/BLUECHATBOX for Android/iOS: App Review

BLUECHATBOX for Android/iOS: App Review

Video: BLUECHATBOX for Android/iOS: App Review


Hi guys, Janel Torkington of Appszoom here today looking at a chat app for both Android and iOS called BLUECHATBOX. Now, you may think that there are a lot of chat apps out there already, but this one has a couple really interesting features that I think you're gonna enjoy. So let's see how it works. Your main screen here are the chats that you have going on – looks pretty familiar, kind of similar to WhatsApp, you'll already know how to use it. You can see that I have one chat going on with my friend Jayne, who also works for Appszoom, as well as a couple of public chats. But let's first look at how it works when you're just connecting with a friend that you already know.

So we'll go into "Jayne" here – this is a chat I already have going with Jayne. You can see my most recent messages. We were talking about Sant Jordi – it's Sant Jordi here in Catalunya today. And it looks like Jayne's boyfriend R2D2 gave her a rose – very kind, R2D2. If you scroll up, you can see in the past different conversations that we've had. We talked about the game last night, and such. As you can notice, the layout of the chats is really similar to what you're already be used to if you've been using other chat apps like LINE of Whatsapp. But one really neat aspect is that the background is customized. You can change it to be whatever you'd like with each one of your friends. It can be something different with each person. In terms of sending chats, it works pretty much the same way that other apps work.

You just tap in the box down here and send whatever you like. We'll say hey to Jayne: Hey Jayne, what's up dawg? And you can also send media, you can send a photo – I can send a photo in this instant, which shows my laptop! That's pretty great. I'd like Jayne to see that. You can also send photos that you've taken already, as well as sharing your location. The little TV icon over there in the bottom righthand corner is for starting a video chat, which I'm not gonna do right now because it doesn't look like Jayne is online. We can tap on her photo and see her profile photo close-up. Okay, that's the current chat icon, that's what we're sharing. And I can change the background from here. There are some backgrounds that come included with BlueChatBox, or I can make a custom background. I can take a photo in the moment or I can choose a photo that already exists on my device. Here, because of Sant Jordi, we'll change to the rose, that seems very appropriate.

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Lovely. Okay, so you can see it's very very easy to use, you probably already know how to use it if you're familiar with chat apps. To navigate BlueChatBox, use the icons on the bottom of the screen. One of them is "Friends" – the only friend of mine that's on the app is Jayne, and I found her by the Contacts, because she's on my Contacts list, the app will automatically search your Contacts list and find any contacts who are also using it and suggest them to you. Jayne's a coffee-drinker. Pretty great. You can change your status. That's the one that just said "I'm a coffee drinker" on Jayne, and mine says "wires! wires everywhere!" You can associate a photo with your status, which is something I haven't seen in other chat apps. You can also choose a status from the suggested ones, or modify them to be commonly used statuses of yours.

You can customize them, add different photos. Let's change mine to "Tea Time" – it's always time for tea, why not? And here, let's choose a photo for that. I don't have very many photos in my Recent Photo Settings. We can choose Appszoom. Alright! Tea time at Appszoom. Pretty great. Then you can go to the leftmost icon on the bottom of the screen called Public. This is the neatest aspect of BlueChatBox, I think. You can chat with different users that are online, whether they're nearby or anywhere in the entire world. Now, you might be asking yourself, you know, this would be cool, except that we all speak different languages, so how am I going to communicate with these people who are speaking Arabic, people who are speaking French? I'm not sure how I'm going to use the app with them.

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Well! BlueChatBox has a really neat thing built into it. Let's go to this guy here, who said something in French, for example. I don't speak French, so maybe I don't know what this guy said, and I wouldn't know how to respond to him. But I can tap on his chat, I can add him as a temporary friend, or I can translate. And look, instantly I get to see that the guy is Mohammed from Algeria, and he's new here. So I can say something to him: "Hi from Barcelona! My name is Janel, nice to meet you." I'm making friends already. If Mohammed doesn't speak English, he can translate my text back into French, or into whatever language he likes – you can configure that in the Settings. You can also, of course, send pictures, I can ask for video chat.

.. So all of these chats are like group chats, and anyone can join them. Let's go back to Nearby. And I think these little triangle buttons on the righthand side are votes, so if you particularly like a chat that's going on, you can vote it up. Let's vote up the one that we spoke in earlier. And once you talk in one of these group chats, it'll show up in your chat screen. So if you go back there, I see what I said in the French chatroom, the one below with the Golden Gate is one where I talked earlier, I can see if there have been any updates. No, not yet. But I spoke in that one because it was English. Great. So let's look at the Settings, just to see what else we can do. You can of course change your profile, your password, whether you want to receive push notifications from the app or not, and then the one thing that's really important here is in your preferences. You can change what language you prefer for translations, and there's a ton available here, so you should be able to get it translated into whatever you want.

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That's about it for BlueChatBox. It's a handy little chat app where you can customize how things look for chatting with your friends. One thing that I wish that it really had was emoji, because that's something that I love when I'm chatting with friends. That could be a big improvement, and it just needs more people on it in order to become a place where you might be able to meet people who are nearby you, or maybe halfway across the globe. Its translation feature makes it super easy to understand each other. So if you give it a go, definitely let me know how you like it. For more app review videos, as well as Let's Play videos and how-tos, you should definitely subscribe to our channel, we do these all the time. If you've got any suggestions, let me know in the comments below..