/Android 4.4 Hangouts Sms and maps location – Androidizen

Android 4.4 Hangouts Sms and maps location – Androidizen

Video: Android 4.4 Hangouts Sms and maps location – Androidizen


Hi everyone, so here is the new hangouts app. I'm not going to be able to show you too much without kind of revealing friends' personal details etcetera but effectively what we have here is a fully integrated messaging app now. Google kind of saying they were going to do this for a while now and finally got around to making it happen. So now with a hangout, you have the ability to talk as you would normally to anyone who is on your Google+ account and anyone you've added and also your SMSs SMS messages are now fully integrated as well and it's one of the settings that is available as part of your settings and effectively you can now go in and see if I can just remember where this is off the top of my head it's in one of these, I'm sure it was in there, yes, default SMS app so if you add additional SMS apps you can have those and just select which one is going to be your default obviously the default is hangouts,but what will happen is when you get an SMS message instead of it going into the old rubbishy SMS app, which was so long in the tooth now everything comes into hangouts.

So now one central place for all of your short messaging needs, and quick messaging all in one location. So one of the things they've added is the ability to send location information as well as obviously starting your hangout from your message window. So, now if you want to you can pull up very easily your location, tap and share and that map will then get sent directly in to your hangout for you and it works pretty well and it's a nice bit of integration. The number of times people say to me where are you.? It's like well I'm here! Quick, simple and exactly what you're looking for. But by and large the hangouts update is a welcome addition. The ability to have your SMS messages all integrated into one place as well as some of the new tweaks and features they've added like the Gmail map, sorry, Google Maps is fantastic and it works really well. .

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