/Android Wear に画面ロックを設定する方法

Android Wear に画面ロックを設定する方法

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How to set up a screen lock on Android Wear Hello everyone This time, we will introduce how to set up a screen lock on Android Wear Android Wear You can set the screen lock in the same way as Android However Android Wear is usually, not every time screen lock is applied for each sleep because it would continue to worn on the wrist, Automatic screen lock will be consuming specification when you remove the Android Wear In addition it is also possible to apply a manually lock as soon as you have set the lock screen How to set up a screen lock on Android Wear is Touch the "Settings" from the app drawer, Proceed by touching the scroll "screen lock" under the configuration page to be displayed Screen lock is in the following versions of Android Wear 1.

5 but will be the pattern lock only, In the Android Wear 2.0 or later can now be set by selecting a PIN lock and password lock in addition to the pattern lock Select any of the locking method, and you're done setting the lock pattern If you set a screen lock on Android Wear, and you'll also see the menu of "Now lock the screen" in the settings page of the Android Wear It is possible to immediately apply the lock screen by touching it Screen lock of Android Wear is set to help the If In addition, since in the case of Android Wear 2.0 can also be carried out to erase the data or put a lock on the remote from the "Android Device Manager" in the case of lost or stolen, Let's provided for If at the time of easy to set as much as possible screen lock also in order to ensure that not carried out the initialization of the Android Wear Or more, was the introduction of how to set up a screen lock on Android Wear.

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