/Annoying Orange – THE EGGSPENDABLES! (Expendables Parody)

Annoying Orange – THE EGGSPENDABLES! (Expendables Parody)

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– [Grapefruit] Pull it. – [Apple] You pull it! – What's with the rope, dopes? (laughs) – It just appeared out of nowhere. Fell down from the ceiling. – And Little Apple's afraid to pull it. – Am not! – So pull it. – [Apple] You pull it. – Pull my finger! – You don't have a– – [Orange] Too late! (farts) (laughs) – Heyo, that's the signal. Go, go, go! (dramatic music) – Yeeeeeah! (splats) – Um, I think an egg armed to the teeth just fell to his death. – Oh, well that makes sense. – Incoming! – Come on, get to the salad chopper, get out! (splats) – Eww! – Yeah, get some! – Oh, for crying out loud! (grunts) (boings) – All safe boys, come on down! (boings) Heyo, where's Craig and Rick? – Yeah, about that. – Craig, speak to me Craig! (cries) – No, Craig! – What, nobody gonna mourn Rick? – Nobody liked Rick.

But Craig, Craig was awesome. – Get it together, men! We still have a mission to complete. And Craig would want us to see it through, yo. – Yeah, good ol' Craig. – Heyo, who's got the launch codes? – Huh? – For the nuclear device that could destroy the entire world? Hello? – Dude, this is a kitchen! – Like a top-secret nuclear site disguised as a kitchen? – No, a normal kitchen. – Heyo, Egghead, does his story even check out? – Roger that, Head Egg, this appears to be a normal kitchen. – Hey, wait a sec, I don't understand. Why would we get sent on this mission to find launch codes if there are no launch codes? – Dude, you obviously got set up. – He's right, we've been set up. – But by who? – That's right Central Command, the Eggspendables have fallen to their deaths, meaning there's no one standing in the way of Coconut world domination. (laughs) (indistinct talking) Hold on a second, I’m calling you from the jacuzzi.

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Can we get some more heat going? (knob clicks) There we go, that's nice. – Coconut double-crossed us. – I don't know about you guys, but I think it's high-time we got some payback. For Craig! – [Together] Yeah! – Also, for Rick! – Heyo, whatever. (dramatic music) Yolk's on you, Coconut. We know you double-crossed us. – Well, duh. How’dya think I paid for the jacuzzi? – Grrr, Eggs! It's crackin' time! – Ahh, so hot, so hot! – Don't worry, guys, I'll call for backup. (farts) – Eww! – Keep swimming! We have to make it to the other edge. For Craig! – We made it! – Silly Eggs, your flimsy shells are no match for me. Ahh! – Heyo, that would be true if we weren't fire-tested and hard-boiled. – Huh? Oh, man! (cracks) – [Together] Yeah! (guns firing) (horn blowing) (crash) (explosion) (explosion) (metal clanks) (gun firing) (helicopter whirs) (missile whizzes) (dramatic music) – Nothing is over! You just don't turn it off. You asked me, I didn't ask you.

It was your war, not mine. And then I come home to the world and have people yellin' at me in airport, callin' me "baby-killer" and all kinds of vile crap. Who are they to protest me unless they've been there and been me? Nobody, that's who! – [Orange] (laughs) Knife..