/Best WhatsApp Lock That You Will Ever See ! (English Subtitles)

Best WhatsApp Lock That You Will Ever See ! (English Subtitles)

Video: Best WhatsApp Lock That You Will Ever See ! (English Subtitles)


Welcome to my new video and today I'm gonna share on how you can set a lock like this for WhatsApp. For that, we need to install a third-party app and I've included its link in the description. To know more, do watch this video till the end. Let's move to the video Launch the app after installing and you can see here an option to create a password. So firstly enter a number combination as you wish and as a reference I'm typing in 1234 and re-enter to confirm. After that you can see an option Password Recovery and add your email there just in case you forget the password you can retrieve it using this.

After doing it select Save. This is the App's Interface now you can select the app that you wish to set LOCK and I'm selecting WhatsApp here. You've to grant two permissions for this App so do it Then from Authentication Method choose and select Interactive Cover. Then select the desired App (here WhatsApp) and then enable Interactive cover and you can see here that "Click 3 times in the New Chat Button to Unlock" means to unlock WhatsApp you've to press New Chat button 3 times. Then select OK. Now lets open WhatsApp. And as you can see, now the WhatsApp's home screen looks like this and no account information will be visible as well. So this is how you set a WhatsApp lock. To unlock this press the New Chat button in WhatsApp 3 times and then enter the 4 digit number combination and now it Unlocks So this is how you can set a variety WhatsApp Lock. If you enjoyed watching this share then do Like and Share this to others. Will see you all soon and till then Keep Sharing and Keep Supporting..

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