/Android Developer Story: Zabob Studio — Growing revenue with Google Play (Korean)

Android Developer Story: Zabob Studio — Growing revenue with Google Play (Korean)

Video: Android Developer Story: Zabob Studio — Growing revenue with Google Play (Korean)


My name is Kwon Dae-hyeon. I am currently running a game company called 'Zabob Studio'. Our company has only two members, my wife and myself. I founded this company when I married my wife and resigned from my previous company in November 2013. We have made about ten games so far. Among them, our representative games are "ZOMBIE JUDGEMENT DAY" and "INFINITY DUNGEON". When we launched it, as a startup company that cannot spend a lot of budget on marketing, we experienced a lot of stress about how we're going to promote it. I guess every developer faces this problem. We tried to find ways to market our games efficiently, at a lower cost.

Great ideas are our competitive edge because we cannot afford to develop or compete with large-scale games. We tried painstakingly hard to figure out what type of games would help us win this competition based on this idea. Fortunately, our game was selected as the "Play Picks" which helped us to promote our game to global users. After the support from Google, we recorded about 400,000 downloads for about two months, and our sales revenue reached about 140 million won. Of course, South Korea was the country that loved our game the most. But downloads and sales revenue from the other regions, including the United States, also represented about 60%. One of the advantages of developing Android games is the Google Play Game Service. This service enables developers to easily access ready-to-use features required for games, including ranking, achievements and quests, and of course we have benefited a lot from the service.

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You can also find a variety of statistics in Google Play's developer console. The best part is that developers can communicate with their users directly by replying to their reviews, and this definitely differentiates the console from others. The success of "ZOMEBIE JUDGEMENT DAY" and "INFINITY DUNGEON" on the Google Play Store gave us some much-needed funds. So we are satisfied that we can develop games in a more affordable environment now. I think that while it is important to ensure the completeness of a game, it is more advantageous to release a game early when it reaches a certain degree of completion and receive feedback from users and update it, continuing to improve its service.

We want Zabob Studio to become a "couple-run" global game developer by pursuing this strategy..