/Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 ► PLATINUM Trophy Overview and Tips!

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 ► PLATINUM Trophy Overview and Tips!

Video: Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 ► PLATINUM Trophy Overview and Tips!


Hello everyone this is Sanadsk! And today, I am going to be starting a new series which I had in mind for quite some time now, and that’s Platinum Trophy Review! Now I am a very big trophy-hunting fan and I’ve got more than 3000 trophies and almost 50 Platinum trophies on my profile. If you don’t know what the Platinum Trophy is, it’s basically the trophy you get once you earn every single trophy in that game on PlayStation. What makes it special is that it’s a great milestone to show people that you’ve done this specific achievement, especially in Single-Player games since you don’t have any stats or leaderboards to show. And in most cases, getting the Platinum Trophy means you have 100% completed everything in the game, as well as some hard challenges that aren’t in the game itself.

And today, what I am going to be doing is doing a general overview of the trophies and achievements for Call of Duty Black Ops 4, and I’ve got to say, it’s much harder than usual. Black Ops 4 doesn’t have a campaign mode, and the campaign-related trophies took up most of the spots in previous games, but this time they have been split between Blackout, Multiplayer and Zombies. So I am going to be sorting each gamemode on its own trophies, starting with BlackOut. Without further ado, let’s begin! So there is a total of 5 trophies for Blackout, but they actually might be the most stressful out of all the trophies. For a start, you have to earn 10 wins in Blackout to unlock a trophy, and that’s not an easy task for a lot of people. And if you didn’t think this is stressful enough, wait until you hear the next ones. So as you know, you unlock characters in Blackout by completing specific challenges that you can earn inside the game. So to unlock Richtofen for example, you have to be lucky enough to find a Raygun, kill Zombies with it and finish in Top 10. Others like Raul Menendez, you have to find a special item called the Locket, which is an important object in the storyline of Black Ops 2, and you have to kill an enemy using Melee, and kill another using a Shotgun, and finishing the game with that item, all in the same game.

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It is very similar for the other characters, but each have different items and challenges, and it’s kinda bad because it relies HEAVILY on luck. Like, even if you were lucky enough to find the item and finish the challenges, you might die at one of the challenges and you have to start again. Currently, there are some of the characters that we still don’t know how they are unlocked, but they all share the same “formula”: Find a special weapon or item, do a challenge or two and finish the game while you have it. So to sum it up with Blackout, you need to play ALOT to actually finish its trophies, and even if you know the challenges which they will soon all be online, you still need to find the items and you also need to win 10 games so, yeah that’s Blackout! ____________________________________________________________________________ Next we have is Multiplayer, and I want to talk about another thing which is similar to Multiplayer, which is called Specialist HQ. For a start, the online multiplayer only has 5 trophies, and what you need to do to get them is reach max level which is level 55. You also have to win 50 games, which you’ll get naturally while playing the game. There are 2 trophies that you have to get 10 Medals based on Special Issue Weapons, and another 10 Medals based on Special Issue Equipment.

These are the specialist abilities, and it’s a very straightforward trophy. You just have to use specialists, get kills with them, use their equipment and stuff like that. Although they have to be some sort of special feat you can say like getting a double kill with the specialist issue or weapon. I suggest you use Objective based games as enemies are usually in groups there. I found the Prophet, Firebreak and !!!!! classes to be very good for this. As for the Specialist HQ there is 5 trophies for it, and it’s basically multiplayer but with bots. You have to complete a mission with each specialist, each on 3 different difficutly, which is 30 matches, which is a lot to be honest, but there are some story cutscenes that are actually interesting to the story of those specialist characters but the gameplay is very repetitive.

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There are also challenges you need to take into consideration, as you need to complete all of them to earn all of the Intel Files. The challenges aren’t tough, but I am not sure why they decided to make this. If I wanted to play 30 matches of multiplayer, I would rather play them Online and level up in the process, not just unlock some videos that I can watch on YouTube. You also have to complete all the missions in Veteran difficulty, which can be tough as the bots are much better and accurate. ____________________________________________________________________________ And now, we finally reach Zombies! Zombies this time has a whooping 36 trophies. Yes! Now for a start, as of the time of this video, the main easter eggs for IX, Voyage of Despair and Blood of the Dead hasn’t been solved yet, so you’re going to be adding the difficulty of finishing the easter egg alongside the other trophies.

Now first, for the map IX, the most notable trophy is the Survive to Round 20 in the spawn area, and it’s actually easier than it sounds. If you complete the challenge banners, which you activate by knifing a banner, once you complete 3 challenges, you get a Pack-A-Punched full automatic pistol, which is actually one of the best weapons in the entire game. So you’ll need to of course run trains, I prefer running in one of the sections of the circle, and when the bosses spawn, just use the specialist ability and you should be just fine. I use the Viper and Dragon. I saw them as the best for me. Next, for Blood of the Dead, there is also another trophy that you have to Survive to Round 20 in the first section of the map without going to the catwalk. This might sound impossible, but it’s actually very easy because of the trap in that area. The great thing about it is that when you activate it and stand near it, the zombies won’t even attack you and they’ll just run to the trap and die.

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Just activate it at the start of the round one once it’s recharging, you’ll need to just run one or two trains and the round will just finish, and that’s on Round 20. I also buy the submachine gun on the wall which is very strong and gathers a decent amount of points. The other challenges in this map are mostly stuff related to crafting Easter Egg weapons and stuff, which if you learn, they should be straightforward to you. And finally, for Voyage of Despair, there is a trophy that you have to survive to round 20 without draining the water. I actually discovered that you can drain the water when I saw this trophy pop up and wondering what it was. It’s not very hard in this map as you can open up the entire map and if you can get decent weapons like the Kraken, it shouldn’t be that tough.

There are also trophies related to the new Zombie Rush gamemode, which is by the way amazing and super fun, which you can get by playing public or solo matches as they are very straight forward. You need to make your multiplier reach 100, which if you don’t get hit often and gather the coin thingys, it’s easy. You also have to get 250,000 points yourself, and 500,000 points gathered from the entire team. It’s much easier than it sounds, trust me. So in general, the game isn’t easy to platinum. There are alot of trophies which are online-related, which I myself dislike as I like challenging singleplayer trophies more, but that won’t stop me from aiming to get this Platinum Trophy! I hope you all enjoyed this video, make sure to give it a like as it would help me greatly, and I might be covering a bit more about the game in the future. And for the next Platinum Review, I am going to be doing Soul Calibur 6 so be sure to stay tuned for that.

So I’ll be seeing you later! Bye Bye!.