast a certain time in the game you'll be able to use a flamethrower and there are quite a few that you can still unlock you've got you've got your lethal throwing section so I've unlocked a grenade already and down here you have your perks so fast recover you've got others called persistence flak jacket which we're quite familiar with skulker which makes you move faster agile and lightweight so fast recovery is unlocked I've got quite a few time locks still over here scavenger or vulture is unlocked over here you've got toughness tracker ghost cold blooded and hardwired so a lot to unlock and over here is multiplayer battle royale just unlocked and says coming soon here that could be a single-player viable mission now I have just unlocked battle royal so I would click on it so battle royal is going to be pub G mobile mode and it's going to be quite interesting and we will be checking that out in a bit so now onto some gameplay so I've been playing this game for a while so check out some real-time gameplay on a couple of my matches now the multiplayer maps are literally all the popular ones I was quite happy to see these maps because I'm very used to them and most of you Call of Duty fans out there are going to be used to these maps you're going to enjoy these maps so the gameplay is really smooth it's it's quality gameplay after a game or two you forget that you're playing phone it actually feels like you're playing on a console so let's jump straight in to some gameplay footage and I'll be right back everyone I was MVP I killed 12 people so now we are going to check out battle royal mode it is a bit like pub G so let's get started so there you have it guys that was my quick overview and gameplay of Call of Duty mobile now this has to be the best FPS game I have ever played on a mobile platform smooth gameplay graphics look amazing and the multiplayer is very addictive you have everything you have come to expect from a Call of Duty multiplayer game which include variety of weapons upgrades attachments perks and lots lots more now this is without a doubt the best FPS mobile game of the year and probably of all time and the amazing thing is it's free to download and play yes there are in-app purchases to unlock things quicker but personally I prefer to unlock things with skill if you've not played it yet download it right now free of charge it's around 1.

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2 gigs in size and available on both Android and iOS devices now I've not got it to work on an Android TV box yet and I have tried a few boxes already but if I do get it to work I will certainly shoot a video on it I hope you enjoyed the video thank you so much for watching and I hope you all have a brilliant day See you next time guys.