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Animation vs League of Legends | AvG Reacts!

Video: Animation vs League of Legends | AvG Reacts!


What up AvG crew. I'm DJ, I'm Alan and we're watching Animation versus League of Legends. Yeah guys special thanks to our sponsor on this episode Raid Shadow Legends, but let's get into the video Is you really playing Yeah With the animation on top of it clearly not for this video. Did you play a lot? No, I Don't understand any of what's going on on this I Understand a little bit more now. Yeah, they won. Basically cool.

I got that Play again You're done yep, I was always done All those names are names of my animators. Oh really? Yeah, it's awesome So pretty So blind so blind Did you try and choose colors that they just represented well you haven't green hot that one doesn't work, yeah These are all based on real animations of the characters. Yeah, his head's bigger than life You guys got to stop leaving the red alone to do whatever you want Yeah, every time you have the opportunity to really mess something up with something Yeah, he's the guy. Oh My gosh, you're chosen They're in a character and leak that can just auto kill themselves I don't kill them say like a self-destruct button though. It suck to figure that out, right? Yeah, boom So, you know Pokemon they have self-destruct me. Yeah. Yeah explosion. Yeah. Yeah, that would be Bad, oh, let's get in this white room So fast Do they have pockets? But after image effect is pretty cool Thanks, yeah, I mean Any league player would would see it.

They're just being complete noobs. Gotcha Oh Gotcha they beg you wasted your phone. Yeah, like stuff that those aren't items. You should buy at this starting I mean you should but you're not will see you some right away. Gotcha You got Jax bro, oh Man, what is that? it's it's a ward its to like make Areas, like not visit or make them visible So definitely not you supposed to be used to beat up things. Exactly. Yeah. Yeah They're jungling No one's watching their lanes right guys, I Did so to work for League of Legends youth they forced you to play of the game When how did you work? I was going to do some stuff for them oh really play and had to play for a little bit now like Okay. Yeah surprising news from I mean, yeah, I played with people who are good for like probably four hours one time Hey, it's our boy Hey Alan, what are you up to over there? Oh, oh, hey DJ. Well, I'm glad you asked I'm playing raid shadow legend Ah, I've never heard of that game Seriously, DJ it has over 10 million players worldwide in the first 6 months and you haven't heard of this game What are you living under a rock now? And you know how I feel about rocks? Well in raid you have the ability to personally customize and choose the artifacts and design a unique Mastery build for each one of your champions, by the way Look at how many stars it has the game is growing a pretty fast.

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And now there's a new faction wars feature There is a new awesome rewards program for new players get a new daily login reward for the first 90 days in the game Well, I admit in my many years of working in the gaming industry. I've never seen graphics quite like that You can find me in the game as a versus G and if you are quick enough, you may even join my clan That sounds all well and cool and stuff, but I really don't want to spend money on buying a mobile game DJ you stupid. Idiot raid shadow legends is free. What are you waiting for? go to the link in the description click on the special links and you will get 50,000 silver and a free epic champion as part of the new player program to start your journey Purple and he's floating. I Remember that guy he's handing out courts that he got from the nether only I dispensed Corey Purple's cool. Yeah That purple is just kind of almost a dick.

He's a nice guy. I describe him as nice, but he's in it for himself You know, I mean you get a slightly selfish Yeah, he's not nice. I feel like he can't be nice though. Yeah, you're not all bad. Not all people are all bad No bad, people are all bad. That's the issue. Like if they're all bad. They'd be easier to hate me We had a rough childhood. Yeah They saw that's forgot about a lot of these effects I Mean John did a lot of work on this. So yeah a lot of the effects and stuff. I Mean that's good because he plays it right. Yeah, a lot of the extra stuff the beat and Kind of add it and I didn't really need to see it. I was awesome That was dope too yeah a glitchy glitchy boy These pledges folder looks like I know what's going on. I Didn't expect that I Use my computer yeah.

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Oh Man, I'm red. This is kind of all your fault because you made this happen to everyone. Yeah that arrow Purple clown one Pepitone two rats You know League has a lot of hackers No, I do not know. Okay There's like a ton of hackers in a lot of gun games or like they can auto shoot you really easy and stuff does it affect the Cap want to just read all the things cuz I know you hide stuff and stuff. You know, it's pretty boring Okay Spine breaker And I think it's friendly Destroying I bet you there's likely Claire's out there been like wow that thing's making doing like 12,000 point-seven damage a direct attack. Yeah in one second. That's that's say I Thought wall for you guys Just stay down bro, I tend to be dead just go to sleep. Uh-huh. It'll all be over soon You just punch it one more time, yeah We know if you wanted to perfect them Now he can't perfect them. I Could leave like when you die, you just come back right? You don't stay dead. You come back good taste.

Yeah, well Gretchen laughs Come on orange you could do it. Come on bruh I was so not good at pro strats It feels so good when you beat a cheater in a video game, yeah. Yeah bet This goes over it starts kicking I mean, he probably thinks there's a butt-kicking coming to a friendship god Everyone hug him doesn't my homies? Hey now your rewards dude They all end up hating orange now cuz he's doing the same thing purple Yeah, I mean the whole thing repeat. Yeah better than everything. He's trapped in a time loop Yeah, yeah Also, thanks so much for watching guys. Cool guys. We hope you enjoyed that. I know I did. That was awesome Let's know you guys think good back more. Bye Hey guys, if you enjoyed this video, make sure you check out some of our other reaction videos right here.