/By the way, Can You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse? | Part 1

By the way, Can You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse? | Part 1

Video: By the way, Can You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse? | Part 1


Daniel: For the remainder of this video when I say zombies, I mean the fast kind not the slow Walking Dead style. Alright? Okay, are we cool? If even a single one of you comment about how there are different types of zombies. I swear we're sticking the fast zombie land type of zombies. So, today we're going to be playing: Can you survive the zombie apocalypse? Alright I personally love the idea of zombies: Something about surviving a horde of human flesh-eating undead people roaming around the town excites me Hosuh: Okay hat's a little weird- Stephen: Keep it in your pants Daniel Daniel: No, obviously there are personal traits that play a role into when you're when you're trying to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Like how fit you are. or like do you feel anything when you kill someone that looks like a human being? or are you smart enough to pick out the right type of people? or how prepared you are and etc. But, assessing the situation quickly is a crucial survival skill. SO, today I'm going to be giving you guys scenarios to pick from. And each scenario will lead you to the next stage. Until you either escape, or die in the process. And the less number of times you die. or pick the wrong answer in this process; the higher your survival skills are. Alright? Stephen: Okie doke let's kill Hosah. Hosuh: Okay, wel- wait what? Daniel: Alright here we go. Man, we're really milking this whole show thing aren't we? *short awkward laughs later" Daniel: Alright, so you're just finishing up shopping and you're on your way home.

You hear on the news radio that a zombie apocalypse broke out. So you rush home now just when you're about to enter your house or your apartment. you see a woman running up towards you with the zombie also running behind her. She yells "help help please save me!" What do you do? A: drop everything and help her. B: close the door and act like nothing happened. C: go into your house and get some makeshift weapon and come out. D: keep the door open for her to come in. Stephen: She's dead honestly any time you try to help someone you're just putting your own life in danger. I don't care who it is unless I actually know them. They're gonna have to die by themselves. Hosuh: Shoot if that was me. I would have tried to help. That's me. It's just me. That's probably the wrong choice to make. Daniel?: Obviously. *weird laugh* Hosuh: yeah… Stephen: So wait one sec. So the objective of the game is just survive as long as possible? Daniel: Yeah survive and pick the right choices Stephen: Oh, that's easy.

[So Hosah's gonna die] Hosuh: No, no wait! So we're trying to make the right choice not the choices that we would make? Daniel: Yeah Just just you're trying to get it right to survive. Hosuh: Ughh, this is hard alright. *more awkward laughter* Daniel: Well, what did you guys pick A, B, C, or D? Stephen: Honestly close the door act like nothing happened. Another mouth to feed is too Hard. Hosuh: Oh, I would pick "D", keep the door open for her to come in. Stephen: AND other zombies Hosuh: Yeah! Daniel: Yeah, the answer is B. Because people that constantly ask for other people's help, will usually end up betraying you for their own survival later on. And although having company is important, someone helpless is not worth saving in a survival situation. Because they may stab you back later. Stephen?: Easy. Don't worry. Daniel: Okay, now you're home. You heartless bastard you left the woman to die! *laughter* Daniel: But you shrug it off, because you're cool right? Now you lock the doors, and you make sure all the windows are locked as well.

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What is your first course of action? A: Let's make some Makeshift Weapons ASAP B: Go to the window and see how the zombies behave. C: charge the batteries fill everything with water D: poop first think later. Stephen: Gross. Hosuh: Umm, I think I'll go with C. If it was me. Daniel: why? Hosuh: Because who knows? Ummm~ Okay, so charging the batteries; you can just let it sit, and then you can do other things But it should come first. You don't know when the electricity will disappear Stephen: Yeah, I agree with Hosah. If you're in a safe area. You should stock up on stuff. And the best defense is good Cardio *someone "giggles"* Hosuh: Start working out in your basement. Stephen: Right never skip leg day Daniel: just start doing squats as soon as you see zombies. Alright, here we go! *laughs* Stephen: You should of like three weeks ago, too late now! Daniel: So that's like the first and foremost thing you do.

You go in your house, you just killed that lady and just start doing squats *more laughs* Daniel: Okay "C" is the right answer, and all these options are crucial, and you should do all of them. But batteries and water supplies are crucial since you never know when they're gonna run out. Hosuh: Right. Daniel: Now unless you can already bash a man's head with your bare hands, You need some sort of weapon. And now since we are in Canada We don't have guns ready in hand. Here are some options. A: a baseball bat B: a kitchen knife C. a kendo sword D. bare hands because you're an effing boss. Stephen: Obviously the baseball bat Hosuh: What's the difference between a kendo sword and a baseball bat. I guess you can't really hit as hard with the Kendo sword.

.. Yeah, I don't think kitchen knife would do well. Stephen: Of course not it's too short range and in piercing weapons against zombies Aren't very effective because you can only destroy the brain to make it stop doing stuff. Hosuh: But the thing is, are we able to smash a normal person's head open with a baseball bat? cause even if it's a zombie it should have similar Stephen: Strengths? Hosuh: solidity like the bone is similar in strength. Whether your skin is rotting or not So are we able to do that? Stephen: I would say so, bones need a lot of nutrients to maintain themselves. If they suddenly stop getting those nutrients. They become brittle. Osteoporosis: Terrible for zombies, great for Humans! But terrible for zombies… Hosuh: So yeah, I think we'd go with the baseball bat. Daniel: Man, you guys are on a roll. Yeah, baseball bat is the right answer And I know like why not a kendo sword because it's not like in the movies.

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unless you know how to properly use a sword. Your best bet is to use something that can release the highest amount of force that much skill. aka a baseball bat Stephen: Plus, what's the probability that you have a kendo sword in your basement, and you've gotten laid before. *laughing ensues* Daniel: What does that have to do anything with surviving?! Stephen: Doesn't matter have sex! *more laughing ensues* Daniel: I mean if you really wanted the whole sex thing you should have probably left a woman in. *(Go back to this and add: Laughing)* Hosuh: Oh my god. Daniel: Alright, finally the moment of truth, what will you do? What is the next course of action? A: call a friend or friends to see how they're doing B: Go to a major mall like Costco or Walmart for more supplies. C: fortify your house the best you can. (btw what's with the happy music here) D: attempt to get out of the town or the city as soon as possible.

Stephen: Okay, So now this one is a kind of a what-if question. If you're in an extremely populated city, My answer is D attempt to get out of the town or city as soon as possible. More people equals more zombies However, if you live in some places pretty isolated with a population of less than 1,000. I would honestly fortify your house the best you can which is "C". Hosuh: Umm, MY option would be call a friend or friends and you see how they're doing and try to get in touch with them some help because I would be freaking traumatized at that point like, I need someone; I need someone to talk to so yeah. My answer is "A". Daniel: Alright. The answer; is surprisingly "A".

Hosah nice job. Stephen: HOW?! Daniel: Alright let me explain, let me explain. *idk* Daniel: So according to the book of Zombie survival guide all of these options; B, C, and D are valid depending on the situation or the surrounding you may pick any of these options or even other options, alright? However every single one of these things are very difficult to do alone with the right type of people you can avoid certain outcomes You: "But Daniel didn't unless a girl die." Daniel: Well yeah, but then the helpless girl You know the girl was helpless And so I'm sure at least one of your friends are athletic or have a nice vehicle And so you need friends to make sure you don't freaking die to do any of these types of things So hey you both of you guys died once it's a tie. the last questions is a tie breaker, okay So obviously you should only try to contact your close friends or family members, but how many is the right number? A: Just one or two more B: No screw other humans I'm sticking on my own C: get at least ten people more people means better survival D: I'm Gonna get myself a pet like that will Smith movie Stephen: Okay, well I know the answer is a just one or two But I'm gonna say" D" because I wanna see Hosah animate a cute pet.

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*Daniel laughs alone?* Stephen: SO, "D"! Hosuh: I~ w-we went over this: I am not drawing a cute pet. *Laughs really loud making "translations harder"* Hosuh: so much fricking effort to draw a cute anything *More laughter* Daniel: Now Stephen what kind of~ Stephen be very specific. What kind of dog do you want one or two or DOZENS? *continues to laugh at Hosuh to draw cute things* Hosah: Ughh, can you guys stop… Daniel: Okay, I'm sorry (x2) Stephen: I would personally get a dog. because dogs they they're kind of reliant on humans now, and they can have a mutual symbiosis Daniel: what about you Hosuh? Hosuh: Okay, so if you get ten or more people Yeah, your group will slow down so much that you're not going to be able to do anything It's gonna be like "oh, no my sister's still in there. We gotta save her" and it's gonna happen fricken fifty times over an entire period(?). Im pretty sure Daniel: Why your sister Hosuh: I'll go for "A" Daniel: Steven you died again the answer is "A" Hosah: Wait, why was getting a pet a bad idea? Daniel: Okay, so if you have a pet E A T I T.

you can't afford to *stumbles on words* *SPITS Everywhere* I'm gonna get so much hate for this (someone said something about eating dog in the back) Hosuh: its cause you're asian right? Daniel: No, no… what, no, don't no, no. Okay, I get that people are attached to their pets not denying that but you can't afford to have some pet barking around or even Stealing your food. throw it away Or E A T I T and the reason why more than 10 people is a bad idea is because without a doubt Someone will be arguing with someone this isn't the walking dead you know goofs of people don't become family that easily just one or two people were small enough to hide but protect each other's back is perfect. So Hosuh you're the winner! yaayyyy…

Hosuh: But that is probably not what I do in real situation. Daniel: Yeah, realistically. How long do you guys think you'll survive? Hosuh: A few days. Stephen: Honestly before I started giving up: a month Daniel: I feel like I'll be one of those people that like is the like first one to get bit or something first one to contract the virus By the way, and I did this beforehand. I got like one right. Hosuh: Oh, really? Daniel: I got every single one of those wrong so even though. I wanted to happen. It's I am so screwed Stephen: Oh, yeah, you're probably first to die. Thank you for telling me Daniel I'll make sure to not include you in my phone list Daniel: No, dude no, you can't you can't leave me behind, You know like I could be the bait Stephen: Literally the first idea I had. But okay.