What is up Skyes Squad! It is Nicole Skyes and Welcome Back to my channel! If you are brand new be sure to hit that subscribe button DOWN BELOW and become a member of the "~SKYES SQUAD~" So today I'm looking a little bit bald turkey I'm wearing no make-up My eyebrows, they're usually like REALLY light blonde But I dyed them So if you wanna see the vlog of me and my little sister dying my eyebrows Be sure to LOOK in the description box down below Because usually they're like super, super non-existent and now you actually can see them Which is pretty cool So before I get into the video, I just wanted to remind you guys about the giveaway that Facemoji and I are having.

We are giving away an iPhone 7 or a Google Pixel You get to decide and you also get my phone number So you get to text me, my phone literally it's off right now But when I turn it on it goes off NON-STOP I'm also gonna have a vlog about that Don't link your phone number because this is wild, this is crazy non-stop calls So I have all the information in my magnetic slime video It's in the beginning of the video on how to enter the giveaway It's super easy And I'll also leave the instructions down in the description box down below So I have my very own gifs, called Sky Squad Gifs that are available to download in the Android store And we actually made it to #6 on Free! In the Android store this app is FREE and it's super cool So if you have an android phone Be sure to download Facemoji And my Skye Squad Gifs They're amazing and the fact that we made it to the top charts you guys are so amazing! I wanna say THANK YOU SO MUCH! I never even imagined that would be possible Alright, so let's get into the video So today I have this super cool thing, I got it from Amazon I was inspired by this channel [right here] I can't remember the name right now, I'm sorry But the video is awesome, super cool! And I never actually heard about these things before Ever In my entire life Until I watched that video and I was like I need to try this thing out So today we are going to be trying to suck out blackheads from my nose and also Jay's nose And we're not just sucking out blackheads We also have a dermabrasion kit So it's like a 2-in-1 It dermabraids your face Am I saying that right? "dermabraid" LOL I don't even know what dermabrasion even does I think it just.

. It's just like an exfoliator, right? Probably should look this up, before… So, I'm gonna hold this paper up really quick If you guys wanna read what the manual says just hit pause on the video So I hope you guys saw that and actually looking on the back of this This is like from China So they don't speak very good English, but let me just read you this sentence "Compared to acid peels and chemical peels, removed from the way horny" Maybe I'm being childish but why do they have 'horny' in there? "from the way horny" All right, well… I'm not even sure what they mean by that But, let's just move right along So yeah, it's supposed to treat acne, treat dry skin treat sagging, wrinkled skin uh, treatment for a stain or dull skin and treatment for hyperpigmentation And then also suck out blackheads which is pretty cool So I actually did already use the dermabrasion on my chin and I had the suction cup all the way on 3 and it bruised my chin for like a few days It had like these weird bruise lines But my chin does feel really soft So let me just show you the product itself This is the product, and then it comes with different heads So this is like a pimple sucking one and then there's like the dermabrasion heads right here Ok, so in order to remove the blackheads you need to steam your face So, I'm gonna go steam my face I'm probably gonna come back with a really red face Well, it's a little red It is a little red I look like I was outside in the snow and I'm like [brrr] But no, I'm just gonna suck out my blackheads So there's different levels So let's do level 1 See it sucks Level 2 And level 3 This actually has extremely good sucking power So your supposed to put one of these llike little cotton things in and its going to catch all of the gross things that come out of your nose whether it's sebum or blackheads or maybe just dead skin We are getting some stuff in here though guys So this is actually Let's see Can you guys see that? There's like a lot of.

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.. just like dry… Maybe it's like, dry skin in my pores? Or maybe, like sebum like deep down in there? And it is pulling some out of it I'm gonna try and do like a super, super close-up So here is the tube and you can see there's just like a bunch of gross crap Now it may be hard to see But there is a little bit of gross stuff on this Oh my God! There's like a lot There's like a lot of dead skin And that was just from like, a couple of seconds of sucking Now I hope I didn't um Give myself a hickey on my nose I think I might have Hopefully that goes away You do suck the HELL out of your nose Like you're sucking your nose super hard and just like on the brim, you can see all of that oil Okay, so now that we did that I'm gonna try the dermabrasion So here is the dermabrasion head and its a little bit bumpy it feels like sandpaper okay so for the dermabrasion we have this girl with some arrows on her face which represent which motion you should be using and then it says "notice after use.

.. be sure to do good job …for prevent sunshine." So I shouldn't go into the sun If you need make-up please use pure mineral powder In case of repulsion Please wash your face with cold water Do not wash or touch hot sauna 10-15 days after treatment So that is a lot of things I can't do I'm probably still gonna do them Probably still gonna put make-up on after this Hopefully I don't break out with like a million zits Okay so, 1 Hopefully I don't get hickeys all over my face or bruises And 2 Hopefully I just don't peel all my skin off I'm gonna do it at level 2 okay so I guess I'll start the chin up Okay, I'm gonna start with level 1 Cause you can already see the red mark So what I see it doing is showing me that I have a lot of dead skin Oh my God! There's so much dirt in here! and there's hairs in here and that is disgusting This is actually getting like, crap off my face Ow, ow, ow, ow Under your eyes hurts That for sure looks like I just gave myself a hickey Oh yeah, I have so much dry skin on my face.

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This is ridiculous So I'm gonna do half my face and then compare results Ow, don't do your lips Hold on. I wonder if I do my lips if they'll get big? Nope, didn't work Okay, so that is one side done So here's the side that's been Rejuvenated and here's the side that hasn't been Now the scary thing is You guys do not wanna see how disgusting this little cotton pad is This is pretty gross That was all in my skin And you know what's crazy? Is I exfoliated before I did this with water and sugar Ewww! Okay, I don't know if you guys can see this But can you see how dark brown the top of the pad is? And how white the underneath side is? That is all, like dead skin and crap from my face Do you see that? That is sooo disgusting! Let me try and get this little pad out Here is the little pad Uhh it's on my floor now Okay so that was just one side of my face Now your supposed to put some, um cream on your face oh shoot, wait I didn't wash it with cold water Hold on, lemme go wash my face with cold water first Okay so now I'm just gonna put this serum on my face and I was actually gonna do a video about this um This serum that I'm applying to my face you guys just read read what it is Snails So this is like, how much percent This is 80% Snail Slime and Snail Slime is actually supposed to be extremely good for your skin So I was gonna do a whole video about it and do like a Snail facial but It was wintertime when I thought about this idea and I couldn't find any Snails In my backyard Lemme know if you guys want me to um do the Snail facial So I'm just trying to look in the mirror and see if I see a big difference of the vacuum side versus the regular side I think the vacuum side looks a lot more red Feeling wise It doesn't feel that different this just feels like moisturized a little bit but It doesn't feel too different I'm also gonna finish doing this side of my face I'm just gonna do that off of camera Okay guys so I just kind of did like my lip area and underneath my chin and this is so disgusting If you can see inside, look Look at all of that! Ewwwwww! That's all like dead skin and stuff But now it's time for the fun stuff Let's do Jay So Jay is of Italian heritage and his genes he has like a little bit bigger pores on your back then like, per say I would and I have so much fun on his back, always It's like my favorite thing to do Suck some stuff outta here I don't know if you guys can see it or not but, you can actually see stuff in the pore like, coming up and then boom, I got it I sucked it It's in there somewhere So I think for this blackhead thing to work your pores have to be like really opened Jay just got out of the shower so his pores are more open than normal and It doesn't suck it out right away it's not like some miracle thing where it just like comes out you kinda have to like play with it a little bit So now we are going to do a little bit of microderm abrasion to his back So in this is some sebum and this thing actually works pretty good I'm very This thing's awesome, this is really cool! So here's Jay's back now and it does look a little bit red but it feels so freaking soft It's crazy how smooth it feels We definitely got a lot of dead skin off his back Alright, now the real challenge I'm gonna put it on my nipple 3 2 1 ahh ahhhh ewww LOL hahaho LOL Alright guys I just wanna demonstate the sucking power So this thing is actually pretty cool I was not expecting to get the results at the end That was very surprising to me um, I guess The results will vary from what kind of skin type you have um If your pores are steamed enough opened enough Depending on if you have oilier skin or dry, or if you have more dry skin It's probably not gonna work as good You also give yourself really bad hickeys on your face I didn't today, which is weird Because I totally thought that my whole face was gonna be a hickey So I hope you enjoyed this video If there's anymore products you'd like me to test out in the future Be sure to leave those products down in the comment box below I can't talk today I'm just like bleh bleh bleh blehh All my social media is right here @NicoleSkyes and I love you guys, I'll see you guys in my next video Peace!.

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