/Bloons TD 6 Gameplay Walkthrough – Episode 15 – Lightning Druid Monkey! (iOS Android)

Bloons TD 6 Gameplay Walkthrough – Episode 15 – Lightning Druid Monkey! (iOS Android)

Video: Bloons TD 6 Gameplay Walkthrough – Episode 15 – Lightning Druid Monkey! (iOS Android)


(energetic music) – [Zebra] Hello zebra herd and welcome back to Bloons Tower Defense 6 and today, we're gonna get ourselves our daily power, whatever we get, our daily reward and then also check out what our daily challenge is because I haven't played in a couple of days. I've been very busy with the other games, but hey I figure maybe we can start today's episode up with getting used to maybe some daily challenges.

I'm not really sure which tower I wanted to check out today. There are a couple of course that I could. I just really didn't know which one I wanted into. I know I wanted to check out the sniper monkey a little bit more in depth and I have a little bit, but then was there any other guys I really wanted to dive into? I think it would be fun to do a little bit more with the druid monkey, especially if we can get 10,000 experience. We can already get him the druid of the jungle. Calls a vine from the ground to entangle and crush Bloons one at a time. So you know what? We're gonna work on that. I know there are some different things I haven't quite used in this line of things so I'll try to do that and we'll see how things end up going. Yeah that should be pretty good. We'll focus on the druid, then. But for right now, we gotta warm up a little bit. Let's start with our new game on the daily challenge if I can click the right button. That can be difficult sometime.

Using touch screen with gloves is not always easy. So yeah obviously this is going to be Striker Jones. This is sort of what we did last episode with Striker Jones where we got him and we got a bunch of cannons and we comboed those up and it worked out really well. So we'll start with Striker Jones, we'll move into the cannons because he'll make the cannons work even better and that would be great. The only problem right now is that I don't really see too much that would be good for anti-camo. I don't know if he eventually hits camo. I'm pretty sure he doesn't, but maybe that's where the spike trap is and this is something a lot of you have been letting me know that along with my normal cluster, I should look into having maybe a spike trap in the background in a few different places so I'll probably do that as a bit of a back door, a little bit of an extra protection.

There's a good spot for it here as well, I see like between the curve between the last little exit and the second loop. You can sort of get it both there. That would make it extra useful so we'll try that out a little bit. In the meantime though, I think what we should do is set up all the different towers I want for like the next short little while. So like we'll get 600 for the spike trap and then after that we'll try upgrading these guys a little bit and like work from there. I think it's good playing Striker Jones first. That way we can keep leveling him up and that'll turn out pretty well, but yeah thank you guys so much for your support for the series. I've been having a lot of fun playing it even if I don't always have the most time to so thank you so much for enjoying it and watching along and having fun with me.

I'm also still, you know, listening to everybody's suggestions about which towers to check out. A lot of people have been saying I want to see druid monkey so we'll try doing that later in today's episode, but for now, let's just go ahead and get this spike track and I wanna put it about here. I think this is good 'cause it can cover that last corner before they get outta here, but it also covers pretty early in their journey or about halfway through when they get through that second loop. So with that being said, I think we need to start upgrading the tower or the bomb tower first. We wanna get, what do I wanna get for him in terms of upgrades? I think that we will go, we'll get the frags. I think those are good and if we can get Bloon impact, I think that'd be great so maybe we can do two, zero, four.

I think that's a pretty fun combo, but yeah so no faster reload this time. We're just gonna go straight to 255. We have one of each tower for this daily challenge which I like to do because that's sort of embracing the idea of it being a daily challenge. Yeah there's different things you have to try out to make it work and so far so good. I like it. So yeah we'll just go ahead and get the 340. Things are going better than we actually need it to go. It's just taking some time. Of course it's easy difficulty so we should be fine and that's always nice. A nice easy difficulty challenge can always be great and I don't know what we're gonna do for the frozen monkey. I really don't want him to do much damage. I just need him to maybe just slow them down as much as possible so and he gets them in a couple different corners which is really nice. Like I feel like our placement for the towers is getting better especially on a map like this, but for right now I wanna get to 680 for the heavy bombs so we'll get started with that and we'll move on from there. Come on, come on, got it.

Heavy bombs. The really big bombs are a little too expensive for right now so we could focus on something else, like for you, we have the ice shards, we have the embrittlement, arctic wind. What's arctic wind? Super cold aura that slows Bloons. Like I feel like I want that. I think that would be good. So maybe we could push for that and then we'll eventually get the snowstorm, which wouldn't be too bad. So we'll try pushing for that. When it comes to everything else, don't really need a larger radius as much as I need some other stuff. Apparently I upgraded the spike trap a little bit. Yeah we've used him in the past now that I think about it. We just need to use him more is the thing. So yeah we'll do that in today's episode as much as I can. I think we'll go with permafrost. So we'll do, or we do two, four, zero? If we get that far, if we need to. So yeah so far the anti-MOAB isn't looking too good.

We do have another 22 rounds to build that up and that's exactly what I plan on doing so let's use that a little bit. I gotta make sure I use that more often. I remember that last episode because we get it a lot so if we just keep working on it, just like boom, that's a low cooldown which is really nice. So who do I wanna work on now? Probably you still. 5,000 for the arctic wind. He's quite demanding though. That might make me rethink some things because you know, you gotta go with what's affordable as well. So right now I already upgraded this bottom one. Deadly spikes is great. The MOAB shredder really won't be so necessary so I think that we'll go with bigger, white hot spikes, bigger stacks and white hot spikes and long life spikes sound pretty good because that'll actually last multiple rounds as well which is always super duper nice so we'll try to save up for some of that stuff. Really though, the spike trap and its upgrades are very demanding when it comes to money. It's not cheap so once we get there and oh, here's our first camo.

So let's see can they, will they be able to? They can't go past spikes so I feel like yup, when it comes to camo, our spike trap is our best bet. So earning that up a little bit more definitely couldn't hurt. Hmm, let's go ahead with white hot spikes then. And our cheapest next step is going to be the 1,275. I mean I guess it's 1,190 for here, but I feel like it'd be smarter to do the really big bomb. So we're gonna keep saving that up and make sure I do this 'cause it helps me get rid of more stuff. So it is an interesting combo of different towers for this one. I feel like it's a bit challenging at times, but we're making it work. So far so good. Almost got it, got it. Okay so the Bloon impact is going to be a bit more of a challenge and I think for this point, we have 12 more rounds to go. We need to get our next cannon out so we can get our anti-MOAB.

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I feel like that'd be good. I'm a little bit worried we might not be able to make it. It's getting tough. Get it right there though and we're just gonna do zero, zero, three is what we need, but if we get zero, four, two, that's always helpful. We'll have to wait and see. Okay. Luckily, the MOABs have to go through a lot to survive so the chances are low, but it can still happen. That's what we gotta be worried about, especially with like yellow bloons storming through like that, oh that was scary. Luckily our spike trap totally saved us there. So get the frag bombs and then we need 765. In the meantime, use those a little bit more. That'd be helpful. Alright and I mean 765. I need a little bit more and this is where the spike trap needs to do its thing and so far it's doing it.

It's going pretty nicely, actually. All the yellows though are making this scary. We did it, yeah good job spike trap. Go ahead and do MOAB mauler, which I could reward the spike trap for its good job, but I really gotta focus on MOAB dude. Hmm so did I want the 7,720 or do I want the 2,720? I don't know, it's hard to say. I'm thinking it might be smarter just to go for this at this point, the Bloon impact. That way it can slow 'em 'cause now I'm starting to get more worried about all the Bloons that are going to be popping out of the MOAB more than the MOAB itself, especially with Striker Jones being able to use his special move. Like that shouldn't be too bad. Okay we got a bunch of camos coming in. They're all regrow camos as well. It's a little scary, but we did it, we did it, we did it. Good job, good job. Let's go ahead and activate that. And we still have about three rounds to go through so I could try a couple of things. I think we'll do long life tacks, or long life spikes.

That's a little expensive. We're about to get those and now they should last between rounds which is always super good. Oh good timing too. Look at all those camos coming in. Ooh, we can get an upgrade for frozen monkey. Okay so 25,000 for the super brittle. Look at that dude, amazing. Bloons take huge damage while frozen including MOAB-class bloons. I like it so for now, let's go ahead and bust some more of those. We're getting there for sure. I mean at this rate, I don't think I'm gonna get that 5,000 so this might be a bit smarter. Hmm. It might be interesting just to go ahead and set up another spike trap around here. Maybe even here? I think that'll be good and for you, since we already have the long lasting things, why don't we make something.

Oh wait, I guess it's a little too soon for that or a little too late, actually, not too soon. Go and destroy those. Destroy 'em, destroy 'em, destroy 'em. Good job, we win! Okay so we got 35 monkey money for that and some hot spike tacks powerup. Very cool. So we can head into the action for real now. As you can see, we've been making our way through the maps on medium difficulty for the most part. Okay so yeah let's see which one we're gonna do. Probably hedge. Hedge shouldn't be too bad on medium difficulty. I wouldn't think, but we'll try it, see what ends up happening. Oh do I want this here? Actually I might go back then. Let's go home, try of course, you know, Striker Jones was last episode. I wanna mix with some other guys. I think that he would work good with Obyn Greenfoot for an obvious reasoning, sort of thematically similar to how they work and of course how they look and act as well so let's see if this works, medium difficulty. Hedge map, should be fun.

So we'll start with you. We have our free monkey as well. I'll put him a little bit farther back just in case we need that, just like that. So the druid monkey of course is way over this way and he costs 425 which isn't too bad, to be honest with you. We have Obyn who's gonna get rid of a lot of stuff right away which I think is nice. The only thing I'm worried about is these different hedges of course. Oh I tapped that and it moved. Does that actually do something? I tapped the statue. Was that you or does that just move on its own? No I'm not tapping it and now I tap it. It moves, okay that's cool. I wonder if that does anything. Probably not. It's probably just a little Easter Egg, but that's still pretty cool. Let's go ahead and get our first druid out. Now the druids can be really nice in a lot of ways, but I'm trying to figure out like what do we want to do first? Probably the heart of thunder because he has that lightning shot which is always so great and then eventually we can get that into druid of the storm, gust of winds. This is a lot like the old magic monkeys I think and then creates powerful balls of lightning that shoot additional lightning bolts.

That sounds amazing. Probably gonna be really expensive, but we can try it and see what ends up happening. So what do we wanna do for his other upgrades that he could have? Thorns convert regrow bloons into normal bloons which could be good. Maybe having some anti-regrow 'cause those guys can get scary. Okay so we'll try that. Some people were saying I don't do druid of wrath enough so I'll try to get more than one druid out to really get them working in today's episode. So let's get to it. So yeah we wanted to do a four, two, zero for this guy. I don't need him to be all that long reach, but this should turn out pretty well. I'm excited. That monkey back there is probably gonna stay as a normal monkey for a good long while. I mean we're destroying things pretty quickly already. The only thing I'm worried about is maybe like some leads. What do we do about leads? Maybe he can destroy them? All magic monkeys in range get plus one pierce. Oh so he's good with magic monkeys, huh? – Awesome. – So now he has brambles already which is always good. I need to use that more often.

That's another one I keep forgetting about. So we'll get that and now we're pretty good against the regrows. That's not very close. Dude, that's not gonna help too much. But it's fine, it's fine. So we need $1,000 for the heart of thunder, but that's definitely, that lightning shot, because then it can go kinda outside of his range a little bit I think with where it can reach. Okay that's a little bit better if we get a little overwhelmed. We got that one and if things get nasty, of course I can use power-ups. I would just rather not and if things are going well, I might just, you know, move into the free play like if we succeed and we have a lot of experience coming in, I wanna check out all this stuff, you know, possibly be done. I like how you can stack these though. Like more than one can show up.

I mean I don't know when they disappear, I guess after a couple rounds. Okay so we want to go ahead and upgrade that, that's awesome. So these are gonna start zapping stuff and I'm pretty sure it bounces between targets, but maybe it doesn't so I could go for like 2,000 for him. That might be a little too much though. We'll have to wait and see. Every 18 seconds creates a nature totem. Okay we got that. So I probably want you focusing on strong, right? That seems like it would make sense. I mean nothing has even gotten to the range of the dart monkey. That's how well things are happening. I could eventually upgrade the dart monkey to be some kind of anti-lead. You know what, we should probably do that now. Spike-o-pult to be anti-lead. That's pretty decent and we'll probably give him extra range which is very affordable.

We already get an upgrade for the druid. Not the dart monkey, we got all those. So you have jungle's bounty which I don't know what this is. Jungle's bounty ability generates $100 per banana farm near the druid. Whoa, cool, I like that. Interesting so I can't currently do that since I don't have any banana farms, but then what about poplust? Boosts attack speed for all druids in the radius. Can stack with up to four other poplust druids. Wow, that's very cool as well. For right now I'm trying to save up for the 12,000 for this just 'cause I feel like it's the most feasible for me to get. But definitely getting other druids out soon is gonna be a really nice and helpful so let's see if those vines actually get anything. Probably not, but we're just gonna try to make sure that Obyn here gets some extra, but he might be good with magic monkeys more than he is, or magician monkeys, wizard monkeys, you know, these guys, might be better with them than he is druids. That's interesting.

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Nope, come back game, come back. Not done with you and we got 12,000 experience so we can go ahead and go and get that. That's very awesome. So we'll need another 11,000 for that. It's gonna take a little while. 2,000 and we're almost there for that though. I might not have too much of a choice with how things are going. Enhanced eyesight will be great for the camos 'cause I really don't know if he sees camos either. We're gonna find out on round 24. So I just gotta keep an eye out for that. But so far we're handling things pretty decently. I need $2,000 for this and this will knock things back which is always really good and I swear there's something the magic monkey, oh so it really is just a dart monkey that can see that stuff, at least with the current set of upgrades. So huh. Druid of the jungle, calls a vine from the ground to entangle and crush bloons one at a time. And then you get jungle's bounty.

But with druid of wrath, gains attack speed during the round as long as the druid is popping bloons. And then there's poplust which makes everybody around him go crazy. Pretty cool and lots of options for sure. 6,000 is gonna be a lot so we could go banana tower, try that out a little bit. If I want to do that, then I probably wanna set up a second druid. The problem is it gets risky at that rate, you know? But I think over this way will be good 'cause it has to be in his radius so I need a good chunk of his radius just popping out this way. Jungle's, was it jungle's bounty? Yeah, yeah, okay. So for right now, I mean extra range would be great 'cause we can fit more banana towers in there so I guess that could be good. It also lets me get heart of vengeance which if I double check, I know, the zebra striped bloons are awesome. The heart of vengeance, whenever this thing goes away. Gains attack speed for up to 100 lives lost after getting this upgrade. Lies above maximum do not count.

So that's only helpful for when we actually start using lives so hopefully we don't even get into that position, but if we do, we'll be ready for it. But since we haven't yet, let me just go ahead and get the heart of oak and just keep focusing on those upgrades. 950 is a little bit more affordable compared to the tier three for the other path, which was $2,000. And I guess, isn't this tier three or is it tier two? I guess it is tier three, yeah. Okay so we seem to be dealing with more and more difficult things, but we're handling it pretty well. So even if we are a little bunched up, that's sort of the big risk with what we've got going on right now, we're making it work. So at this point we have to earn 11,000 experience for that.

So what I could do is we're halfway there. I could go ahead and get that upgrade and we'll go all in on saving up our cash for some banana powers and try to see how well that turns out 'cause that could end up, like I might strain financially for a little while, but then just like explode. That would be great, but we'll have to wait and see. Like it might end up blowing up in my face. You know that wouldn't be so great, but this is only a good path if I have some banana powers up and it's like what I want to continue with. So right now we'll go with this. I do want to see though. Oh gosh there's camos that are overwhelming. Okay let's go ahead and activate this. Come on, Obyn. – Vines. – [Zebra] That gets rid of them which is nice.

Maybe the rest of them? Hopefully. Looking like it. So we took some damage, but I guess that'll be great for our heart of vengeance. Okay so what do I want to do against that? Hard to say, but for right now though, I want to see how much is this upgrade? 5,000's actually not too bad especially if we have these banana things going on. I would hope we'd be able to afford that. Let me try to think of what do I want to do about it actually affording it. I'm thinking, we'll do long-life bananas so we can get some valuable bananas soon. Okay let's actually pick those up then. Don't forget that part. That's the most important part of it, Zebra. Okay so they're not gonna be collecting themselves, but we can do that for the other ones, I think? Wouldn't be so bad. I just hope we can survive this. I gotta keep remembering just to pull up those things whenever and then when Obyn gets his next thing, his next upgrade, rambles can pop 30 bloons which is nice.

Oh my gosh they're getting past still. Oh gosh, you know what? We need a dart monkey or something, something that can handle that because right now, this is not handling it very well. So dart monkeys are pretty good anti-camo I think or you know what? Let's get a ninja monkey. Ninja monkey can get the one upgrade that can permanently unveil camo which is counter espionage. So we're gonna go ahead and get that. I know it's a little bit expensive at first, but it'll be worthwhile overall. Okay so let's keep getting money. Monkey money. Okay speed that up. Keep producing bananas and things will go okay eventually. 10,000 experience, we almost have that upgrade but I don't have nearly enough money to make that work. But once we get it, we'll be making a lot more money. We'll get $100 for every thing we have nearby so we can get like a little burst of money constantly.

The only problem now is would I be able to handle the MOAB coming in soon? I think my answer's no so I gotta, like, choose something when it comes to that situation. And for right now, I don't know what that is. But right now let's get nature's bounty and keep earning up cash. Hmm. Hard to say. It's really hard to say. Like I could just go for it. I don't think that's a very good idea though. Hmm. 'cause these balloons are getting past us. Like this is no MOAB, you know? So our first MOAB-class Bloon is coming up. We could use a power-up. I mean I should probably get a monkey farmer out. I'm gonna put him around here. I mean I guess the range is better here, but he's gonna take up space for all the other monkeys. So I think this is good right there. Hmm, 'cause this power right here with the super monkey, that can be good, right? That's not what I wanted.

I wanted to go ahead and just activate it. Oh, wait what happened? Oh it's gone, okay. That worked I guess, okay. I don't know what happened. Did it just destroy all the bloons on screen? I don't know if it's like a free pass or something? Interesting. I haven't seen that happen before. There's, what was it, nature's bounty or jungle's bounty. Very nice. Things are still a little overwhelming so we can activate this, boom, $100. And if we keep doing that, of course, more money's gonna start flowing in and since we already have the farmer, let's just go ahead and really make it valuable for us. And then we're just gonna build another one. Oh maybe not, maybe not, maybe not. Okay, I need to upgrade this ninja a little bit. We are starting to take some major damage now which I don't want. I want the caltrops, or you know what? Hmm. We'll do ninja discipline, maybe double shot.

Bloonjitsu sounds fun so we can try that out. Make sure I'm activating that, get some extra free $200 and if we can just keep cycling that over and over again, we're gonna make major cash. So get that, 50,000 experience for the next upgrade. Isn't that crazy? So yeah if we want to get another one of these guys out, would that be in his range? I would sure hope so. Right there. I think that's in his range. I think that counts. It's 300 so yes it does. Awesome so I think that's the most we're gonna get, but every couple, like every minute or so, we're getting 300? Like that's crazy. Okay so we probably want to keep working on these guys. We're at 5,000 for our next Poplust which would be amazing and we wanna put him in between the other druids if I can manage.


Why we want that of course is because he can benefit, then. The problem is I can't really fit him into the area. Oh I could for a second. So it's right there, but I can't really reach both of them at the same time. So I definitely want to reach the guy. I think, you know what, I'm gonna make a cluster over here. Unfortunately that guy's going to be collecting the cash. It's just gonna be the odd one out. We're gonna get druid of wrath and then I think we'll do thorns. You know what? We're gonna do heart of thunder. More lightning sounds great. He looks so intense, I love him. So we're getting loads of money from all sorts of things, but the camos are still charging in in a major way so I need to do something about that still. The camos are a little scary, but he's unveiling them.

This guy's making it so that everybody can see them, which is nice, but maybe something a little bit more. So if we can just go like that and then do quick shots, I think that'll be good and then we just need a little bit more for the 2,000. I don't think we need that just yet though. I'm thinking we'll do the same thing here which is two, two, got it. And then for the rest of it, I think we just wanna do the top lane. Oh I guess it doesn't collect him all the way here. That's a little concerning. He collects most of them though so I'm not too worried. Activate this, get some money. Just 300 free cash. Get the banana plantation. We can make some major money soon enough with all of this. The problem is can we keep up with all the bloons? And so far the answer's sort of kind of.

If we make any kind of major mistake, it's practically over with so we have to be careful. Oh there's a MOAB, hi MOAB. Goodbye MOAB. Okay come on, come on. Just another 3,400 would be great. Let's get that please, got it. Okay so that's making tons of cash now that this monkey farmer is picking up. Quite a lot of, so at this rate, I could just go ahead and activate that, destroy a lot of bloons. That was excellent, get a little bit more money like that. Plus 300 every once in a while sounds pretty good to me. So you, 14,000 experience or 8,000. Well we want to get more druids around. Why we do is because the druid of wrath is good, but the poplust, which is next, is going to be stackable up to four so if we can get at least another one of these dudes out and help out the rest of them, that'd be perfect. I just wanna get him into a good position where he can get the poplust, but also we'll try this. Even though I don't think it's that great, we'll try it and see what ends up happening.

Okay so things are a little clustered. That's my only problem with things right now. And I'm thinking what'll be a good answer to that is maybe just, you know, even not too far back, but around here, we could, I saw it fit in for a second. No, no, no, I don't want to put it back. Where was it fitting in at? So it can't fit in this little area for some reason which I think is sort of bologna. I guess it'll be smarter back here then if it can't fit anywhere else and for this, like what's going to be the most popping thing? Like we have spike storm which is a nice ability. Spiked mines. Spiked mines explode violently when they lose all their spikes. Okay. So I think we wanna go with the top one. It does sound like it can be good. That sounds like a pretty decent backdoor protection. Okay so 400 and at this point, we're making major money. We just need to make sure our monkeys are defending things as much as they possibly can. They have, you know, reasonable upgrades.

I need to get you upgrades. 6,000 isn't actually too bad at this rate. Just let me grab those. 22,000 for those. That's a little expensive at the moment. Yeah we're destroying these MOABs pretty nicely. We're around 54. Oh no, one got away, but that's what that's for. Okay awesome. Got that and almost at the 6,000. There we go so that's a very cool-looking monkey. I like him a lot, but we'll just jump back to 3,000 like it's nothing. Destroy MOABs like it's nothing so I wanna get another upgrade. I wanna get that Poplust really bad. We're almost there, only 3,000 more. We're probably gonna push past even when we complete this. Like I want to see it out a little bit more, but at the same time, I don't really know if there's too much more I can do about it. But for right now, we're destroying MOABs which is nice and yeah everything's swimmingly well in the world.

I do like the jungle, the jungle's bounty. It's really nice as well. I think we can make more strategies based off of that too. So let's go ahead and grab that and then you almost have enough for poplust, right? Okay one more round, one more round for sure. Get back to it, let's finish this round up and that'll be just about all we can do because we only have one more round after that. Okay, but I do like this consistent 300. Like I can probably do it more often than I am, but yeah just activate that and then boom and where is this guy? Got him. That's pretty good 'cause now these guys are gonna do even better. Wow, I like it. Okay lots of camo leads here. A little overwhelming, but we seem to be handling it pretty decently. Okay final round of medium difficulty now. And I have enough money for something. First off, I can upgrade the spikes, but I would like to upgrade that. Oh I'll just go with this, the spike storm. Will we be able to destroy this with what we have? I don't think so. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh.

Okay it's all up to you. Slow it down a little bit. I can't. Just upgrade. Make it anything. Oh no. It might be bad. You know what, ninja monkey. Not ninja monkey, oh gosh. Jeez, I don't know why tablets work that way. That's so weird. I want a super monkey. There we go. Free play I guess, I don't know. I don't know if we need it. I just sort out threw out a super monkey out of stress, you know? I don't really need this guy here. Okay then maybe we'll worry about it later. I mean we played about half an hour today and I feel like we've done pretty well. Let's go back to the home. I mean we got to check out the druid monkey a little bit. I think he was really fun. I did want to check out Obyn a bit more. I wanna check out his upgrades because it seems like maybe, send wolf spirits to attack bloons, of course. Nature's wrath, every 18 seconds, creates a nature totem. Increased attack speed.

What is the one, what is the one that made the magic? Yeah right here, nature's wrath. All magic monkeys in range get plus one pierce. That sounds great. Are there any other things that help magic monkeys? Brambles can pop 30 bloons. Okay the totems. Attack pops one extra layer. Wall of trees, which I don't even know if we got that here. Increased attack range of monkeys nearby. So this is all monkeys are benefited. Increased attack speed, increased popping power. Attack pops one extra layer. It's only that one magic monkey. Brambles pop 100 bloons each. Increased attack speed, improved wrath. All druid of wrath pops start each round at 200. Ooh. So all druid of wrath pops start each round at 200. So that's very good, that actually does help the druid but you have to be very late game for it to help. Attack pops with one extra layer and finally wall of trees can hold a lot more bloons. I don't know if we're ever going to get to level 20 'cause it's so far out. We don't have any other knowledge points right now either. With that being said, I think that's where we'll wrap it up.

A lot of fun checking out the druid monkey a little bit more. It was fun upgrading him. Of course if you guys have any advice for the upgrades, I would love to hear it. Next episode, we'll check out a different monkey. If you want to see anything specific, be sure to let me know, but for now, thank you guys so much for watching today's episode of Bloons Tower Defense 6. Thank you guys so much for watching. I'll see you next time, bye bye..