/Black Waze – The app for Driving While Black

Black Waze – The app for Driving While Black

Video: Black Waze – The app for Driving While Black


Ah, shoot. Waze says there's a ton of traffic. We're gonna be late for this movie. Wait you don't use Black Waze? Black Waze, what's that? I can't believe you don't know about it. Here. I'll use it to route us to the movie theater. Okay. Calculating safest route from current location to destination for black people. See? It helps you navigate safely by showing the location of police officers that have had racially charged incidents. Oh my gosh, I can barely see the map. Look out.

Cop harassing homeless black man ahead. Turn left. Alright… Recalculating. Turn right in 100 feet. I think it would be easier if we just cut across third. Recalculating. Hold on. Watch out. Approaching rich white neighborhood Turn left to avoid scared white people calling police. Is this thing serious? I'm just going to go the way I'm going. Seriously. Turn left. Local residents report all visitors who are out of place and look like they might cause trouble. Maybe we should cut through the black neighborhood that way. Alright. Recalculating. Now, what??! Watch out. Neighborhood is full of potholes city doesn't bother to fill. Turn right. Aww, shoot. We're going to need gas.

Ugh. No problem. Black Waze lets you search for the nearest gas station. The nearest gas station is 56 miles away. That can't be right. It looks like there are a few closer ones. Let me see if we can go to one of those. No. Clerk at this gas station will accuse you of shoplifting. No. This gas station was robbed last night. Stay away. This gas station does not accept credit cards from black customers. You know what? Why don't we just walk to the theater. I'll switch it to walking directions. Walking directions unavailable. Nothing more dangerous than being a black person walking around. Ugh! I give up! You have arrived. At the knowledge that you're only safe bet is staying home..

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