/APK Downloader: Save Android APK Files to PC

APK Downloader: Save Android APK Files to PC

Video: APK Downloader: Save Android APK Files to PC


Hello YouTube. This is Praveen for TechEmpty. In this Video we are going to show you the easy way to download APK files from Google Play Store to PC using APK Downloader. As we all know that, all the android apps are bundled as APK files. It is a hectic task to always download android apps from the store especially in case of using 2G data or think if the particular app is showing incompatible message although it works fine on your smartphone or to install it on Amazon Kindle where you won't have Google Play Store. What if we have a backup of all Android Apps in the form of APK files? You can install any apps when you need with a single touch. Let me show you how.

Evozi, an Android app developer, offers a one-click online APK downloader that lets you download any Android app that is listed on the Google Play store. The downloader app can be accessed at http://apps.evozi.com/apk-downloader/. The direct link was provided here in the show notes below. To get started, open Google Play Store and copy the link of the Android App that would like to download as APK file. Now paste the same web URL at APK Downloader and click the "Generate Download Link" button. The APK downloader app will fetch the APK file from the Google Play store and will host it on its own servers from where you download the file. Since the APK files are directly fetched from the Google Play Store, it's unlikely that the Android App will be infected with any malware. Also, to prevent app piracy, the APK downloader only lets you download free apps and games from the Google Play store, not the paid ones.

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