/best paid antivirus for pc? – kaspersky total security 2018 full review

best paid antivirus for pc? – kaspersky total security 2018 full review

Video: best paid antivirus for pc? – kaspersky total security 2018 full review


hello PC users. today I'm going to test another topper of AV TEST, which is kaspersky total security and actually I made this video few days ago but that video was not that much good. anyone was not able to understand what I am trying to say in that video, so I thought I should make this video again so without wasting any time let's test kaspersky total security. let's take a look at interface of a kaspersky total security. this is the interface and I just love the way it looks. it is just smooth and most amazing antivirus software interface I have ever seen as compare to other antivirus softwares.

let's take a look at details. it is shown here 3 recommendation. let's click on details. it is telling me to configure backup and restore. this might come handy when you get infected with ransomware, but I am going to uninstall this antivirus software after few days so I think I should not do that then second one is kaspersky protection, the extension is not installed in Internet Explorer. actually I never use Internet Explorer so I don't think I should install it and it is telling me to use parental control. actually I don't have any kids so I think I should not use this. let's come back. first one is scan. let's click on scan and this is first option full scan if you will use this option then it will scan every single area of the of your computer so this is very handy feature and I think this feature is available in almost all the antivirus softwares. then next one is quick scan. actually quick scan scans some data some specific area of computer, some specific area of system drive where malware normally get found, where hackers try to infect your particular data so it will only scan some sensitive area of your computer then next one is selective scan.

you can select any folder and let's see here. let's scan this one. select, so if you want to scan then you can easily scan it like this, by selecting and you can also use right click. let's take a look at external device. actually when you insert an USB flash drive, any Pen-drive then it will scan your that pen-drive and this one is task manager. actually here you will find all the reports of your recent scans. you can take a look here, we just done you may say goes selectively scan. why anything is not getting open. I think this antivirus is full of bug error. that's why it is not opening so this is minus point of kaspersky total security. there are some bug errors i this antivirus software. and this is schedule scan.

actually I never use this feature but if you want then you can use it. you can schedule your scan and let's get back to home. then next one is database update this is most important thing to update your antivirus software because if you will not update your antivirus software then you will not get latest virus signatures/definitions. and to make sure that we have latest virus signatures, I am updating data of kaspersky total security and it is also showing here when it was last updated. it is showing here less than a minute and run mode is automatic. let's see if we can change another option is do not download new version automatically. and do not notify me when new version are available. I can not recommend you to use this feature because it will not downloaded and installed your new updates by itself and if you have enabled this option then it will download and install updates automatically and it is telling me to set update mode which is automatically right now and then next one is select update sources. right now it is getting all the update files from Kaspersky Lab server and if you want to change the resource.

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if you want to get update from anywhere else then you can change from here, but I am NOT going to do that then configure user account setting. actually I am not signed in so I can not do that even if I want. let's get back this is safe money. I think this is the most important feature of kaspersky because if you are doing online banking or something Paytm or some other stuff paypaland some other stuff, online things then hacker can take your credit card number or password of your bank account and some other things so for that they are providing this feature. let's click here add website or safe money. you can add website of your bank and maybe you can add here PayPal or another thing whatever you want to protect and then on screen keyboard. actually Microsoft Windows 10 is also providing this kind of keyboard but kaspersky is also providing it and you might be wondering why they are providing this kind of keyboard. this is virtual keyboard. actually if hacker has installed keylogger spyware and if you don't know what is keylogger spyware then let me know in the comment. I will make one video about what is key-logger spyware and if anyone has installed that keylogger spyware then that hacker can track all the data which you type in your keyboard so if you will use Kaspersky keyboard then it will not be easy for that hacker to get your password of your bank and when you put your cursor like this.

speed of your cursor automatically get increased and let's close this for now because I am NOT going to use that then password manager. nothing special here but if you have installed Kaspersky total security then you don't have to buy another password manager. then privacy protection. this is webcam Access protection. actually I have not installed any webcam so I don't think I have use this feature and then private browsing is enabled. so what is private browsing! and why you have to protect yourself from other websites!! actually every time you visit any website, they take some data from your browsing history and your location from your cookie file of your browser and how they use your data!! actually they use your data to show you relevant ads to you and some people might not like to give their data to those website owners, so if you don't want to give your data to any website then you can use this feature.

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actually these feature is already enabled here. let's get back. then backup and restore, parental control protection for all device. let's take a look at more tools. it is showing here all the resources getting used and how much amount of CPU is used. how much amount of memory is used. how much amount of disk is used. you can monitor your system from here and first one is software update. actually it is very helpful feature because if any software is vulnerable. if there is any bug error in any software. then software owner can fix that error and release another version of that software. so if you will run this software. if you will click on start search. then it will automatically search for update for all the software's which you have installed in your device. actually all software are already up to date so it is showing here your applications are up to date.

then next one is software cleaner. actually if any software contains adware or something malicious then it will find that application and it will help you to remove that application then data Enscryption, trusted application mode, secure connection. let's take a look here. it is very important thing. safe data transfer. unfortunately they provide only 200 MB of data which is very less. I think they supplied at least 20 GB. let's close this this is completely useless to use this feature because 200 MB is nothing at all. then cloud protection, on screen keyboard, I already talked about this. let's close this. vulnerability scan so what is vulnerability scan. vulnerability scan means there might be some settings which hacker can use to hack your computer. some flow which hacker can use to hack your computer so if your computer contains any settings which needs to be changed then this antivirus software wil scan your entire system and settings of your system then it will tell you to change those settings. it is already showing here 8 vulnerability in this operating system but I am NOT going to change them because I want hackers to hack me.

I'm really sorry but if you are using this then you should solve these problems but I am NOT going to solve this problem for some personal reasons so I think you can understand but do not try this at your compute.r I am kind of very careless. person. I like being careless. then browser configuration, privacy cleaner. kaspersky rescue disk, file shredder. actually it will delete your file very safely. unused data cleaner. there are lots of features which kaspersky is already providing and this is enough talk I think. I think I should start testing kaspersky total security. I have total 11 malicious URL. I start with first one. let's see kaspersky can block this malicious URLs or not. first one is blocked and it is also telling blocked URL and what is the reason. it is telling us dangerous UR.L detection method is cloud protection. let us take a look at another one I think I done some mistake.

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I will erase this link because this link is not malicious link. let's take a look at here ohh!! this is not virus. actually this is the source from where I get all the malicious URL and malware samples. so Kaspersky got 100 % result in web protection. now I'm going to pause the real-time protection of Kaspersky because I don't want to check real-time protection and I want to check detection ability of Kaspersky . so let's pause the protection. continue. protection is not running right now. so I will extract all these files. let's open this folder. as you can see here, I have total of 132 malware samples which I am going to scan by Kaspersky total security. let's do right click scan. it scaned zero files. scanning speed of Kaspersky is very less. let's take a look at resource usage.

the scanning is using around 94 MB of RAM , 26% is of CPU processor whatever you call. let's take a look at another process of kaspersky. it is using around 124 MB of RAM and around 27% of CPU and it is using very less because it is a kaspersky secure connection which is not getting used right now. but it is still open in background. i think it is open here. I think it is kaspersky secure connection in the system tray. it is still scanning so it is calculating remaining time. all we can do is just wait for completing scanning. finally scan is completed. let's click on detailed report. from where I can get report. let's see how many items are left. there are total 15 items left. let's turn on the protection. resume protection. I am going to scan these files again after enabling real time protection. it is telling that one object is not to processed, but it is not sewing here any object so this antivirus is really full of bug errors. I don't know what is the reason.

it is not working properly right now. this is one minus point of kaspersky. I think I should close this. I think this is final result and I am going to calculate this right now. it got 88.64 % in detection test and 100% result in web protection. so according to me you should use this antivirus. I can suggest this antivirus software and you can decide by yourself from this result. you should use this antivirus software or not. so let me know in the comments, will you use this antivirus software after watching this video or not? thanks for watching..