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Android Developer Story: redBus.in

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[MUSIC PLAYING] ALOK GOEL: India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Every day about 25 million people travel from one city to another. A lot of those customers actually need a last minute travel options, and for that, bus is one of the most economical and flexible options for travel. AMULMEET SINGH: Bus travel is also one of the most unorganized industries, with thousands of operators, varying standards of services, prices, and promises, which makes it highly unpredictable for a customer. ALOK GOEL: And we decided to put an order in this otherwise unorganized bus ticketing business by making it as easy and convenient as flight booking is, and actually went beyond that by building an Android app which stays with you throughout your journey.

RAJESH BYSANI: As a bus traveler today in the country, there are two problems that come to my mind. One is, which is the bus that is most suitable for my needs? And how will my bus journey experience be? There are over a thousand operators running over 10,000 buses in the country. Finding a bus with a confirmed seat is a challenging task. Finding a bus is not enough. You need a bus of good quality. ALOK GOEL: Second problem, and also the hardest one to solve, is that of journey experience, and which is where Android plays a key role. Once you book a ticket, your boarding point and bus is on the map, with real-time location update. AMULMEET SINGH: We launched our app two months back, and bookings on mobile have tripled since. More than 70% of travel happens last minute. And with this app, we are able to tap into bookings on the go. ALOK GOEL: Basically, we have created a trusted travel companion for your next bus journey. .

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