/Ask POSGuys – How do I turn off the OPN2005 beep?

Ask POSGuys – How do I turn off the OPN2005 beep?

Video: Ask POSGuys – How do I turn off the OPN2005 beep?


Hi its Camille with Ask POSGuys. Today I'm answering Freddy D's question about how to disable the beep on the OPN2005 bluetooth scanner. This is the OPN2002 but the process should be the same. So, what you go to first is Opticonfigure.opticon.com. We'll put that in notes so you can just read it or click it. Then you configure your barcode sheet, which is what this is right here, in that web interface. To do this particular interface you go to Opticonfigure.opticon.com.

You'll click on the 'tree' option. Then you'll select 'indicator options' and then you'll select 'buzzer settings' and underneath 'buzzer settings' there will be a option to add a barcode to your sheet that disables the buzzer. So when configuring your barcode scanner your going to scan from the first barcode to the last barcode in order. One, two, three. Now this one tells you to start configuring, this one tells you when you are configuring it to disable the buzzer in the future and this one tells you to stop configuring and go back to business as usual. So to show you whats going on here this is how it sounds when it beeps regularly. Beep. After configuration it shouldn't beep so we'll try this out. Now it should be configured so that when I scan this barcode there is no beep. There we go! No beep.

Nice and quiet! Thanks for listening to Ask POSGuys. Keep those questions coming, feel free to leave them in the comments section down below or email us at asktheguys@POSGuys.com. Freddy D I hope that answers your question. Please like or subscribe to our video if you enjoy our content. We really appreciate it. Thanks!.

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