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Hey everyone. This is your boy kamikaze here. Hope you all are having an amazing day. Today, This video is the QnA session, I talked about the other day in my previous video. So many people asked many questions in youtube comments, in my discord, and even on Facebook. So, I collected all of those questions and will tell you whether it is fake or not. There is one new exciting update at the end of the video, so make sure to watch until the end of the video. Before getting into today's video, If you are new here and haven't subscribed yet, Hit that subscribe button and Turn on post notifications by clicking that bell icon.

Also, join in my discord server and follow my all social media for more instant updates. All links in the description. Before wasting any time, Let's get right into the video. First, today, When I made this video, it's March 31 where I live. As I already said, The Chinese beta didn't get released on March 30. So I already explained that in my old video. So, that one is already Busted. The second one is about the Battle Royale mode in the game. So many people asked whether the br mode is confirmed or not? If yes, will it have only 20 players? Let me answer that question. First, the Battle Royale mode is confirmed by the Activision, in its first look trailer itself. If that's not sufficient for you, Take a look at the description of Call of duty Mobile in the Play store.

They clearly announced that Call of duty mobile has Battle Royale Mode. Then, Coming to this 20 player Battle Royale mode. It was started from the same twitter account, who posted this March 30 release date. They posted this picture and claimed it as a Leaked picture of Battle Royale mode in Call of duty mobile. The Truth is, it is from a game called Call of Duty Online, which is a PC game, exclusively for China. But, we can still play this with the help of some procedures, that we don't want here. I gave the links for Call of duty Online Gameplay down in the description. It is obviously from Call of Duty Online, not from Call of Duty Mobile. My guess is, Somebody took a screenshot of that gameplay while paused, in an iPhone. That's exactly what it is.


So, Finally it is not from Call of duty Mobile, and it also won't have 20 players. But, I really doubt that Battle Royale mode will be in the Global launch itself. As of my sources, The br mode isnt finished yet. So, they may include it in the upcoming updates, once the game is released. I am not saying this for sure though, But it seems pretty acceptable. The Third one is, Why the Game is getting Delayed this much? What is the reason behind it? Now, this is the question for millions and millions of people out there. And I know the answer for it. The thing is, they changed the Game Engine. Yes, you heard that right. The Global Alpha which ended around December of last year, and Chinese beta which ended around January of this year, were built on Unreal Engine.

The Great Epic games, who made Fortnite, one of the successful game in the gaming industry, Owns this Unreal Engine. So, after that beta test, They changed the game engine from Unreal to Unity, due to some misterms between Epic Games and Activision. That's why They announced the first look trailer in the Unity GDC Keynote 2019 Conference. Even though they are not building the game from scratch, But still, it will take some time to port the game from one engine to another engine. I don't know more about these engines and how it works and all. This is just I collected from my friends in discord. The fourth one is, Is there any way to update the game to version It shows like this if you open your installed alpha version apk. Let me tell you this thing for the final time. I am getting irritated by answering this question for million times. There is no such update. Not in this world, Not in this universe, Not in this multiverse. The Fifth one is, Will the apk and obb date from the Apkpure website works or not? This is also one of the most asked questions. That version is the same alpha version from December of last year, which doesn't work anymore.

So, avoid downloading from that apkpure. No one in this world can play the game right now unless you work for Tencent. Some people are like, I know that version won't work bro, but still, I won't uninstall it. When the game releases, it will work bro. And am like Whhaaatttt??? They changed a lot in the Chinese beta itself. They even changed the Game Engine. So, that version is nothing but pure crap. I would say, better uninstall that version and wait for the upcoming beta or global release. The Sixth one is, it started to spread recently within Two days. Some Fb page claims that The global release will be in the Second week of April. Again, The Official Weibo account Clearly said, They will open an appointment for call of duty mobile in April, for the beta. Maybe for Chinese full version, who knows. But there are no chances the Global version will be released in the second week of April. Even Activision said, there will be a global beta. So according to that Fb page, Chinese beta for one week, the global beta for one week.

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And the next day, they will release the Global stable version. Again, Am like Whhhaattt??? The Seventh One is, well, it comes from one of the websites. And they said the game will be released in the month of November for India, in some event. So, according to them, The game will be available for the rest of the world, but not in India. We have to wait for 3+ months for the global launch. I am tired of using this, But again am like WWHHHHAAAATTTT??? Well, there are some cases, it may take time longer than we expected. But up to November, it is not that reliable. Because, the Activision itself said, the game will be available within summer for the west, which is around June-July. So, if anything goes wrong, we may expect it around September. But not up to November. I know September is a very long time, But it is a very very very rare case. Hope It won't happen anyways.

And, Don't worry, even if they release the game in November only for India, by that time, We all will be downloaded that game using VPN from other country play store, or from a friend who already installs it. Who announces it that way? That too after 2-3 months from the rest of the world? Activision is not as fool as, like those websites. If they do, there will be no use for that announcement. So, its pretty much fake. And the Eighth One is, What is the minimum Requirements to play this game? Also for this, some website claims that 3gb Ram and Snapdragon 840 must be needed. But, Tencent itself said, the minimum requirement is 2gb ram and Snapdragon 625. These are also fake. And some people are like, bro the beta is already released for high-end devices like Samsung note series and one plus. Again, fake. And the Ninth One is, Some YouTubers claims that they will give you download links for the game. Like some guys who do technical videos.

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They will give some links in the description. And if you click that, you have to finish some tasks or It will directly get into the Apkpure page. Am like wait..there are around 4k members in global discord, thousands of people in other discord servers, FB groups, and millions of people in everything waiting for this game. We all a joke to you? Those are purely Clickbait. Don't ever ever do that. Please patiently wait for the global release. And the tenth one. This is some exciting and new stuff. The question is, will it be p2w? My answer is not. Well, I asked this to the Moderators of Taptap in the call of duty Mobile forum. And One of the mods came up with this. So, The game is absolutely not p2w. It is from Official source and I asked this by myself. So, there is no such thing as p2w, as per the Taptap moderators. So, That's all for Today's video Guys. Hope you all enjoyed it, as you always do.

If I said anything wrong, or if you guys think something about it, lemme know in the comments. I will surely respond to all. And I will correct myself if anything wrong. If you are new here, consider subscribing and turn on post notifications for more updates. Please share this video with everyone you know, who are waiting for this game, so that they won't fall for these cheap fake ones. Thanks for watching. See you guys in the next video, until then stay tuned for more updates..