/Barah Aana (2009) HD – Naseeruddin Shah – Vijay Raaz – Latest Comedy Movie

Barah Aana (2009) HD – Naseeruddin Shah – Vijay Raaz – Latest Comedy Movie

Video: Barah Aana (2009) HD – Naseeruddin Shah – Vijay Raaz – Latest Comedy Movie


Hey run! Come on! That idiot is making us run! Mangal, look there. Hey you! Go this way. That rogue must be somewhere around here. I had warned this fool… …never to set foot in the village again. But he returned. Now if you disobey us… …we'll have to do all this with him. It is the matter of respect. Of course! Even an ant dare not enter this village… …without our permission. This dirty rat walks right in like a guest of honour. Well then… let's do it. What? Oh yes! But where will we throw his dead body? What are these kilns here for? They are to perform the funeral rites. Come on! Oops! Nice story! Excellent! I am sure you enjoyed narrating it.

I enjoyed hearing it too. Priest. – Yes. But there is just one tiny hitch. For this story to come true… …it is very important for Kedar Shukla to be alive. Yes, it's me here. But this man says he himself is Kedar Shukla. Hey, how can he be Kedar Shukla? Kedar Shukla is dead! Hey but… No! No! No! I am not saying this. This document clearly states… …that Kedar Shukla is no more. But listen… – You listen. Priest, please read it out to him. 'Kedar Shukla, resident of Den Kasba… ' 'Village Rajpur, aged 48… ' '… died at 4:20pm of a heart attack… ' '… on 12th August, 1994.' Priest, enough! Enough! Are you planning on reciting the entire Ramayan? Listen! Listen brother. Now you listen to me. Look here at the doctor's seal.

Here is the official's signature. And this here, some brother of yours, Devendra Shukla… Yes… it was all his… – No, this is his signature. So we should believe you or this government document? Just tell me this. We are government officials. So we'll trust government document, right? Listen Mr. Shukla, moral of the story is this… …for us, I mean for this government… …you have left for your heavenly abode. May your soul rest in peace. Did your brothers leave you any property or did they take it all? Priest, these are modern times. Who leaves anything or anyone? Hey just coming, pal. Wait a second! What were you doing inside so long? I was doing what others normally do in a toilet, brother! Do you do something else there? Oh! Oh no! Hey! Hey, what are you doing? Is this the time to wash your hands? Yes? Come on, enough now. Stop it. Oh no! Get lost…

dirty boy. Hey hero… why are you trying to hide from me? Hiding my face? Me? Huh! Are you crazy? What's the matter? These days you don't pay any attention to me. Nonsense! Today you are really looking mind-blowing! Am I shining? Or are you trying to put the shine on me? When will you return my money? I will give it, dear. You've been saying this since the last two months. There my father is harassing me a lot. I made a mistake by lending you money. Can't you even handle your father for me? No! All right. I'll give you the money next month. Your next month never arrives. Hey, it will arrive next month. Not only will I clear your loan… …I'll also take you for a movie… …at a multiplex. So you'll show me a movie in multiplex? – Yes.

Are you telling me the truth? Have I ever lied to you? Wretched rogue! You lie to me every time. But this time if you lie I'll reshape your face, just see. Hey, I promise I'll return it. And a movie at a multiplex too. Hey that too, darling! Now happy? Come on. Move aside. Hey, Yadav! Yadav! Hey Yadav, get up! Give me some money please. Rs.50! Wow! Coming. Good morning, brother Shukla. One second. Shall we leave? – Yes. Okay Mr. Nitin, tell me one thing. – Yes? This is just a green cauliflower. But it is called broccoli. Why so? Why did your father name you Aman? I don't know. I'll have to ask him. Pal, even I'll have to ask. Whom? Broccoli's father! Oh! You mean the cauliflower. Hey Aman, your espresso is here. She is calling you. Aman! Aman! Hey Aman! – Yes, tell me. See whether she has any friend.

Make my setting too, pal! Have you ever seen your face in mirror? Come on. Go and clean the dishes. Hey, now I am making coffee. I've been promoted, understood? And pal, you better be careful. Many a royal ship have sunk trying to cross this depth. And you are just an ordinary waiter. Hey, you give advice according to your size. Come on. Go and clean the plates. I've been promoted to making coffee. And he still tells me to clean the plates. Hello, ma'am Kate. Hi Aman! No studs today? Oh! What will you have today? Err… same like everyday? One expresso Italian… and regular water. Hey, very good Hindi, madam. I am not quite there yet. No, no, you are excellent. Sorry. What a beauty, pal! Aman! Aman! Your cap! Order for table 3. For those two guys? – Yes. Hey, what are you doing? It's a special dish! Especially for them! Go now! Your salad, sir. – Thank you. Want me to serve it? – No, thank you.

Mrs. Sharma says she would wear the same diamond jewellery. Hey it was wonderful! So peaceful! So calm! I just can't explain it to you. At the Retreat. Really? Don't worry. I'll do one thing. I'll some reiki for you. You'll feel much better. Thanks. And how is Anoop? Mr. Anoop is busy as usual. My driver knows his schedule better than me. Where he goes, why he goes… etc Stupid! Can't you drive carefully? These wild beasts! They find just my car to die in front of! Give me my phone. What are you staring at? Phone… Oops! Hello Tina, you are still there? No nothing. Some beggar child came in front of my car. And my driver just applied the brakes. No! No! I am okay. We'll go clubbing tomorrow. Everything will be fine. Aman! Hey Aman! She's calling you. You got it back on.

Please ma'am. Bye Aman, see you. Ma'am Kate… What? It's yours. Ma'am, you said we're friends. Yes, we are friends. But you earned it. Just take it. Really. Just take it. – Now but… if we are friends then no tip, ma'am. Really Aman. Just take it. Ma'am, no. Please, please. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. No tip, please. All right. But I owe you one. See you tomorrow. – Bye. Why, Blackie? Are you jealous? Why will I feel jealous? Just why? When she's such a miser in giving a tip… …just think about everything else! Hey get lost! Go and do your work! Yes, I am doing my work. I'm not a miser like her. – Get lost! You get lost! Don't threaten me. Are these cleaning workers coming on time? – Yes. And are they working properly? And what is all this drama about water? Don't you get up on time in the morning? The pump is not started. No sir, I did switch it on in the morning… Who parked this car here? You know the old secretary Mr. Kapoor? This is his friend's car.

How did he park it inside? Didn't you stop him? Who am I to say anything, sir? Go right now. Go right now, and tell him to move this car from here. All right, sir. Sir, he's saying they'll leave in an hour or two. How is this possible? Didn't you tell him… …that Kadam, the secretary, has asked for it to be done? I told him, sir. What did you say? Yes? What did you say? Tell him if he doesn't move it from here… …he'll have to pay a fine. Go. Why are you still standing? Go now! Go! Who said this? That Kadam? – Yes, sir. Tell him to come upstairs and talk to me here. Is he the President of India? Who is he, pal? He is a wretched cartoon, sir. He is the secretary of this building. Come on, go and tell him. All right, sir. He dares to say this? Anyway, I don't have time. Has that idiot gone crazy? – Mr. Kadam? Oh! Mr. Kapoor! What's this? You parked the car here? I told him we'll move it in five minutes. Didn't you tell him? Sir, I.

.. Hey? Come on, go and stand at the gate. Mr. Kadam, forget about it now. Meet my friend. Anil Pathak. Hello! – He is my close friend. He is a custom officer. If you ever need anything… just let me know. Nice meeting you, Mr. Pathak. See you. – Ok. See you. – Bye. Idiot… he's sleeping! Get up!! Good evening, sir. What are you saluting me for? Do you watchmen get paid to sleep? Yes? Sir, I am doing double duty. I just caught a wink of sleep. What just a moment? You all nap… …and this society gets into trouble! This society, this country! All of them get into trouble because of you. Only because of you all! Sir, I am just a watchman… What do you think you achieve being a watchman? Watchman! Huh! You watchmen have got this country into trouble. What are you saying, sir? Hey? You back answered me again? Yes? What did I say… – Hey! Don't dare to back answer! Else, I'll smash your face, understood? Learn to be silent.

Shut up! Come on. Go and open the gate. Go! Go now! Just pretending! It has become an everyday problem. I have decided to give up today. I am thinking. God please help me! Let him go first. Why are you bothering, brother? – Come on, play now. Hey, I am not capable of learning driving, pal. Then you'll remain a watchman all your life! We can't do anything about you. Oh! I see! You are talking as if you've scaled great mountains. Hey, I have not scaled any yet but I will soon. Really? Your turn. – You know Kate. Who cat? Not cat, Kate. Ooh! Wow! That foreigner? Yes! She has gone bonkers over me. He gets a hangover very soon, pal. I'm not drunk. She told me today. Yes! What? Concentrate on your turn, pal. You'll complain later that you lost the game.

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Tell me. She said she wants to see a movie with me. Shut up, rogue! She must've said something else in English. And he feels she wants to see a movie. Hey, I am not like you. I understand English well. Yes! I see! You are forgetting who you are! What do you mean, pal? Will that foreigner marry a waiter? Yes! Yes! Why not? Why would she, pal? Hey pal! You don't read newspaper! Is all this printed in newspaper? Nowadays they love these drivers, waiters, guides etc. Really? They not only fall in love but also settle down with them. How much? One… Are you sure it's good stock? – Yes. The best you can get! They've just got in from Manali. Trust me. You want it? Don't be shy. Yes or no? – Yes. Yes? Ok. Here. Hi aunt! How are you feeling today? Not very well, dear. Constipated! Stomach not clearing well everyday, you know. Oh no! All the time sounds erupt from inside.

Purr… purr… That Monty had come… …asking for rent. I told him you've left. Oh really? Thank you so much! You're so sweet! Anything for you, dear. – Thanks again. That Monty fellow, you know. No good! Not even asking for cutlets. So many wasted. Really? Oh well, I have to go now. See you! Bye. I'm missing my family very much. – I see. This happens daily after drinking wine. Mother, father, wife… your 7-year-old child. You remember them daily. I know. Hey, then what should I do? What else can be done? What else I have in this city? Only memories! That's all! You wrap your memories and keep them in your pocket. Yes! My game has just begun! Wait and watch! What happens in future! I can see. – Huh? I can see… your story. – Yes. Is he brother Shukla, there? – Huh? See there. Is he brother Shukla? Brother Shukla! Hey? Even you say something sometime… Yes? It seems there is some big tragedy in his life. Right? Shhh! Is that brother Shukla in there? What are you saying? – Shhh! Listen..

. this old man is not able to control himself. Hey thief! Thief! Hey? Hey wait for me! Hey? He is brother Shukla? Come on now! Hey hero… who was that thief last night? You go back. – Get in line. Aunt, why are you shouting? I'd left him here. He's my man. – What? Is he your man? What drama are you doing early in the morning? Last night… Err… she had just gone to bring the other bucket. She is with me. Don't lie and get me into trouble. I just lie. But what were you peeingat… …through someone else's window? – Hey stop it! Stop your nonsense! Get lost! What's this? Why are you following me? Am I following you? Or are you walking ahead of me? It's a woman's duty… to always walk behind her husband… What? I mean to be behind man. Hey girlie… enough of your drama. What will you do? Shall I show you? Please do! Oh no! Hello Lali! Why did you call this early in the morning? I was sleeping.

What happened? Why are you weeping? Babu is extremely serious. I can't understand what to do. What does the doctor say? He is saying it's typhoid. He needs to be taken to the city for some tests. Then go. What are you waiting for? But doctor said it may around Rs.5000-6000. Rs.5000-6000? – Yes. – Fine. I will send the money. It will take two days. But I'm sending the money. Ok? You take him to doctor immediately. Okay? Babu will recover, won't he? Why not, dear? There are very big doctors in city. Yes! Ok. Fine. All right, listen. Now you keep the phone. Okay? Money? Hey! The money! Rs.5 for the call! Isn't Rs.5 too much just to receive the call? You think it's too much? Then go elsewhere and take your calls. Okay listen… does my hero says anything about me? You both share the same room. He must be saying something. Is it necessary? How does it get over so soon? This means someone steals the petrol! Oh, come on! Who'll steal the petrol? Why don't you ask him? He is your main person. At least he should know.

Oh, you too… – What? Mr. Shukla, you wait downstairs. I'll be right there. Why were you yelling at him? Why? I am sure… …he's the one stealing. Oh, come on, darling! Hey wait! Don't call me darling! Don't ever question me like that in front of anybody. Oh you also… because of a small thing… Small thing? Why are you so sympathetic towards him? Don't pamper him so much. They should be restricted to their position. – Please talk softly. Otherwise that day is not far… …when he'll become the master, and we servants. Will you please lower your voice? – Why should I lower my voice? This is my house. I can yell as loudly as I wish! If you care so much for him buy him some new decent clothes. Your driver stinks, you know. He smells awful! Really awful! I just can't stand him. Just sit with him once and see. Work quickly or I'll dismiss you too! How much for this? This book, ma'am? Very nice book, ma'am. Very nice book. Rs.

200 only, ma'am. Only Rs.200? – Yes! Yes! Only Rs.200. See the book, ma'am. I see it. But I leave here. I'm not the tourist. I know, ma'am. That's why I am telling you. See the book, ma'am. Rs.200. Give this for Rs.50. No ma'am. Rs.200. Not lesser than that. Fifty rupees only. Come on. See the book, ma'am. – Oh! Ma'am Kate! What are you doing here? What are you doing, ma'am? I am trying to buy this book. But he wants to sell it to me for Rs.200. One minute. This madam is with me. So what should I do, brother? Isn't Rs.200 too much? No, Rs.200 are not much. It's proper. Are you cheating her considering her a foreigner? Hey pal, it won't be less than Rs.200. If you want to buy then buy. Or leave. Please come aside for a minute. Why to come aside? It won't be any less than Rs.200. Please come for a minute, pal.

– Yes, tell me. Listen… take Rs.50 and give me the… It's not possible, pal. Why are you simply harassing me? – Listen, pal! Please… It's not possible, pal. Go to another shop. There are so many shops here. – Listen This is the question of my reputation, pal! Try to understand. It is the question of your reputation? You're having an affair with her? Oh no! Try to understand, pal. Here. – Come on, go. Go have fun. Okay ma'am, Rs.50! Only for you! And only because of your friend. Rs.50. – Ok ma'am. Thank you. – Welcome. What did you just tell him? – Nothing, ma'am. Just… that you are my guest. Sorry. I mean our guest. Guest of our country. Wow! You know what? You just saved me Rs.150. I owe you a coffee. Okay ma'am. Where shall we go? Here. This… here. – Okay. Why don't you tell me something about yourself? What, ma'am? About your family, where you come from.

I have come from Allahabad. Allahabad? Where's this? You know the case of great Indian actor Amitabh Bachchan? Amitabh Bachchan? – Yes. Yes! Yes! Well… so my father has 200 acres land there. Wow! – Yes. And you work as a waiter? No ma'am. Just like that, ma'am. You know earlier I was a waiter. What? – Yes. You also waiter? Waitress! Just like you! So this means… What would you like to order? What will you have? Same as you, ma'am. Two cappuccinos. Italian. – Italian. So Aman, do you mind if I go and say hello to a friend. I… – Okay, I'll move. No! I'll go there and I'll be back in five minutes. Ok? Sure. Love you. See you. – See you. Good bye. Well. I think I have to go now. Okay. Thank you for the cappuccino. – Thank you. See you next time, Aman. Bye. Kate! Kate! Kate! Yes? – Err..

. What? – Will you see a film with me? In the multiplex. In the multiplex? – Yes. Sure! – Okay. See you. Bye. Rickshaw! Bye! Then talk to the secretary. I did, sir. He told me to ask you. Who's that? – The security guy. He wants a loan. For what? Let the building society give it to him. My child is ill back in the village. He's serious… Is it? – We don't have any. Ask someone else. Are you coming inside? – Coming. Sorry. Sir, I'll repay you as soon as I get my salary. What's the guarantee? Last time, the guy disappeared with the money. Look, look. – My child is ill, sir. It's getting very difficult. Last time, his wife was ill. Get it? Now leave. Hey kill it! Kill it! What are you waiting for? Here's your change. – Keep this. Thank you, sir. – Thank you. Hi Yadav.

Sir, my child is really ill. I need some money. Yadav, the thing is that I'm a little broke right now. Take this. Take it. It'll help. Lali… I'm sending it. I've spoken to people. They live in flats that cost Rs.10 million And they can't spare Rs.500 for me! I'm not begging for alms, just a loan I'll repay. I've seen them spend Rs.2000 on a meal. And that rogue Kulkarni… I stayed night after night at the hospital when his wife was ill. All day I did my duties at the building. All night, I was at the hospital… …bringing medicines, food… paying bills… Everything. But when I need something, he acts like… …like I want the money for booze! My child is ill. All I'm asking for is a loan that I'll repay. Mr. Shukla why are people like this? They only feel their own pain, not other people's.

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They drive in cars that cost Rs.1.2 million. But they can't give the Rs.200 or Rs.400 that I ask for. I really don't have money. I can't come to work. I'm really ill today. Come on, handle the boss for me. Okay, see you tomorrow. Hero… Who were you fooling? What? – Who were you fooling? What fooling? I'm really ill. You don't look ill. Inside. I'm ill inside. What do you know? Yeah, I don't know much. Today is the 4th. Really? So? Where's my money? – Oh that! I'll get my salary tomorrow. I'll pay you then. And my multiplex movie? That too. Why so stressed? Take this. I'm not well, so I better get some sleep. Hey! Who pays for the call? I'll pay everything tomorrow. Moron! Trying to fool me. Mr. Shukla, good morning. Making tea? Mr. Shukla, I too need a small favour. Actually, it'll be a huge help. Lovely area, isn't it. Mr. Shukla? Maybe we'll move here after we get married.

Hi, Kate ma'am! – Hi! Hi, Aunty! Hi Aman. – Welcome. Wow! What a treat. No problem, Madam. You're looking good. – Thank you. Please. This is my friend, Mr. Shukla. – Hello. Mr. Shukla, this is my Kate. – Kate. Watch where you're going. Hey Yadav! I'm here! – I've been searching all over for you. Listen, give Lali the money as soon as you reach the village. Don't worry. I'll go to your place first and then to mine. What happened? – It was in this pocket… It must be in the other one. – It was just here… You didn't leave it behind, did you? No! It was… God forbid someone picked your pocket in this crowd? Stop him… Please, stop him! Will this guy sitting here ever order something? Listen. Take this parcel to… 3rd floor. And get back quick. We're short-staffed today. Should we eat pulao or Chinese? – Chinese. Is it good here? – Yeah. Call him then.

Hey you… Over here. The rogue is sleeping under the tree! – Call him. I'm calling you. Tell me sir, what would you like? Send him. He's just hanging around here. Are you coming here or should I come there? Leave him, sir. I'll give you what you want. Are you deaf? Let it go, sir. Shut up and stay there. Stand up. Stand up! Are you deaf? Have you gone crazy? What have you done? You're going to jail! And you'll take me with you! You just ruined my business! Took me six years to build! You sat here eating nothing, and now I'm in a soup! Scoundrel! What do I do with this guy? Get up! Couldn't you find someplace else to fall down? What do I do with him? Mr. Shukla. I think there's a strong connection between being rich and being stupid. Today, during the interval I went to buy popcorn. They were selling a Rs.2 item…

…for Rs.60. It's very easy to fool the rich, isn't it? Mr. Shukla, today you won my heart. I'll be your slave for life. Whatever you say. I'll do. When Kate and I get married… Yadav! Who's this? Water… Water! I knew one day he'd do something stupid! Look what he's done! Fool. Mr. Shukla, hello. Why did you bring him here? You've dragged us into your mess now! What else could I do? He was hurt so I thought… Hurt my foot! You're going to jail! Do you want to take us with you? Why do you keep repeating that? I'm scared too. My child is sick in the village… My wife can't stop crying… What can we do about that? Should we go to jail for you? Don't worry. Nothing will happen to him. You could complain to the police. We could, but I'm scared. And you should be. Isn't it? You know him. What if he's done something? And he gets in trouble because we complain? Definitely no police. We could call his home and tell them..

. …we found him unconscious on the road. And you think they'll believe you? He won't tell them what you did to him? No, what we did to him? We're don for! We're definitely going to jail! What if we leave him somewhere on the road? He's blindfolded and doesn't even know where he is. Right? I guess he's right. Hello son, where are you? Who are you? Water… Water… Do you think Yadav has run away? It's been six hours. Mr. Shukla, what do we do now? Who is it? – It's me. Where have you been all day after getting us into this mess? I was organising stuff to drop him off. This is chloroform. I also got a vehicle. A friend of mine drives a taxi. I can't drive… Else I'd drop him off myself. Hello? Lokhandwala. Chicken. You call for me, then disappear? – What? I'm coming from your room. I'll return your money.

Now let me go. Oh hero! You're in a mood for jokes today! Hey tell me, when did you win the lottery? You pay off the loan and give an advance? Have you gone crazy? Where did this come from? How do I know? Oh Salman! What acting! Didn't you tell Yadav to give it to me? What? Me? Oh I get it! Now that it's time to take me to the multiplex… …you start this drama. Moron! What's all this? Your share. Share? Of what? Your son is with us. Hello? Who is this? Listen, we didn't take him… – What do you want? Who are you? – Listen to me… Please don't do anything to my son. He's my daughter's husband. She's pregnant. And she's really bad right now. I'll give you whatever you want. Just don't harm him. Thirty thousand rupees. And my son? We'll let him go as soon as we get the money. If I pay first, how do I know you'll let him go? Do you have a better method? You want your son, don't you? 8:00am.

And don't go to the police. Since when do people like us go to the police? Where should I bring the money? It's me. Who? We spoke about meeting at 8:00am. Have you got the money? Yes, I have. What's wrong with you? My son! Sir, please… I've kept my end of the bargain. Sir… Sir, please! So those six hours you were missing that day… What else could I do? My child's life was at stake. And I had no other option. Plus if the other person… …begs you, saying… …take this money, take it what crime did I commit? I needed it. My child was dying! So I took a few thousand rupees. What's the big deal? Will you shut up? You'll sacrifice us for your son's sake? Meaning? Have you been caught? It's been 10 days and nobody knows a thing.

The only reason you know is that I'm telling you. This guy thinks he's been caught. Does Mr. Shukla know? It's Rs.10000 for each of us. Even he… Brother, I've understood one thing. In this world, if you just ask… …you'll keep standing in line… …and get nothing. But grab it! And the world is yours. By the way… This isn't a bad business. What you couldn't make working for three years… …we got from one small job! – Stop this nonsense! Nonsense? That's what you think it is. I'm telling the truth! I've been enlightened. Don't you understand? – I don't want to understand. So I guess you plan to be a waiter all your life? Plan to keep washing dishes? And what about you big dreams of marrying a foreigner? Why don't you bundle up your dreams.

.. …and throw them in the sea? Idiot! Hey… You read? Yeah… You should see the movie. It's really good. Do you want a cup of tea? Yes, thank you? Kate… Yeah? Kate… I come to say you that… That… …I like you. I like you too. Oh, no. No, means. Means… Wait, just hang on a minute. Kate, I love you. What did you say? I love you. You said you liked me. Yes, I like you, Aman. I like a lot of people. It doesn't mean that I love them all. You have any boyfriend? No I don't have a boyfriend. And I don't want one. Don't you understand? Look, it's not you. My life is messed up. It's crazy. I… I can't stay and I can't go, and I have no money left. Kate, you want money? I give you money. I don't want your money, Aman. – Why? I… Kate… I help you.

You have no idea… I need at least Rs.20000. Ok. Now why don't you just leave me alone, please… Hey hero. Give me a look sometimes. I don't have the time. – Never asked you the time. While you've been avoiding me, I bought tickets to the multiplex. Tonight's show! – Stop crossing my path like a black cat! Watchman! Go bring me a Femina magazine from the news stand. Watchman! Can't you hear me? Of course I can. But I don't want to. What?! – Yeah. Just like how you have legs but don't want to use them. Go get it yourself. – What? I'm the watchman, not your slave. Mr. Aman! You? Here? What's wrong? Come with me. You tell me, what you lack. You're young, strong, smart. Still that foreigner turned you down. Why? You don't have money! Some salt please. But I don't think she's wrong. Every woman dreams of a man who earns well. With a house, car..

. Who can take her to movies, buy her clothes… You expect a woman to tell you this herself? You should know this. When you can't take care of yourself,, …how will you take care of her? Sounds bitter, doesn't it? But this is the truth. In today's world, the only difference between yes and no… …is money… Period. You're not eating anything? You want something else? You were saying something this morning. Each month, we'll do one or two that's all. We'll ask for very little money. That way, it's not hard for the person to pay… …but we still make a living. And what if we're caught. What if someone goes to the cops? Why do you repeat yourself like a parrot? Have we got caught yet? We'll kidnap the common man. He fears the cops more than us. Even if we do this for six months, life will be good.

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And if there's any danger or we don't feel like it, we'll quit. It's in our hands, isn't it? What do you say? Well done! Now you're talking like a man! Hey, bring one more. Very good! I always knew you're a good man! The only thing is we can't do this by ourselves. Understand? Good evening. What have you achieved? What have you achieved? Your entire life has passed you by… …sitting on this pedestal of honesty and integrity. What did you gain? Even at this age you're driving a car. Listening to your boss's abuses. I know exactly what happened to you. You've become old… …and given up your dreams, but we haven't. Our whole life is ahead of us. We have family and children to think of. We don't want to live like you, without respect. If they won't give it to us, we'll take it by force. We've decided, whatever the fallout..

. …we're going ahead, whether you join us or not If you help us, there's no chance of us getting caught. If you don't, and we're caught… …you'll follow us into the prison, this much is certain. Don't think we're threatening you. We're just explaining. Showing you a mirror. Our minds are made up, we have decided. We've already worked out how and what… You decide when and let us know. Good night. Excuse me, do you have a match. Please. Here. By the way, can you tell us how to go to Malad? You're headed to Malad? Yes… – It's quite far. He says it's quite far. – Actually, I was headed there. Really? Mr. Pandey. He's headed to Malad. Should we ask him to come? He'll show us the way, and we'll drop him off.

Why don't you come along… No, no… – Come on. Please come. This will be easy. You'll show us the way and… Your name? – Abhay. – Abhay. From? – Jharkhand. Jharkhand. Mr. Pandey, pull over for a second. So you're from Jharkhand. Very good. Right here. Who's this? He too is going to Malad. Wonderful news! Very good! Listen… I'm sending you the money. Why? You have a problem with that? When I couldn't send it, you used to ask why not. Now that I can you ask why. What's your story? Okay. Yeah. Relax. I'm not running off. Change. Write it down. We'll settle it later. And oh yeah… Control you hero. He's flying very high now days. Hey you… Hey! I'm getting complaints about you. Are you going mad… What? Do you want to dance on my head now? Why am I wearing such clothes, this watch… what's this and this? Why didn't you come to work? We're getting complaints… I didn't come to work.

And I won't be coming any more. This is what I came to say. But you didn't let me talk. Now this guy has a call. How much is that? Fifty thousand rupees. Did he look like he's from Jharkhand? Nonsense he's from Jharkhand! What do you say, Mr. Pandey? I mean Mr. Shukla. What are you talking about? You needed money, right? Brought money for you. What are you talking about? I can't take money from you. Just put it back. Why? – It's not fair. Just put it back. Kate, I want please you take it. I have money now. Please. If only my life wasn't so screwed up. I feel so bad right now. Kate. Please you take it now, you pay me back later. Please. Hey. – See you. Bye. On Saturday… – Okay, bye. You scoundrel! You dare touch me? How dare you touch me? Can you believe it? He touched me! Don't forget who you are! Go sit in your place. Did you see that? What's your problem? Go do your work, watchman! Did you see him? He tried to touch me! I can't believe this! – Everybody's looking.

.. Let them look, they should know this man's place! What are you doing? I'm fine. Yes, I'm fine. This man stinks! He's filthy! I'll get him fired. Move it. Hey driver! I'll just see you then. Come on! Everything okay? You need something? I've decided who should be kidnapped next. What? I've decided who we should kidnap next. What are you saying! Mr. Shukla, this is fantastic! Didn't I tell you, Aman? One day Mr. Shukla will… Who is he? Have you gone crazy? Do you know what that means? It means every chance of getting caught. Have you gone mad? Yes, I've gone mad. Mr. Shukla. What are you saying? We'll all get caught. This old man has gone senile. He's digging a grave and wants us to lie in it with him. Mr. Shukla Yadav is right. You think this man understands? We won't do it, that's it! – You'll have to do it.

What? – You'll have to do it! Why? You think we don't have a choice? Listen. I'm doing this whether you come along or not. If you join me, there's no chance of getting caught. If you don't and I get caught, I'll take you both with me. Think about it. Either way, we're already in a mess. I've already planned it. When and how it's to be done. You just be ready. Kate! Kate! Kate! Your white girl has taken her things and gone. You can't trust these folks. When they come or leave, what they do… Fool! You stupid guy! How many times have I told you don't brake like this! Who are you? – Shut up. – What insolence is this! Leave me! We're going to jail. Nobody is going nowhere. This is our last time. That's it. Listen, this time we'll ask for such a big ransom. For two years we'll live in luxury. We won't have to do anything. You think the cops are sitting with their hands tied? They won't hunt us down? They can only find us if we're in this city. As soon as this is done, we'll split the money and go to our villages.

We'll come back in six months, when things have cooled down. Mr. Shukla, what nonsense are you talking? I'm right. Nothing will happen. I'm telling you. Hello Simone. What's up? – We have your wife and driver. What? We have your wife and driver. Who is this? Rs. 20 million to let them go. What nonsense? You have till tomorrow morning. Listen… Let me speak to my wife. Okay. Hold on a minute. Ma'am! Wake her up! Phone call. Hey wake up! Get up! Listen… it's your husband. Anoop? – Yes, yes! Here. Speak to him. Anoop… Anoop… Listen, don't try going to the cops. I'll call you tomorrow morning, okay? Where's my driver? Where's my driver? Why are you doing this to me? Why are you doing this to me? Because this is what you deserve. Mr. Shukla, what are you doing? Driver? You? Driver, driver, driver.

My ears are fried hearing you call me that. How long have I worked with you? Have you ever called me by my name? No! Because if you do you'll lose respect, right? Driver, driver, driver! You want to keep reminding me of my place by calling me that? I'm dirt from the gutter? My body stinks? Come on, smell this! I stink, isn't it? Won't you abuse me now? Won't you? But we gave you everything… Clothes, money, everything. Mr. Shukla, what are you doing? Have you gone mad? Calm down. Your wife will reach home an hour after we get the money. How should I believe you? What? Do you have another option? Where do I bring the money? I'll call you later. You stay here. We'll go ahead. – No, no! Shhh! Yadav's right. Do one thing. As soon as this is over, pack your bags. We'll leave by the 5:00 am train. Put the suitcase down. What? Put the suitcase down. Where's my wife? She'll be home in 30 minutes.

Put the suitcase down and walk away. Run, Yadav, run! I don't want to be a martyr. How many times did I explain? I'm not going down with you! Have you gone crazy? – No, you were crazy! – Run. How many times did I tell you… I had to tell the cops. I don't want to get into any trouble. I explained to you a lot of times. I don't want to get into any trouble. Shukla, don't run. Your game is up! Traitor! You sold us out! I didn't sell nobody out. I saved us, you and me. His boss already saw us. How long would the cops have taken to find us? Scoundrel! I wasn't going to commit suicide. Won't you run anymore? Come on, run. The scoundrel is laughing! What's your name? Kedar Shukla. Resident of village Rajpur, age 48. Died of a heart attack on August 12th, 1994. Is it done? – Yes, sir. Okay. Mr. Mehta. – Yes? The terms of our deal are explained here clearly.

Once they sign this agreement, they're free to go home. Thank you, inspector. Hold on. I'm coming. Who's knocking as if someone died! Why are you here? Hey. What happened? Hey hero… What do you need to survive in this world? Two square meals. A roof over your head. Some clothes to wear. And respect… A little respect. After all, life is never complete. Something is troubling me since many days. You are alive. The other day, the judge said that… …the government doesn't consider you to be alive. That's the reason you were let off. This death certificate has proved to be very beneficial to you. How much does it cost?.