/Battlelands Royale – Veja a nova arma em ação

Battlelands Royale – Veja a nova arma em ação

Video: Battlelands Royale – Veja a nova arma em ação


Whats up guys? Edhy's here again on the channel Press Start Yesterday was revealed the weapon that's coming to Battlelands Royale. The SMG. I already have a video from that weapon to show you But before that don't forget subscribe the channel hit the bell for don't lose any news give me your thumbs up make comments and help the channel I also want invite you to enter my Discord server link below. There you can play duo with voice channels with your friends. Before I show you the video of the new weapon I want to talk about season 1's end You can see in the game that season will be finished on day 14th but the season 2 will start on Monday 17th Why those 3 free days? I asked that to FuturePlay Games and they answered me that's because they will use those days to wrap season 1 and prepare the begin from season 2.

you can play as usual during that time but you'll don't receive any rewards for reach new levels The ranking from season 1 will be locked from September 14th until September 17th when new season starts the ranking will be reseted and the same with your levels. but don't worry with your stats Your stats will continue the same With the new season everyone will be start from level 1 and the game will there is a new ranking from season 2 but your stats will continue the same. You can see at my back some posters with the new characters from Battlelands Royale And I want to show you a new character that was revealed today: Skelly Her history is great so let's meet her Don’t let that smile lure you into a false sense of security.

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Skelly is dangerous. So dangerous, in fact, that she’s only allowed out for two months of the year. She’s most memorable for once biting the head off of a live frog that some believed to have magical powers. Her skin soon turned a pale shade of white and ever since, her bones have glowed in the dark. It’s quite the phenomenon. Witness it for yourself next Monday 17th. That history is awesome. And now rest 1 character to show you I already have him herebut I can't show yet Yes, He is here But I can't talk about him for now. But I'm sure you'll like him I also want to talk about the characters Some people came to me to know if will we have more characters than the 5 that we're revealing Actually, I don't know! We can have, but… The only thing that I know (That's a fact!) is all rewards from season 2 are completely different from season 1. we will have no repeated reward from season 1 in season 2.

So, yes… we can have another skins but I'm not sure about it yet. And here is the new weapon's video The SMG is really great I don't yet how much damage or ammo that weapon will have But I know you can find it on the map as well like the other weapons. The new weapon will don't be inside a supply drop. Guys are you looking forward for season 2? I am. For real. Let me know in the comments your level. Did you reached level 50? If you don't, you can try that until September 14th. I hope you liked the video, so give me your thumbs up subscribe the channel and hit the bell for don't lose any news. CYA! Thanks!.