/Aosip [Android 10] on Mi A1 review (Hindi)

Aosip [Android 10] on Mi A1 review (Hindi)

Video: Aosip [Android 10] on Mi A1 review (Hindi)


As you can see, I have installed aosip android 10 rom You can see android 10 is installed I have already made a video on How to install aosip android 10 rom. If you haven't watch yet link is in description Android security patch is of 5 September Kernel version is 4.9 , perf+ kernel so let's see the customization's in System you get gestures like swipe fingerprint for notifications so when you swipe fingerprint sensor you can see the notifications Jump to camera in navigation bar two finger,three finger 2 button,3 button & gesture navigation 2 button means like android 9 3 button means normal navbar and gesture navigation , gesture navigation means like this gestures for home,recents & back Home button and recent navigation work Back button don't work As you can see I have tried many times but it doesn't work So lets see what customization's you get in display settings you get wallpaper,dark theme you can enable dark theme screen timeout,auto rotate you get lock screen display you can select that what notifications you want to show on lock screen you can use always on display always on display,proximity , tilt sensor enable or disable it You can choose between different accent colors You get a font which looks pretty good its simple and looks good You get Icon shape Android 10 main customization's i.

e privacy In permission manager you can enable or disable the permission . suppose you want to see which app is using the camera You can see it in this menu you can enable or disable any app permission if you think particular app should not use camera you can enable or disable permission of any app Password, lock screen Auto fill service from google Activity control, google location history,ads you can control it from here here you get many less customization's I thought as it is Aosip rom so you could get some customization's but you don't You can say that it is stock rom only no customization's are added so these are the customization's As you can see votle is not working, Volte icon is not there on status bar so let's see calls are working or not As you can see the calls are working You get pixel 2 camera inbuilt everything including slow motion work fine As you can see slow mo is working you get this default launcher you get only 3 customization, notification dot add icon to home screen and home screen rotation in styles and wallpaper you can choose wallpaper & clock and date you can change lock screen clock style like you chose bubble when you check lock screen you can see bubble it shows time(12:24) you can also choose Analog you can see analog style you get many less customization's rest the rom is pretty smooth i have been using from a week its smooth one more feature which is not working is Digital wellbeing as you can see its crashing rest the Rom is smooth So this was my review of aosip rom.

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