Hello Guys Welcome to the Mikrotik Indonesia Youtube Channel in this video we will discuss about how to Block traffic from Online Games for example we as a network admin in the office so employees in the company not to play online games during working hours or you are a network admin at school so that teachers and students do not play online games during class hours or you can adjust it to the needs of each network Curious as to what configuration details? keep watching this video don't forget to Subscribe to this Channel and click the bell button to get the latest video updates from this Channel now a lot of people who like to play online games from the start children, adolescents and adults are still many who like to play online games Moreover, Online Games contained on Mobile devices such as Smartphones such as PUBG Mobile Online Games, Mobile Legends, AOV, Free Fire and others here we will do a simulation of how to filter Online Game traffic that is on our network this time we will use the Firewall Filter feature before we enter the Firewall Filter configuration we must prepare several steps of course we have to prepare the topology, now I use hAP-AC-Lite as a Gateway Router on the hAP-AC-Lite device on ether1 it will be connected to the internet and on the Wireless interface I will use it as a local network for internet network distribution to clients here as a client I use a Mobile Game Mobile application that has been installed after the network topology is made make sure that the gateway or hAP-AC-Lite router has Basic Configuration settings You can watch the details for doing a basic configuration in our previous video the link is in the description column after the basic configuration we apply it to our gateway router then we will look for features of online game connections that we will filter or block and to do that we will use a tool from Mikrotik, the Torch We use this Torch tool to see connections that occur directly when our client is playing online games and we can see what online games use the protocol, where the IP address or maybe how many ports and we will take some of these parameters to be included in the firewall filter here we will try directly with how to remotely hap-AC-Lite router we can remotely using the Winbox application make sure the basic configuration is running smoothly, and the client can also be connected to the internet then we will try to open the Torch in the Tools-Torch menu in this experiment we will be blocking or filtering online game traffic that is being widely used today for example Mobile Legends and on this Mobile device I have installed Mobile Legends Online Games when we open the game, we must also observe from our router we will observe using Torch Tools we will be monitoring here is the Wireless interface, then we make sure to monitor the protocol and ports because of these parameters that we will use in the firewall filter later when we start this Torch we also open an online game that we will do a block on the Torch tool you can see a lot of missing data and ports we will stop and see it turns out that this Mobile Legends Game opens several Ports we can see here a lot of connections are opened here we can see there is little interesting turns out to use the TCP protocol There is also another TCP that uses port 5222 and there is also port 30102 we check the others also in connection using the UDP protocol UDP protocol that uses port 9992 we will use some of these parameters to be included in the Firewall Filter we will enter the IP-Firewall menu then we add a new rule from the features that we have obtained through the Torch we will enter into the parameters in the Firewall Filter for example for IP here looks alternating first we will enter for some TCP protocol first in this firewall filter we must first determine the Chain parameters Chain parameters in the Firewall Filter here there are 3 choices we use is Chain Forward, because the traffic that passes through the router will pass through Chain Forward because this online game traffic from mobile phones goes directly to the internet and this handphone is connected to the router before going to the internet so we will use Chain Forward We will specify TCP protocol first, because we cannot filter 2 protocols at once and we will later create filters for the UDP protocol separately we will create a filter for the TCP protocol with ports that we can add to the parameters etc.

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Port there is port 30021 then there is another in 5222 we separate it by giving an "," sign and here is again at port 30102 we check if there are more for port 443 we didn't enter it because it's also used for social media, browsing and others so we don't need to block that port if so then we will specify the parameter In. Interface So where does this online game traffic come from, in this experiment traffic comes from our local network and we have to see what our local network is using connection in this experiment I have put the wireless interface in the bridge seen here wlan1 has entered into the bridge together with ether2 so the parameter In. I will choose bridge1 on the firewall filter interface so it was chosen according to the state of our network then we can also use the Time parameter in this Firewall Filter in this Time parameter we can specify a specific time to activate this firewall filter and make sure that the clock settings on your router are also correct we can see in the System-Clock menu and here the clock and time zone are correct for example we will limit this rule will run only during working hours so employees in our office cannot run the Mobile Legends Game during office hours for example we specify from 08:00 to 16:00 then we can also specify to activate on weekdays only for Saturday and Sunday do not activate this rule or maybe we can adjust for example in schools You can adjust your study hours as needed or for the needs of the home network you can set yourself as needed Finally on the Action tab we will select Drop because we will reject the packet that passes through our router and what will be rejected is according to the parameters that we have set beforehand in the General Tab after it is enough we apply when it's finished we make another new filter UDP packet enter the IP-Firewall menu, we add one more rule for UDP traffic packets, we choose Chain Forward we choose the udp protocol parameter parameters etc.

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We filled in the port 61577 then there's 61388 then 9992 okay enough if we have set the parameter In. The interface is still the same, namely in Bridge1 then for the Time parameter we set according to the previous settings for Saturday and Sunday I unchecked if we have chosen the Action parameter is Drop so we have made 2 firewall filter rules that are used for TCP and UDP and now it's time for us to do the test for testing we will first close the Mobile Legends application on this Mobile after we close we try to enter again while we observe the rules that we have created in our winbox here we see the rule that we created earlier there is a counter packet which means it is already running and if we look at our cellphones we cannot enter the Mobile Legends game he will stop like this so like that the configuration that we did and was successful We have successfully blocked the Mobile Legends game and for other games the same way we can be thorough or monitoring criteria or characteristics of online games that are commonly used by clients on your local network the same way we can use the Torch for those of you who want to learn more Mikrotik or discuss with us directly You can register yourself in the Mikrotik training that we have opened for the schedule please see https://citraweb.

com or you can see in the description column then for the purchase of a product like the one I currently use Mikrotik you can get on the page https://citraweb.com Okay Guys Thank you for watching this video don't forget to Like, Comment and Subscribe may also be shared to each of your social media so that the video tutorial this time can be more useful Thank you for watching and see you in the next Video Tutorial.